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  1. i agree with everything you have said in this post. i cant believe how many ppl have come down on you for your statement. being that golf is one of the few sports that is based soley on an individual's efforts, as opposed to team play (obviously there are exceptions...) do all of yall think that everybody's handicap index is 100% accurate? whether he posts that he is a 10 handicap of a 30 is irrelevent. i think EVERYONE should live by their own set of moral guidelines as long as you are not infringing on anyone elses' "inalienable rights." was this situation during tourney play? no, so
  2. so i was recently starting to slice pretty bad. id get good distance, but it would always fade off. welp i experimented at the range today and i figured out that for me i need to turn my right foot in more. i keep it pretty much the same angle as my left foot. i was hitting straight bombs! the contact felt much smoother. with this i had to lean back to the right a bit more which made the ball go much higher so i dont know how good ill do in any stiff wind though. try it out and maybe itll work for you.
  3. what has really helped me with better ball contact is like you said slowing down your backswing. just do a 2 count in your head. go back on the 1 and start the downswing on 2. also you have to consciously keep your head down. the way i do it is i keep my head down even after i hit until my right shoulder (im a righty) hits my chin then i slowly life my head to see the ball. any time i start topping the ball multiple times in a row i go back to these 2 things and all is well. id say keeping your head down is most important though.
  4. ya thats my question too? i mean i cant think of 1 reason why someone would just start hitting your ball around when youre trying to finish out the hole, ESPECIALLY if the next group is less than 100 yards away waiting for yall to finish. ya down here there would definately be words exchanged but most likely more
  5. got out for the back 9 today. par 3 that played a little longer than it said so my first shot was a little shorter than i wanted. next shot was from here: to here: and yes i did kick it in for par...
  6. ill throw my hat in here too. im in just about the same boat you are. i blast drives, but they always have a light to medium slice. i wont call it a fade because i dont do it on purpose! today at the range i figured out if i stand a little further back from the ball (where the ball is lined up with the toe of my club) it slices way less, but is still present. i like to think i have a pretty fast swing so i want to upgrade to a stiffer shaft and the nike sumo sq. theres a demo day down here next week and im gonna try it out.
  7. very good rules to have and pretty similar to the way i was raised. it just aggrivates me to see parents pushing their goals and dreams onto kids. you obviously are not and should be commended! heres a dancing banana.
  8. ok this is just a side question, but where will it end? what if he doesnt even want to play golf, baseball, or any sports? i have a cousin that is in 7th grade and his dad (my uncle) paid a bunch of money to bring him to some sports doctor. they measured his bones and can predict how tall he will be. my cousin doesnt even like football, but his dad did this to make him the qb of the team. i think sometimes parents try to give their kid as good of oppurtunities as they can, but it should be up to the kid whether he wants to play or do something or not. i am by no means offering parenting
  9. so i ended up getting what i considered a pretty good deal. at rockbottomgolf.com they had a special if you bought a ben hogan sw for $70 you get the lw for free. sw is a 56* with 6* bouce and the lw is a 60* with 6* bounce. both are perfect for me because i have more of a sweeping flat swing. i have tested these clubs for the past week EVERY day hitting in my back yard or in a field and i love them. i can put 8 out of 10 balls inside a circle the size of a hula hoop from 30 yards out. and i havent tested on a regular green yet (been a weird week with a hurricane evacuation) but im prett
  10. thanks for the concerns guys and the information. during hurricane rita my apartment got COMPLETELY destroyed. im talking i lost everything. i just always keep my head up in these types of situations and usually try to keep laughing. its been my experience that we cant do anything about the situation. we bought our insurance and the extra windstorm coverage so im pretty confident that if anything were to happen then we are covered. it turns out that where i work is just a bunch of money grubbers and ive gotta go back in town tomorrow morning. gonna swing by and grab all our stuff we lef
  11. so me and my girlfriend left for the weekend to stay with her parents for labor day. well it just so happens that hurricane gustav decided to head towards where we live. thats cool we already evacuated i guess, the problem is we werent prepared for an evac. we just brought clothes for the weekend and i didnt bring my golf clubs!?!?!?!?!?!?! i did however bring my 2 new ben hogan wedges to practice around the yard. we may be gone for as long as a couple weeks depending on how much damage it causes, so what can i do to hit some drivers or long irons?!? i dont even have my putter! stupid h
  12. umm it was the boeing open this past few days on the golf channel. its like age 50 and up. none of yall watched it? let me try to get a clip or something.
  13. i keep noticing when i watch the pros play their drives dont have much roll at all to them even if they hit dead center in the fairway. the only thing i could come up with is that they use the special balls that stop so they can put lots of backspin to bring the ball back on the greens. is this the reason why they get no roll?
  14. do any of yall draw things on your golf balls to mark them? am i the only one who draws faces, or beer bottles, etc on the ball??? ive officially run out of ideas to put on them!
  15. its out of stock. so which of these have you all used and what are the pros or any cons? what type of shaft comes with it? etc. thanks for all the responses so far
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