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  1. @deenic Did you end up getting the MP-20s? I had a fitting last week and it came down to i500 vs MP-20 HMBs. I'm curious if you have both, what you think of each in comparison?
  2. Thanks, that's good to know. Maybe discounts then on current models later this year?
  3. I've been gaming a set of RSi1 irons with aeroburner hybrids and G30 driver for about 4 years now. Got fitted for them 4 yrs back and they've worked really well. I swapped out my 8I for a Cobra S3 7I 9 months ago ($25 on EBay), same loft just a lot smaller club head, and I love it. Hit it the same distance as my current 8I, they have the same lofts. So I'd like to get something a bit smaller in a complete set, more like a players distance iron. Ping Blueprints and i210s look interesting, as do Mizunos and Titliest's new T100/200 lines. With all of that said, given that my current clubs work great (just don't like the look anymore) I'm not willing to spend $500 on a new driver or $1,500 on a new set of irons/hybrids. Seems like 2020 could be a good year to get a good deal on clubs, given everything that's happened with employment and I know retail channels are running sales these days. Maybe a dumb question, but I'm wondering what everyone thinks about the timing of a fitting? One thought I had was to get fit now and then I'll have my specs when/if the clubs I want go on sale. Do custom-ordered clubs ever go on sale? The other thought was, when might companies start launching new lines? Typically that would happened this Spring, right? I can see why it didn't but are those new lines just waiting to release or did manufacturers completely skip a cycle for 2020? And what happens if I get fit, wait a few months then can't get the clubs I got fit for? That's a wasted fitting! Am I over-thinking this, anyone given similar thoughts to new clubs this year?
  4. Thanks for the replies, I had the specs wrong on the T200s as someone mentioned appreciate that heads up. I'm mid-40s and swing my 8I 75-77mph per a recent Trackman session, carry it 140y. Fitting might change everything but right now I'm leaning toward going with more of a Players CB instead of GI irons, which would mean an extra iron (5I) and giving up either a hybrid or my 5W. I rarely hit my 5W right now, just because it's harder to hit consistently and carries about the same as my 3H at 19 degrees.
  5. I've been playing RSi1 clubs I had fitted a few years ago and overall like them. I've gotten down to about an 8 index and have a fitting scheduled in September, interested in looking at the "players distance" iron category. I was looking at the T200 specs tonight (just one of many irons i'm interested in) and realized that their 5I loft matches the 6I loft on my current set. I gave up my RSi1 5I last year for a 5 hybrid because I couldn't hit the 5I consistently, and even when I did catch it well it didn't get much height on it. I hit my current RSi1 6I just fine. Hopefully not a dumb question, but will a 5I with the same lift as my 6I be more like hitting a 6I or a 5I? In other words, is it the loft of the club that makes them hard to hit, the length, or some combination of those 2 factors (or maybe a 3rd factor)?
  6. I shot a 79 (+9) in July 2015, and have spent the past 2 years trying to get back there. My scores have gotten more consistent over that time, but I've not had a magical round since then. Last year felt like a lost year, I just wasn't hitting my irons consistently and chipping was hit/miss. This year, I feel like I'm getting closer. I shot a pair of 80s (+9, +10) in the Spring and have found a couple areas to improve on since then. Late last year I started using a 9I for chips where I have room to run, that has helped immensely in getting up/down. I went to a pencil grip on putts inside 10' and it's early, but seems to be helping. I have been atrocious from 3-5', making < 50% on 4-5 attempts per round. Realized a couple weeks ago I have gone back to my old habit of taking the club inside on the backswing, which was the source of pulling my irons left a lot. So I've been working on that. ironically I've gone to playing 9 holes more often over the last few months, so don't get a chance at breaking 80 as often. Wife lets me out more often if I'm gone 2.5 hours instead of 5-6 hrs. Breaking 40 has been my new goal and I have several of those in the bag this Summer! Someone mentioned not using driver, unless you move up tees (feels like that defeats the purpose) to account for the loss of distance I don't see how that helps. If I'm looking at a hybrid or 5I into the green, the odds of a GIR at that point are probably halved compared with hitting a 8I or 9I. Obviously play the hole and if driver distance is tight or risky, you lay up but you'd have to be pretty special with long irons to make that work on every hole. Anyway, great thread and good luck to everyone trying to break 80. Looking forward to seeing some success stories on here soon!
  7. The WMD thing was known to be bogus within GWB's administration, at the time they were pitching the war to the public. I forget if it was Rice or Powell that presented to the UN, but they knew going in that their presentation was a lie. Cheney knew he was lying on MTP when he went on there to sell the war. They all knew they were lying to the public and the press, about the existence of WMDs.
  8. Brazil as a country appears to be in shambles right now and getting worse, I'm surprised any of the big names are willing to venture down there.
  9. I'm pretty much in line with your "normal," mid 80s with the occasional low 90s. The worst I've shot in the last couple years is a 97, back in early May. It was a weekend golf outing, I was hungover and it was 40 degrees and misting all morning. And I forgot to pack long pants! miserable round, for the most part.
  10. My biggest "issue" with golf is that it simply takes too long to play a round of golf. It's ~6 hours, door to door, to play 18 holes unless you play during a weekday. At least that's what you have to plan for, bonus if you're done faster, but in my experience even during the week there's at least a 25% chance you'll get stuck behind a few groups which means 4 hrs minimum for the round. It's not slow play, the game just takes too long to play 18 holes unless you're good (single digit hcp or better) and because of the time commitment required to play very few people are any good at it. The 2.5hr "magical" solo round every once in a while when the course is empty makes a lot of people frustrated apparently (me included at times), but the fact is it takes a while for 4 people to each hit a golf ball 100+ times on a golf course. If 10 holes was considered a round, I think you'd see a lot more people playing the sport.
  11. Did a free putter fitting today at a local shop, it was a camera with stats on face angle, path, etc... Aim and sweet spot contact were great, my challenge is getting the face square at impact. I hit the new Odyssey toe up #9 really well, was curious if anyone has any feedback on the toe up putters? Small sample size, I only hit a half dozen or so putts with a few different putters, but I could not consistently close the face on any of them (including my current Odyssey Tank) except that #9. I hit that damn thing straight every time. It's an ugly putter but I'm a disaster from 3-6 feet, routinely push/pull 2-3 putts every round from that range. It's not horribly expensive, I'm temped to pick one up but interested in other's experience with the toe up putters.
  12. I noticed it on Sunday at the Wells Fargo (I think that's what was last weekend), he's doing a claw grip but not like most other claw grips I see. I've been trying to do something similar, the "classic" claw grip is too much for me I can't seem to get over having my whole right hand essentially inverted which forces the right elbow to stock out like a chicken wing. Just doesn't feel right or comfortable. Anyway, I've Googled for pics but all I can find is a couple stories saying he adopted it the week before The Masters. Anyone know of pics or more info, it looks like he has one finger on the edge of the grip and the rest of the right hand "behind" the grip between the grip and his waist? I've been trying a few things and was just curious, was hoping to see pictures.
  13. I can't find it in the App Store or Google Play, does it do GPS and score keeping as well? Kind of wonder why he wouldn't license his name and the stats crunching engine to one of the popular apps already out there? I use Golfshot for every round, would gladly pay an extra $30 bucks a year if Golfshot did all of the SG stats. It would just have to prompt for lie on every shot, press a button to indicate you hit the shot and it pops up a prompt for lie, maybe add 2s to each shot which is not a big deal. GolfNow just launched a GPS app last year, that would be a great differentiator if their app had that built into it. Make those app developers do all of the work on the app, just collect your royalty as they're sending stats through your engine. Sounds less risky and more profitable to me.
  14. Interesting thread, I was thinking about this myself a couple weeks back as I made my 2016 golf goals. 1. I've gotten down to a 12 handicap over the last 18 months (avg rating of the courses I play is a 70/125). But I'd say my "typical" scoring range is 82 - 88, if I could move that down to 80-84 that's good enough for me. 2. I'm pretty satisfied now. Mid-80s is better than all but a couple people I play with or have met on the golf course and the game is actually fun now (chance at hitting most greens in regulation and 6-8 birdie putts per round). Someone else said "challenging relaxation" earlier in this thread and I think that's a perfect description for me and I'm there now really. 3. New job is running me ragged plus kids sports and high school quickly approaching, I'm not willing to devote a ton of time to it right now. I'm happy with 1 range session plus some putting/short game work every week.
  15. That seems to be the problem, they use locally sourced products at all of their stores so I'm not sure how many suppliers in common each store has. One issue was traced to tomatoes from a regional supplier, but they've not been able to trace anything else to a specific supplier. It's kind of ironic and unfortunate, their organic and local focus seems to be preventing them from fixing the problem quickly. http://www.vox.com/business-and-finance/2015/12/9/9882256/chipotle-food-safety-crisis-explained
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