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  1. Not the lowest score but the most impressive was when I first started playing about 20 years ago and played with a 72 year old guy who shot a 76 on a moderately tough course. He only hit it 180 off the tee but everything was dead straight and was lights out on and around the greens. Got up and down the whole round and made everything inside eight feet....It really showed me you don't need to be long to score and ever since I've spent a lot more time practicing chipping and putting than anything else.
  2. About a dozen maybe a few more but I'll go out with as few as six.
  3. I'm getting about 25 xtra yards on average between my old TM 580 and the new TM Burner. Slightly longer and lighter shaft I think is what does it. Both at 10.5*
  4. Could there be a bigger dick swinging contest that this one? Oh Yeah AND I NEVER SLICE...
  5. The people who play really slow are usually hacks and don't realize they would score better w/o taking 10 practice swings and standing for 30 seconds over a 3 foooter. By playing faster the'll have less time to think about how they are going to F up their next shot and thus play better. Just step up to the ball w/ 2 practice swings MAX and hit the damn thing!
  6. I'll bet Vijay has a trunkload of putting aids tucked away somewhere. Just shows what a great tee to green player he is with all those wins yet being a mediocre at best putter.
  7. A few Ryder Cups ago Jay Haas was in a close singles match when off the tee at the 18th he hits a pop-up left into the trees. Maybe went 180 yards at best. Cost him the match and possibly the Ryder Cup as well. An announcer remarked (Johnny Miller?) something like "you know it's a bad day when even your pop-ups are crooked.
  8. My favorite putter ever was an old Ping w/ no insert but lost it about 5 years ago. Replaced it with an Odyssey that had an insert which quite honestly took a while to get used to. I'm getting close to liking it just as much as the old Ping however although it took a while.... All personal preference
  9. I still play with a set of 4-5 year old TA 6 Irons and love them. Always checking out the new stuff but nothing makes me want to go out and buy a new set just yet.
  10. I'll trade 10 yards for much more accuracy any day of the week....that's why the 3 wood is now in the cellar and the hybrid is staying in the bag.
  11. I just replaced my 15* 3 wood with a 16* Adams hybrid. Getting about 10 yards less distance with the hybrid but hit it MUCH straighter and more consistantly.
  12. Mr Ganja, that's some pretty good stuff you must be smokin there
  13. I'm curious to know if Kelly measures his distances in yards or bus widths? And be careful how you use the word "break" on the putting greens.....he may be a little sensitive to that.
  14. I've never had a double eagle or ever witnessed one by a playing partner. A freind and my father in law are the only two people I personally know to ever record double eagles...both holed out their second shots on par 5's of over 200 yards. Curious who've ever had one or seen one by a person they were playing with.....and was it a hole out second shot on a par 5 or a hole in one on a par 4??
  15. World Golf Rankings still have Phil at #2 with Padraig #3 even after Paddy's PGA win which is his 3rd major out of the last six. I understand it's a weighted/rolling points system based over the last few years but I say Padraig's #2 in the world regardless of what the rankings say. When was Phil's last major win...2006?
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