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  1. I live in Morris, but use the Golfsmith in Livingston(Essex) for all my needs. It's on Rt. 10.
  2. I made a homemade movie of my swing using the movie mode on my digital camera. I tried to get it from a few angles. I do not know if the way I did this is the proper way to film a swing or if a proper critique can be made. A few things I would like to mention. I feel like my left hand at the top of the swing is not in the right position. I can't tell if it is cupped at the wrist or if the face is open or closed at the top. Is the clubhead pointed in the right direction at the top? I also never take consistant divots as I would like to. Can anyone tell me why from viewing this video? Thanks http://media.putfile.com/My-Swing-57
  3. It is my understanding that the seam on the ball is where the two hemispheres that are used to make the cover are joined together. Some balls have a seam and some are seamless. On Titleist balls, the seam is located where the ball type is printed ex. Pro v1 392, while the name Titleist is printed at the center of each of the hemispheres. Seaming the Pro v1 involves hitting the ball directly on the seam ex. teeing up the ball so that the word Titleist is facing the golfer and the the words Pro v1 392 is pointing towards the target. This supposedly gives a more boring trajectory and adds a few yards. Hope that helps.
  4. I started golf at age 10. Played consistantly until summer of 2000 when I left the state to go to chiropractic school and didn't play once until I finished school in summer of 2004. Back into the game full swing now. Shooting consistantly between 80 and 84 with no official handicap yet.
  5. I have never heared of any SM wearing out quickly but who knows? Since the club material is the same as the other Vokey's and the only difference is the milling process, I can't see them wearing out any sooner than the other oil cans. But again...who knows?
  6. I have the 704cb's and absolutely love them. I have never tried the Clevelands.
  7. Hello everyone. Great Forum. Can't wait to read and post! Thanks