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  1. sorry for my English. I mean, do you know how many round have been registered in the GG database ?
  2. Thanks, do you know how much round were recorded in the GG database?
  3. do GG uses the data of its users to calculate SG vs 5 Hcp, 10 Hcp, etc ...?
  4. do you want to keep your stats?
  5. very interesting. where can we see the full spreadsheet?
  6. glinks

    golfmetrics App

    Here some snapshots of available stats from a friend.
  7. glinks

    golfmetrics App

    The Golfmetrics app is not GPS-based. According Broadie, GPS is not accurate enough for putting (so putts need to be entered manually) and it often cannot distinguish fairway versus rough or sand when the ball is close to a boundary. Accurate data entry then requires a “post-round clean up” to fix these problems, and also to account for lost balls, balls hit out of bounds, into water, etc.
  8. glinks

    golfmetrics App

    I did the same. I hope someone has downloaded for feedback. It's been two years since Broadie talks about his app. If it is good, I will install. I wonder how the data is collected. I guess the SG results are for each round
  9. glinks

    golfmetrics App

    Hello everyone, Mark Broadie just released an app for the Strokes Gained statistics. The name is golfmetrics. http://golfmetrics.com/ Does one of you has tested the app. what are your impressions? Thank you to all
  10. You used Strokes VS scratch for your statisticsI am 18 HCP, I can use Strokes Vs 20 ...How is the HCP adapted? I guess the calculations are made from the Pro Baseline used on the PGA tour.
  11. indeed, it is a good solution. You used Strokes VS scratch for your statistics I am 18 HCP, I can use Strokes Vs 20 ... How is the HCP adapted? I guess the calculations are made from the Pro Baseline used on the PGA tour.
  12. Thank you for your reply, it looks fine. Another question about GPS accuracy. How the devise records the lie when the ball is on the border of the rough and the fairway?
  13. No doubt about the accuracy. And for short distances (less than 50 yards), if the flag is at the entrance of the green, the device will record the middle of the green. Is it possible to correct the distance saved automatically?
  14. Thank you for your advice. My question is on the functioning of the unit. Are the distances recorded to calculate Strokes Gained statistics are those from the center of the green ?
  15. hello everyone, I note for now the stats Strokes Gained on a spreadsheet and I still hesitate to buy Game Golf. I wonder how Game Golf manages the locations of flags for the automatic calculation of the distances. I think that if the GPS calculates the center of the green, the recorded distances are necessarily false. Does one of you can explain to me how it works for this specific problem? Thank you very much.
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