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  1. Well, if you already ordered I'm not sure what to say. I heard initially alot of people had problems with Medicus ordering system. I just ordered mine from some golf store I found on line. All 4 dvd's come in the box so I'm sure you will get them all. And by the way I loved your line... I want to get stacked, not shafted.! A classic!
  2. Well, you obviously were not doing something right. The Stack and Tilt eliminates fat shots. Most likely your weight was still back. How you control your weight is the main thing in the S&T.; Make sure your swing centers, ie, center of shoulders/center of hips are in front of the ball at impact. You start with weight forward 55/45. As the backswing begins feel the forward weight increase with absolutely no transfer of weight back. There is more to it and if you are serious I would get the dvd's. Also their book will be out this spring, maybe sooner and their website is under developement. Good luck.
  3. There are a lot of ways to swing the golf club. But I think the S&T; teaches how to play better much faster. So yes, Stack and Tilt wins!!!
  4. It's funny you refer to your swing as "anything but stack and tilt". Yet you say when you keep your weight forward and your centers stacked you hit the ball best, aka stack and tilt. Just eliminate ANY lateral movement away from the ball, maintain weight forward and allow it to increase as the swing progresses, hands in and your shoulders turn in a circle. Presto, stack and tilt. Good luck!
  5. That is the beauty of it. They teach really the one true fundamental. Being able to hit the ground in the same spot everytime. Without this you can never be consistant.
  6. Because the Stack and Tilt info was released in Golf Digest in '07 doesn't make it "out of date". All the info still applies and it is just that article that amateurs have taken and ran with. And based what I've been reading everyone is pretty happy so far. FYI, Plummer and Bennetts book will be out before the Master's in '09, published by Gotham Books. A slim chance it will be out before xmas this year. And also the website is under development.
  7. I'm really lovin' this swing Tommy. Get into it a bit more and you will see it has nothing to do with reverse pivoting.
  8. There is a lot more to the S&T; than the Golf Digest article. Rec'd my dvd set a few days ago. There are 4 dvd's, 1. The Stack and Tilt Swing 2. The Stack and Tilt Swing in depth 3. Analyzing your shot 4. The Short Game. I've watched the whole set twice now and I pick up something new each time. Plummer and Bennett are not in the hunt for any Academy Awards but the info is great!
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