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  1. These guys haven't gotten to where they are without being ultra-competitive. I don't think the lack of money had any real effect on their desire to win.
  2. Your statement doesn't seem to be holding true. It turns out that I overwhelmingly side with Trump, which is a bit of a head scratcher...
  3. We obviously saw this differently. I think Chamblee came off looking like the fool. Chamblee was laying all the blame on Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, Duval was saying that it came down to the play of all--including himself. Duvall was also explaining that matches can come down to something as unexpected as holing out from 30 yards from heavy rough.
  4. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2016/may/24/hillary-clinton/hillary-clinton-claim-about-donald-trump-paying-no/ Trump pays taxes during the years he makes money and doesn't when he operates at a loss. There is not much more to it than that.
  5. I'll take credit for that, and I'll continue to blame @Brain W for my underwhelming performance as well! I had a great time and can't thank all of you enough for letting me take part.
  6. I will be there. I will play in just about any conditions, as long as the course will let me.
  7. I'd like to see him accept his age and start to play with some maturity. I don't want to see a Tiger who is striving to overpower the golf course anymore.
  8. I always intend to make my 1st putt. The only time I get defensive in my attempt is when there is a lot of down-hill slope involved.
  9. Stonewolf was not designed to be walked--lots of undulation and a few long walks from green to tee. But I haven't entirely ruled out the possibility of walking just yet.
  10. @WUTiger, thanks for setting this up. Saturday can't come soon enough. If the current forecast holds up, the weather should be fantastic.
  11. In my mind, there should never be a time when somebody in the group is not in their shot sequence. Even if everybody is walking to the next tee or to their next shot, whoever is due to hit next should already be aware that they are up and they should be able to roll right into their process. And whoever is due to hit next should be in their pregame, ready to start their sequence as soon as their clock starts. There is nothing more frustrating than to be behind a group that has nobody in front of them, yet nobody is doing anything related to hitting a golf ball. There is plenty of time to have a conversation, mark your golf balls, send a text message, balance your checkbook, etc., when you are waiting for others to complete their shots.
  12. I would love to join the group. I'd prefer 9:15, but will try to secure a kitchen pass for either time.
  13. 1st generation kindle - I've logged thousands of hours reading that thing and it keeps chugging along (even though my kids have put some serious scars on it) Zojirushi bread maker - I will never buy a loaf of bread from a store again Vibram shoes - Years of running in agony are a thing of the past J.A. Henckel knife set - I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and good quality knives are a must Hoover Carpet Cleaner - kids and dogs!
  14. I don't know much about your game, but you could even consider getting a single lesson on the short game. While short game improvement may not yield as many strokes gained as improving your long game, it is usually the easiest facet of your game to upgrade (one lesson could make an immediate impact).
  15. A lot of my blowup holes stem from me trying to do something that is too risky. I'll have a chip from heavy rough that requires me to carry the ball 20 yards, land on a blade of grass on the fringe and then roll out 10 feet to the hole--so I chunk or blade it and end up having another difficult chip that I probably will screw up as well (and again, and again...). I find that I have the same problem getting out of jail/trees/heavy rough and often try to pull off a shot I don't have in my bag instead of taking the safe way out. However, when I am in the right mindset, I keep in mind that priority #1 is to GET THE BALL ON THE GREEN/FAIRWAY. Suddenly the target is far more achievable and the damage is controlled.