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  1. 1) Accomplished. I had back to back rounds of 92 in July. 2) Close but no cigar. I finished the season at 26.0. 3) Not even close. I am really struggling with distance on my driver.
  2. Down .4 to 26.0. Down 3.5 for the season. Shave another 20 strokes off and I can be like the rest of the guys that post in this thread...
  3. Here in Helena, MT the two public courses charge 30-35$ to walk 18. Our one country club charges around $45, I haven't played there for a couple years so things may have changed. If I want to drive an hour and a half I can play the Nicklaus Old Works course for around $60-$95 depending on the time of year, day of the week, etc.. Includes Cart and range balls.
  4. I am starting to get a little optimistic on improving my game. My last two 18 hole rounds I shot a 92. I am hoping two in a row means it's more of a pattern and not a fluke! But in between those 18s I shot a 54 over a 9 hole round. On a side note @iacas has posted this blog entry on breaking 100: https://thesandtrap.com/blogs/entry/124-breaking-100/#comment-1101
  5. For the first time in my life I have more than one round under 100 in a season. Last Saturday I shot a personal best +21 92 and this Saturday I shot another personal best +20 92. I think I should throw my clubs away now! After this last round my HI is trending 26.4 so I am headed in the right direction there. I am failing miserably on #3. Looking at my "Typical" drive on Game Golf this season, it is at 188yds. I really need to get some range work in.
  6. Down .5 to 28.5. Slowly working my way down.
  7. I have had a roller coaster ride the last few weeks. 124, 50,51,63!,109, and a 92 yesterday for my best round ever. My 3rd time breaking 100. I am hoping for a couple more this year. But it seems these good rounds are almost always followed by bad ones!
  8. I voted 7-10. 1 in play, 1 in my pocket and 2-3 sleeves in my bag.
  9. This and I wish I had taken a lesson right away. Now I am fighting 20+ years of bad habits.
  10. 29.2->29.5->29.0 over the last two revisions.
  11. I got this notification today... I am assuming it is nothing I should be concerned about? 999 Spamming Not Yet Acknowledged Warning issued by IPS_Test 32 minutes ago Penalty Given 999 points which will never expire. Banned - Indefinitely
  12. My guess is this is one of the biggest problems of golfers in this thread, the dreaded blow up hole. I don't know how many sub 100 rounds I would have had if not for this happening. The million dollar question is how to prevent it from happening or at least limit the damage.
  13. I voted about the same as last year and yes for next year. Looking at my handicap index I have improved 1.2 from a year ago but for a high handicapper such as myself that is not much of an improvement. I have been working on my driver a lot this spring and I am definitely seeing improvements but of course my iron play is suffering. Hopefully I get enough practice and play in this year to make a significant improvement.
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