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  1. I believe in playing from the set of tees that best matches my length, not playing a certain color. I know there are a few formulas out there that can give you a suggested course length, you should try looking them up. Another indicator I find to be helpful is the position of the fairway bunkers. If I can bomb it over the top of them all day, I'm too far up. If I can't reach them, I'm too far back.
  2. Five cards between two people doesn't make much sense to me either. If you never accumulate debt month to month, why would you have several credit cards? If you can avoid financing, why does your credit score matter? If you want to improve your credit, demonstrate that you are reliable at paying off an actual loan. The best way to build your credit score is by paying off things like mortgages, car loans, personal loans, etc. If you want to build your credit score, take out a personal loan of $1K and pay it off dutifully every month. Make sure every payment is on time. Your score will go up.
  3. I'm with the crowd that lets the course determine when I can and can't play. Last year there were 3 times when I was the only one to play on that course for the given day--too many sissies around here. It tends to get soggy around here during the winter months so I move over to the only course around here that drains well. I find that winter golf presents some unique challenges that keep that game enjoyable. I dress in layers and walk to keep warm. And these keep my hands toasty warm--which is the most important thing when it comes to playing golf through the winter.
  4. I've looked at my past 100 rounds and I have to say that it is a wash. Rounds in the 70s: 17 Rounds with no DBs: 14 However, I would say that as an initial achievement, breaking 80 is harder. Before I broke 80 for the first time, I had several rounds with no DBs.
  5. While living in England a few years back, I used to play in an annual Ryder Cup/Presidents Cup mirror match event. One poor guy from the opposing team had a horrible time getting off the 1st tee for the whole weekend. On Friday, his tee shot hit the starter house and rebounded and landed about 10 feet behind the tee markers. On Saturday morning, he hit a tree framing the tee box and rebounded to about 20 feet behind the tee markers. At this point, everybody involved was giving him a hard time and he suddenly had a huge audience for his afternoon tee time. This time he managed to swing completely beneath the ball and impart enough backspin on the ball that it fell from the tee and rolled back about 4 inches. I've never seen anything like that before and doubt I ever will again. On Sunday morning he dribbled his tee shot off the box about 30 yards--he was elated! The funny part was, this guy was a pretty good player (7 handicap) and actually won 3 of the 4 matches that weekend and halved the other.
  6. These guys haven't gotten to where they are without being ultra-competitive. I don't think the lack of money had any real effect on their desire to win.
  7. Your statement doesn't seem to be holding true. It turns out that I overwhelmingly side with Trump, which is a bit of a head scratcher...
  8. We obviously saw this differently. I think Chamblee came off looking like the fool. Chamblee was laying all the blame on Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, Duval was saying that it came down to the play of all--including himself. Duvall was also explaining that matches can come down to something as unexpected as holing out from 30 yards from heavy rough.
  9. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2016/may/24/hillary-clinton/hillary-clinton-claim-about-donald-trump-paying-no/ Trump pays taxes during the years he makes money and doesn't when he operates at a loss. There is not much more to it than that.
  10. I'll take credit for that, and I'll continue to blame @Brain W for my underwhelming performance as well! I had a great time and can't thank all of you enough for letting me take part.
  11. I will be there. I will play in just about any conditions, as long as the course will let me.
  12. I'd like to see him accept his age and start to play with some maturity. I don't want to see a Tiger who is striving to overpower the golf course anymore.
  13. I always intend to make my 1st putt. The only time I get defensive in my attempt is when there is a lot of down-hill slope involved.
  14. Stonewolf was not designed to be walked--lots of undulation and a few long walks from green to tee. But I haven't entirely ruled out the possibility of walking just yet.
  15. @WUTiger, thanks for setting this up. Saturday can't come soon enough. If the current forecast holds up, the weather should be fantastic.