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  1. I have a set of Cleveland TA4 irons with the stock tour action stiff shafts, and was interested in replacing them with steel shafts for more control, first off can this even be done? And secondly, are there any special considerations to be made? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Any reviews or opinions of the Cleveland HiBORE XL and XL Tour?
  3. Any thoughts, reviews of the Never Compromise Milled Series putters?
  4. Any thoughts on the Ping G5 Hybrid?
  5. I have a cleveland launcher 15* fairway wood with a launcher gold stiff shaft and was thinking of bending it a couple of degrees stronger in loft but dont know much about it, like if it can even be done on such a club, any advice?
  6. At a recent demo day i hit virtually every type of iron from nearly every brand and my favorites were the titleist 704CB and the Cleveland CG2's both with true temper S300 shafts, i loved both and i am hung up on which one to select, any opinions?
  7. I recently hit some balls with a vokey spin milled 60.04 oil can wedge and loved it although i have heard some bad things about them wearing out pretty quickly, any thoughts?
  8. G5 vs. Hibore

    I am trying to decide between the Cleveland Hibore driver (8.5, xstiff) and the Ping G5 driver (9, xstiff), after hitting both they seem to have similar quality in terms of accuracy but i was unable to play with either of them so im not quite sure which may have been longer as they both seemed to really jump of the face. Just wondering if anybody had any opinions on the two.