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  1. I have the opportunity to buy either of these irons sets for the same price. I have my own opinion on which ones I should buy but I'll give you all a bit of background first. I've been hitting a set of Powerbilt ladies cavity backs since last year. They are good clubs, easy to hit and I almost always hit the ball where I want to with good explosion off of the club face. Working with my boyfriend and a few pros, we've determined that I should be hitting at least a men's senior flex if not a regular flex. My swing speed is 85-90 mph. After taking a break from my driver, I have started hitting it again and probably need a new shaft because the men's lite that is in it is too whippy. I have also found that as my swing improves, my irons feel noodley. So, I have been looking for new clubs. My handicap remains high because of my play in and around the green. If I hit the green in reg, I am almost guaranteed a birdie or par (except for a few three putts). If I miss the green, it's definitely bogey (if I'm lucky) or worse. I have been working on this and it is seeming to get better. My typically round consists of quite a few solid holes and a few blow up holes. For example, last night I played nine, I had par on 5 holes, a triple bogey, two double bogeys and one bogey (3 putt!). That is a typically round for me...no ability to recover...yet. Anyway, I am very happy with my ball striking and feel that I may have outgrown the clubs I have. Now to the issue at hand. I haven't yet tried these two sets (darn rain!) but I will be taking them to the range in the next week or so. I have hit the MP 60 irons inside and they felt great. They definitely gave me more feeback than my current clubs but I was happy with the ball striking. When I tried the 2006 Berthas, everything felt good. But I wonder if I may be limiting my game by going with the Callaways. I have just started learning about working the ball. The huge bounce on the Berthas seems to hinder your ability to work the ball because they are not designed to let the leading edge dig in. I know that the forged irons will be more difficult to hit pure each time initially but I will be able to work the ball better. So in the long run, which clubs would you recommend? Should I compromise a bit of difficulty in hitting the forged irons for a better long-term club?
  2. Line on Ball

    I have tried using a line and I can never seem to match up the line of the ball with the line that I want to hit...if that makes any sense. I'll put the ball down and step back and it's not quite right. Then I'll make an adjustment and step back and it's still not right! Needless to say, I didn't find it very useful because I was not talented enough to set the ball properly. LOL I will be trying again though.
  3. Goals for 2006 Season

    My goals for the year are: 1. Handicap below 15. This seems a little bit lofty but I know that I can shoot in the low-mid 80's consistently. My practice and hard work are starting to pay off and I really think this is possible. 2. I want to chip better. It's something that I hate to practice and it shows! This alone will lower my score by a few strokes per round. 3. Break 80. I broke 90 and 100 last year and have not looked back. I shot a 39 last season on 9 but couldn't hold on to break 80. This year is the year to do it.
  4. I would highly recommend at least one hybrid. They are much more forgiving than any 2, 3, or 4 iron I have ever hit. I have two Nike CPR hybrids, 18* and 21*. I have taken out my 5 wood (same loft as the 18* hybrid) and my 3 and 4 iron (to add more wedges). I have never regretted removing those clubs. The hybrids are a good investment in my opinion.
  5. New to Golf and The Sand Trap

    Hi there. Welcome to you too. I'm in Calgary...GO FLAMES!
  6. Injuries

    Despite what some may think, golf is a physically demanding sport and I'm starting to feel the effects once again. Last season, I had a nagging shoulder injury (lower trapezius) that bothered me constantly. I thought that the long off-season would allow it to heal and be 100% but it's already bothering me again and we're only into our first month. I think it's probably time for a more drastic treatment. Anyway, have any of you suffered injuries from golf (overuse or otherwise) and how did it affect you?
  7. Baseball is Soon

    I am an Angel's fan. My family is from Southern CA so I was really born into it. My mother is more of an Angel's fan, father is more of a Dodger's fan. I prefer the Angel's. Though, being a Canadian, I do have to pretend to like the Blue Jays...though it is getting easier especially this season as they picked up Molina and Glaus. The Mariners are my sentimental favorite and have been since we had their AAA team here many years ago.
  8. Winn & Lampkin grips.

    I think that I might try to transition to no glove once my hands toughen up. the season is just starting here and I have the dreaded "soft hands" without callouses in the right spots.
  9. Shoe help

    I just watched a review show on the new golf shoes this year and Ecco seemed to be rated as the most comfortable. I bought my boyfriend the DryJoys with PRO technology and they were comfortable from day one. Then again, it depends on what your foot looks like. I bought a nice pair of Bite shoes last year and could hardly move in them.
  10. Big Break V Official Thread!

    I was rooting for Becky the whole time. I love her attitude and approach to golf. Now that she's gone, I think my sentimental favorite will by Jeanne. I can't stand Ashley and Julie is not much better.
  11. Winn & Lampkin grips.

    So they are good in the rain? That's great to know. I have tried them dry and they feel great...but I thought they might turn into "lose" grips in the rain. I decided on the Golf Pride multicompound for a few of my clubs. So far, they are great...though they are pretty rough on gloves!
  12. Practice, Practice, Practice

    I have tried that technique as well but I didn't find that it worked as well for me. I think it may be because I am still learning how to swing properly with good fundamentals so I benefit more from repetition with the same club. Though, once I am feeling my swing, maybe I should start making scenarios? Most of the serious issues that I've had with my swing is the tendency to come over the top either by turning my shoulders too quickly or by throwing my hands. When I was first starting, I couldn't really "feel" when I was over the top (or outside in) so I needed another type of feedback. The Inside Approach is a common golf aid but I figured that I could 1) make my own or 2) find something just as good around the house. I decided on a shoebox because of its size and the fact that it wouldn't damage a club if hit. What I do, is line up the shoebox next to the ball lengthwise down the target line but a few inches outside of the ball. This gives you enough room to bring the club back and through but any movement outside of that inside-out plane will cause you to hit the box. I also flip the lid over toward me (and partially covering the ball similar to the Inside Approach) to reinforce keeping my hands low. I can take a picture next time I'm out.
  13. New to Golf and The Sand Trap

    Hehe! Thanks for the welcome. I would never dream about uttering such a thought about the game now. It has challenged me in so many ways. I have had many frustrating days on the course and the range and truly respect the game of golf. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner! Good luck with your spouse!! I originally got into the game by being bribed. I saw a fantastic pair of Nike golf shoes. My boyfriend offered to buy them for me only if I came to the range 10 times all season. I've been hooked since.
  14. Practice, Practice, Practice

    I practice 4-6 days per week for about 1.5-2 hours and play 2 times per week. My practice routine is similar to Wood. I warm up with 8 iron and really work on the fundamentals of my swing. After that, I will work my way through my irons and into my hybrids and woods. I typically don't spend a lot of time on my long irons/hybrids and woods because I find that I don't use them a lot on the course and they are not usually used for sticking it tight on a green. They are usually used off the tee and into par 5's. After I work through those, I spend a lot of time with my wedges and target practice. I'll pick a spot and practice hitting draws, fades, knockdowns, flops, etc. I usually practice 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock shots with each club. I do need to make more time to practice greenside chipping and putting though. As for drills, I don't use a lot. I do take my shoebox with me everyday. I line it up parallel to my swing path and just outside of the target line. It prevents my from coming over the top and keeps a nice inside out swing.
  15. Hi all, New member here...obviously. My name is Candice. I am 25 and from Canada. I picked up golf last year after incessant nagging from my boyfriend of 7 years. Much to my surprise, I loved it despite proclaiming for years what a dumb sport it is. I made a decision last year to quit my other summer sports and focus on golf. I started out shooting about 110, now I'm usually in the high 80's to mid 90's. Best ever score is 85 (39 on the front nine though!). I hope to break 80 this year which is a goal that I feel is very achievable. I commit at least 6-7 hours per week to practice and I've discovered I need to commit about 2 hours a week to chipping and putting alone! Because of the cold weather here, our course just opened last weekend. I'll be playing for the first time on Friday! Anyway, this looks like a great forum and I hope to learn a lot!