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  1. Take it or leave it? Theoretical Hole in One query

    I was playing my second hole of the season and hit a 7i that was a terrible mishit. The ball hit 10 feet left of the pin and spun directly to the right and into the hole. I was playing by myself but it was still a hole in one. Several years later I was playing in a foursome and hit a shot dead online, bounced twice and rolled into the hole. I felt much better about that shot.
  2. My 4i is 21* and 4h is 21*. The different in distance is about 10-15 yards. I believe the difference is the 4h is 40.5" and the 4i is 38.875"
  3. Has Spieth gone from hero to zero?

    It seems like I remember a question a couple years ago that Jason Day was over rated. How has that worked out?
  4. I played last week and doubled the first four holes. When I finished the the front nine my wife, who was keeping score, added the score and wrote a 45. I thought she missed a hole because I started at 8 over. When I looked at the score I had shot the last 5 holes in one over and the first three holes of the back in two over. I am coming back from a five year break from golf for medical reasons so these bogey type scores are are good for me as I am happy with bogey golf.
  5. Have you ever had a ace that didnt count?

    I have two aces and the first one I was playing alone. On the second, I was in a foursome. The best shot I hit was a 170 yard hole out to a blind green. No recognition for that one except it was a memory.
  6. How do you grip the club?

    I started with the interlocking because thats what my Dad showed me. Later I switched to Vardon thinking that would allow me to work my hands as one unit. It worked at the time and was able to improve my game. The change of grip was aided by keeping a club by my TV chair and at the office. Pick up the club and take the grip, at a point I was able to take the grip without thought. I have made the same change with a putter grip change with the same results. I some one asks me how I grip my putter I have to grip the club to tell them because the grip (reverse overlap) is natural to me.
  7. Superstitious?

    I won't use a tee that a previously player left sticking on the tee. I will pick it up but will not use it on that hole. This does not bring me any magic. I am still a terrible golfer but I still love the game.
  8. Putting: Pelz vs. Utley

    I saw instruction by Dave Pelz where he demonstrated his straight back straight through method with a swinging door example. His demo showed that a door hinged at the top hit the ball straight and a door hinged so it swings in an arc that required the ball position to be at the same spot without any variance in ball position. This method made sense to me and removed the variable of ball position. When I used a putting thought of an arc swing I over controlled the putter causing a line variance. I recently switched to a face balanced putter that seems to make the path easier to attain.
  9. What does your screen name / username come from?

    Low Rider was the model of Harley I rode 20 years ago. Jim is I.
  10. Shanks

    I played for a month with the dreaded "S" . I finally found a tip that used a cardboard box (golf club box works well) on the outside of the line. By avoiding this visual I was able to correct an in-to-out swing that was bringing the hosel into play. Simple tip, worked for me.
  11. Why do courses have sand traps?

    I don't mind traps that are placed to catch errant shots that would run into the "jungle" if the trap were not there. Having said that, the course I play has packed gravel traps that have lips which precludes putting. Yes, they are curse holes.
  12. It seems to me that their short product cycle, which comes with an R&D; and Manufacturing costs, did not translate into higher sales. I did find it curious that the CEO statement was that that it was market conditions not bad business decisions. That runs counter to my first statement. I do play TM equipment but several models old.
  13. Golf glove or no glove???

    Just recently started playing without a glove. I still carry a glove in case I get sweaty hands. I recently changed grips to GP CP2 midsize and don't notice being glove-less. I don't feel that glove/no glove makes any difference in any way but that is just my opinion.
  14. Last round 46 with 14 putts. Had two kick in chips. No penalties, no lost balls. Hit zero greens. Need to work on this. Working on extending swing back and through. Believe I can break 100 on a regular basis but aiming for bogey-max to consider myself recovered from five years of illness.
  15. Had a 47/49. Played well, for me, except for putting. I putted poorly. I did not track putts but would estimate 50+. I am breaking 100 but still consider myself a 100 shooter. I did play all 18 with one ball and zero penalties.