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  1. "I have had...4 surgeries on them" That's what I'm trying to avoid - surgeries. Right now I just have the numbness in my leg. If I start a stretching routine for my back, can I play golf and avoid future surgery?
  2. Anyone have a slipped disc or similar back problems? What's the prognosis regarding golf? Are you basically finished with golf, or can you resume once the injury has healed?
  3. Thanks Jack. Would you say that a key the same as a swing thought, i.e, that one thing you're trying to remember while you swing, eg, keep your head still? Or are they a little different?
  4. I think I know what a trigger is; whatever you do to initiate the backswing. But what are keys?
  5. I too have been holding the club very loosely and have seen my accuracy greatly increase.
  6. I've heard that singing, or even humming, can help with your swing. What about listening to music? Do they work? What exactly are these supposed to help?
  7. It's either a ballroom or gymnasium with windows, etc.
  8. A local charity is having a fundraiser and wants a golf pro to give a demo or lessons at the event. Is it possible to teach golf to a crowd indoors? Even if it's rainy and windy, my own golf lessons stay on the course b/c my instructor says there's not much he can teach me in the clubhouse. I need to find out how feasible this idea is, or to suggest alternative golf-related activities for them.
  9. Can you gain anything from playing rounds with a single iron? I just own a six-iron and a putter and am wondering if this could actually be of some benefit until I get a full set. I have heard of people occasionally playing a round with one club (two if you count the putter).
  10. What do you think of clones? Are they ok, or do they tend to be poorly made? What's the best brand of clones?
  11. Ok, here's what he got. I went to the best bakery in town and bought him a stollen, a German Christmas cake. $20 and very good, as good or better than the cakes made by Harry & David and such.
  12. It seems like it would be the head, but a local pro says it's the shaft. Also, my clubs have crappy old and mismatched grips, but they're comfotable to me. Should they re-gripped anyway?
  13. An older golfer has been going out of his way to help me learn the game and I'd like to get him something for Christmas. He's a longtime golfer (about 70 years old) and probably has everything he needs, so I need some suggestions.
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