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  1. Shot 75 without my sand wedge today. About halfway through my warmup I reached for a wedge and realized that I was missing one, and immediately knew that it was in my living room right where I'd left it. I think this cost me at least one stroke from the fairway, maybe another from around the greens but who's to say. While this was a good round for me, I was in a very strange mental state for pretty much the whole round. Maybe it was because I hadn't been sleeping well, or possibly the ridiculously slow round I had played the day before, but the entire time there was a smoldering, imp
  2. True, but this particular Indian has probably been doing it this way for a really long time and doesn't want to go through a complete swing rebuild at this point. Plus he reports to still be killing his fair share of buffalo, which means that the rest of his game is solid enough to make that big swing change even less appealing.
  3. It's your money and your game so you should do whatever you want with it. But I think people are mostly just curious about how your swing produces a ballflight that would require such a low lofted club, and maybe a bit worried that if you do go this direction you might make that peculiar part of your swing even more pronounced. Is your driver the only club that you feel you hit too high? If so, such a club could be an easy fix. But if you hit all your clubs higher than you'd like eventually you're going to need to figure out why if you want to solve the problem, and at that point the low l
  4. I was hitting very low lofted drivers for years and also found the lack of choices of clubs very frustrating. However I also knew that while I hit the ball further than average, there was nothing exceptional about my swing speed that would require me to play such a low loft. Tour pros don't use 6 degree drivers anymore, so why did I need one? The most likely answer for me was a 7 degree Big Bertha that I had borrowed from a friend for a couple rounds when I didn't have my clubs with me in college. Adapting my swing to hit that one club had put a major flip move in at the bottom of my swing
  5. I saw an RBZ driver in a shop the other day that had been custom painted matte black, it looked really good. Might be worth looking into if you like the club that much.
  6. Maybe 6 or 7 months ago I was in the market for a new driver and wound up with a Razrhawk 9.5 tour model. I was pretty happy with how it felt through the swing with varying qualities of impact, and it was a good 10 yards longer on the Golfsmith launch monitor than anything else in the store. Done deal right? Wrong… After using the new club for maybe a month’s worth of playing rounds and practice, I’m hitting it at the range and not striking it terribly well. After one swing, catching the ball low on the face, I see a little black blur fluttering away from me out into the
  7. Seriously? Like the guy would have had no interest in a hole in one before he was put on the clock, but then suddenly decides to pull out his magic wand and ace the hole just to speed up play? I've never made a hole in one, am I just not trying to play fast enough? Quote:
  8. I've got that one, and honestly I wouldn't recommend it. The biggest reason being that the leg assembly is pretty poor. When I pick it up, the legs rarely retract in all the way like they're supposed to. Also the bottom lever part of the bag that hits the ground doesn't have much grip to it so if you put it down on some slick concrete like I do at the range, the base of the bag always wants to slide backwards. Since there is nothing besides the (plastic) hinge at the top of the legs to prevent it from completely collapsing a lot of strain ends up on that one particular part and it doesn't
  9. Thank God someone mentioned Maria Verchanova, I was trying to remember her name and it was killing me. Kim Hall ain't bad either- http://assets.sbnation.com/imported_...l_1_medium.jpg But that said, I'm still completely drooling retarded for Anna Rawson...
  10. Because if you choke down a little bit on the 5H you have the equivalent of a 5i? If the OP can do that more consistently than he hits the iron I think that's the right choice. And who cares what other people are hitting off the tee, just play your own game.
  11. I wish I could agree that people won't still buy from BP. Maybe they won't for a while, but as soon as they have to start dropping their prices because of it everyone will start going back just to save some money. Getting a bargain always wins out over principle...
  12. I don't think it's the government's job to stop the leak, but I do think it was their job to make sure that BP had an appropriate contingency plan in case of such a worst case scenario like this. So both of them failed pretty miserably before the fact. The regulation watchdogs have been in bed with the oil companies for years, figuratively and literally, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised at any corners that may have knowingly been cut to save money at the expense of increased risk.
  13. I couldn't find much on this site about these, so I figured I would write up my impressions on them so far. A few weeks ago I picked up an 18* and 23* to replace my 19* and 25* Burners from '08. Basically I wanted to replace the Burners with others that flew lower and went a little further to give me better options off the tee and long approach shots, and fill the gaps between my 5i and 3w a little more evenly. Before settling on these I hit the Burner TP from this year and last year, as well as a Titleist 909 and both offerings from Ping. These are all good clubs, but the Titleist was no
  14. I've got a set of those that were living in my closet for a while, but I just put them back in my bag in place of my older Taylor cavity backs. The 32's are definitely harder to hit, but with all but my worst swings the difference in forgiveness really isn't that punishing. OTOH most other things that feel as good as a flush strike are illegal in most states, the trajectory is better, and they're really pretty... They may stay in play until I spring for a forged cavity set. Hope you enjoy yours.
  15. She looks like she's yelling at you in the first frame of the bottom clip. For a first day, I think that's really pretty good. It seems to me her hands are really far back toward her right side at address with the right wrist straight and left bent, club shaft pointing pretty much straight up and down. I'd encourage a little bit of a forward press with the left wrist more flat than the right. That will probably feel really weird, but I think it will help locate the bottom of the swing arc in a good spot. Also, like tons of beginners she seems to have a little trouble getting off her
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