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  1. La Blanca Trophy 2014 11th - 19th September

    Thanks David, we are trying that and will continue to do so. I guess I was hoping that there maybe somewhere for social sharing of golf opportunities where you have the chance to meet new people
  2. Hi folks, well it appears my last post got removed, possibly as Spam, so I will try and ask the same question in a different way - see if this 2nd genuine post lasts any longer. As golfers the majority of us are lucky enough to have a large circle of golfing buddies for general play and some even get to go on annual golf trips to foreign shores, others would perhaps like to go on trips abroad but there circle cannot commit to the additional expense to travel or perhaps do not have the annual leave from work. I am lucky to fall into the first group and go on an annual golfing trip with the boys, this year we are going to Cost del Sol, Spain. Due to other commitments we have had two drop-outs and I am keen to keep the numbers in even four balls, so my call for assistance is Where is the best place to contact golfers, solo or a two ball that may be interested in making up the numbers of a 36 strong group of social golfers, age range 18 - 73, handicap range 4 - 28 (although we allow adjustments to 32 to give everyone a chance). I would post other details but I guess that is why the posts got removed last time. So anyone with ideas? Mark

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