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  1. That's a possibility if you guys can put up with me again. Ryan and Jason would probably be up for it too.
  2. Thanks Colin, I attribute my inconsistency to a huge layoff in my golfing activities and am now trying to catch up with where I was years ago. It's not coming back easily. Great fun today. Thanks so much for your encouragement. I aim to be improved by the next event .... we'll see how that works ;)
  3. It was fantastic meeting all of you and playing a round with some of you. The golf game was far from fantastic (and I'm speaking only of mine), but it was a great way to spend the day. Thanks to one and all. We'd love to join you guys again sometime! Mitch
  4. I'm in And at only $5 per person, I will encourage all to participate!!
  5. Wow, this is so cool! Can't wait to play on Sunday ...and Ringworld, you needn't worry about being the worst looking golfer out there, although I do plan on stepping it up for the BLUE team !!
  6. 21 is fair for Ryan ( @ RyMerritt). his bowling handicap is MUCH lower than that, but for golf, that will work.
  7. Funds sent. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  8. Mine will be coming at you tomorrow morning Tristan. Sorry for the delay.
  9. 30 and 31 .... they're not kids any more :(
  10. Hi Tristan, The guests will be my son, Ryan and my nephew Jason. We play together every weekend, but we don't have official handicaps. We all generally shoot 100 or so for 18 holes - all pretty much beginners, but looking to improve and very much enjoying our weekly outings. We hope you guys can put up with that kind of play. If not, just let us know. I'm going to see them tonight - we also bowl together - just won our league two weeks ago :) I'll have them sign up this week.
  11. Likewise to all of you fellow SO Cal golfers :)
  12. Thanks Tristan, The other two guys will probably join TST as well and we're not against grouping with others. We would be trying to fit in, not trying to bend the rules.
  13. Hi all, New member here. Glad to find out about your group (THANKS SHINDIG!) I regularly play with my son and nephew, nearly every weekend. I am going to suggest they join and maybe all 3 of us will join in the fun and frivolity at IH. Has there been a time set yet? How much will it cost? It sounds like a fun time from what Shindig says :)