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  1. I've started playing more courses away from my usual few, and I found out that some courses don't have as good of distance markers as the ones in my area do. I'm considering buying a rangefinder, but I don't want to spend $200+ on something that's more of an add-on than an essential (and that I may lose.) Does anyone know where I can find a quality (used?) one for around $150 or less?
  2. Has anyone else noticed the extreme amount of times the Omega watch commercial featuring Rory has been played? That song has been stuck in my head since Thursday. It could be played in my personal hell at this point.
  3. Did he ace the ninth before WD'ing?
  4. Imagine the hype if he'd teed off on ten today.....
  5. I only have a few golf hats (read: three.) Most of the guys that I regularly play with have what seems to be a multitude of hats that they rotate on a regular basis. I want to buy a few more, does anyone know of a good place or website where I can get new ones for not that much money? The idea of shelling out $25+ for a new hat does not appeal to me.
  6. I never played the full amount of clubs, but am almost at that point. Driver 5W 3H 4H 5 6 7 8 9 P W 52 60 Putter
  7. Played a round today and came up behind eight people (four carts) playing together. It seemed to be some sort of scramble, but I've never heard of such a thing anywhere. Am I just out of the loop or is this as wacky as it seems to me? They were also playing extremely slow, but it was late in the day and it was basically them and me out there.
  8. BallSeeker

    Trophy balls

    I have: First birdie on par 4 (also first ever) First birdie on par 5 First birdie on par 3 Will keep when it comes: Eagle par 4 Eagle par 5 Ace Albatross (can dream!) Wish i'd kept: First par (3,4,5) I've never had a noteworthy whole round where I didn't lose a ball - broke 100 and 90 with at least one in the drink. Should I have a milestone round without losing one, I'll add that to the collection.
  9. I just bought a 52 degree gap wedge from a golf store in my area. It's a Nike Vr Pro that is apparently supposed to rust over the course of time. It is brand new. Does anyone have any experience with this particular type of wedge and how it rusts? Will this affect how it plays? I have heard varying opinions on that.
  10. I suppose I am rather unconventional here, but I carry a 5w as well as 3 and 4 hybrids. Demoing is the way to go for sure.
  11. I replaced my broken driver with a used 907 D1 about two years ago. It's still in the bag, and now it is beginning to attract comments from my playing buddies ( who use R11, R1, SLDR, 913, AMP Cell etc.) about its unusually shaped head and sound. I love it and have no plans to replace it, but am just wondering if anyone else is still playing with one of these and if so, how is that working out?
  12. This course is the polar opposite. I hooked a drive straight onto a roof, hit my provisional, and was walking up to that in the fairway when a guy walks out of one of the houses. He tossed me my Callaway and said, "Wow! I've never seem anyone hit the road before."
  13. Not at all. I've considered it, but there's not really anything they can do. The course is very spread out and it would be hard to watch it all. These incidents are also rather isolated. i.e. once every month.
  14. My home course is smack dab in the middle of a nice neighborhood, and the holes that don't border houses border woods and a field. It seems as if some of the people who live in the houses have no respect toward the course and the people who pay to play there. Sometimes I see kids crossing the fairways to get to the woods trails or other houses, and most of the time they do NOT look at the tee boxes when they do. Other times, I've seen them skateboarding on the cart paths; I've even seen a few middle aged couples biking on the paths. Once I ran into a guy fishing in a hazard that's behind
  15. I found out today that I had a grand total of sixty-two balls in my bag. I usually carry a couple sleeves of new ones plus about a dozen scuffed etc for use as loaners or for crazy shots. I pick up one or two on the course over a round, but I forgot to empty them out and made that discovery yesterday when my ball pocket wouldn't zip shut.
  16. Agreed absolutely. Played a round yesterday, and hit a few errant drives. On the way over to my shots, I picked up two mint Pro V1s on different holes. They had the same logo and number, and they weren't THAT far off the fairway. Easily findable. I don't know who decided to abandon them, but kudos to them for giving me the opportunity to add them to the stockpile.
  17. Thanks for the input everyone, I am probably going to demo a few models this week. We'll see what feels right.
  18. I recently decided to add either a four or five wood to my bag. I have never played anything between a driver and hybrid before (my one round with a 3W ended in disaster.) Is there any difference between the two, and if so, how pronounced is it?
  19. High school golfer here. I would tee it forward if I could, but I am forced to play the slightly longer tees because that's what our team plays.
  20. Dogleg right Par 5 on my home course. Pretty good round up to that point, mediocre drive a few yards right of the fairway, about 250 to the green. I had absolutely no confidence with hybrids or woods back then (about three years ago,) so I pulled a five iron and whacked it. I thought I heard it hit the cart path (that's well short of the green and to the left) so I was looking around in that area for a bit. I finally looked up at the green and thought I saw something that looked like a ball just short. In disbelief I went up there and lo and behold there it was. It had a huge scuff on it
  21. I've been a lurker here for quite a while now, and I finally decided to join! I'm looking forward to learning a lot here.
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