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  1. Houston: affordable country clubs

    I would be sure to check out Wildcat before commiting to it full time. It is a nice course every once in a while, but I find the amount of blind shots to be very frustrating after a while. I have hit more good shots that you don't see land to never be able to find the ball. I would recommend some of the courses on the SW side of town. From Greenway, Sugar Land is only about 20 mins. Off the top of my head: Braeburn, Riverbend, Sugar Creek and Sweetwater. Both Braeburn and Riverben have one 18 hole course. They both are older courses built in the 30s that are very well maintained with immaculate greens. Braeburn is probably a bit more family oriented and expensive, whereas Riverbend is more focused on the golf. (I was briefly a member of Riverbend and really enjoyed the head pro there, James Brown). I play Sweetwater quite a bit and it offers two 18 hole golf courses. I usually only play during the week and it isn't very crowded, but it is definitely a family-oriented country club and I have heard that it can be pretty crowded on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I have never played Sugar Creek, but have heard good things. Apparantly, they have three 9 hole courses and are offering pretty good membership packages at the time. Welcome back to Houston!
  2. Outer Banks NC, Corolla

    If you are going to be in Corolla, I would save the travel time of the other courses and go to the Currituck Club. http://www.clubcorp.com/Clubs/The-Currituck-Club/Golf It is located right in Corolla next to the Harris Teeter grocery store. Rounds are pretty pricy, but the course is usually in great shape. The course has a good design and pretty cool views of both the ocean and the sound. It is usually regarded as one of the premier spots to play in the OBX.