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  1. I'm looking to buy some new fairway woods (3&5) this season. I kind of have my eye's on the Cobra Baffler XL's. Does anybody have these in their bag? If so. How do you like them? Thank you.
  2. Good to see a cubs fan here. I grew up in Northlake Ill. But now I'm in Indiana.
  3. It's been a long cold winter so far. Who's all jonesing for golf? I'm sitting here watching it on TV right now (Pebble beach pro-am) thinking boy, I wish I was out playing. But it's cold in the mid west. I got a new driver I can't wait to try.
  4. Price wise they seem to be pretty comparable with Global Golf. So I'm good with that. It's just that there are so many counterfeit clubs out there. I just want to be careful where/who I buy from. That's why I'm not a big fan of shopping on ebay and things like that for golf equipment.
  5. The one with the red tag says Medium on it. The other says Standard flex. So I'm sure that's the same as Regular flex. But I'm not sure what Medium flex is.
  6. It's funny how things work. A couple years ago I came across 4 complete sets of older clubs for little to no money. One set was these Macgregor tourney's. The others where a set Wilson 1200 LT's. I like them, but they're a little to short for me. I have a set of King snake MR over size. I think these are a King cobra clone. But they're the one I chose to play with. The last set I had was a set of John Daly Hippo's. These are the ones I gave to my brother when I took up the game last year. Because I figured I needed a golf partner, and he didn't have a set. Now after reading the forums. sounds
  7. These r the best I can do, as far as pictures go.
  8. I hope I have this right. "L" = ladies, "A"= senior "R"= regular "S"= stiff "X"= extra stiff. I have 3 older sets of clubs. I think they date back to the 80's & 90's. On older clubs are codes different? They kind of seem that way by looking at the ones I have. Wilson 1200 LT= They say Standard flex and they also have 02F on the sticker. Does Standard flex = "R" regular shaft? And can anyone tell me what the LT stands for on these clubs? King Snake= They have a "S" inside a square. Does this = standard or stiff? Macgregor tourney's= They say Medium and they have a 2
  9. Thank you WUTiger for the info you give me. I kind of figured what I have is junk. What do you think of the Golfsmith 2014 Macgregor tourney irons? I'm new to the game. This spring will only be my 2nd year playing. Right now I'm playing with a old set of clone irons called King snake mr over size. I could hit the ball good because I live out in the country (farm land). I practice a lot. But I real want to up grade my irons. I guess cavity backs would be the best for me. Any thoughts on what would be a good set of irons for a high handy capper for $300. or less? Thank you.
  10. Can anyone tell me any thing about these irons? I have the whole set of these older Macgregor clubs. The woods are still made of wood. I think they date back to the late 80's to mid 90's but I'm not sure. I'd like to know about the irons. All I know is that they're Macgregor tourney, looks to be blade styles. Are they any good, or are they junk?
  11. I'm in the market for a new driver. I don't want to spend more then $200. I don't want a used club because I want to be fitted for one. Now that the 2015 models are out, I see online that Global golf, Golfsmith and Dick's sporting goods have some good deals on last years (2014) models. Some of the ones I like in my price range are the Cobra Bio Cell, Callaway X Hot N14 and the Taylormade Jet speed or RBZ stage 2. Most of these have some kind of adjustability on them. I don't really care if it's adjustable or not. I just want a driver that fits my swing good. The way I see it. Once it's dia
  12. Has anybody tried these Chromax high visibility balls? I was looking at them online. They look cool. They look like they may be easy to see/find. Look more like Christmas ornaments then golf balls to me. They seem to be a bit pricey. I don't know if your just paying for the look, or if they have any playability to them.
  13. I'm still new to the game of golf. Just started playing early this summer. I have a big yard surrounded by farm fields. I'm hooked on the game now and go golfing every chance I get. When I'm not golfing or at work, I like to beat golf balls around the yard, sometimes in the farm fields. Now it's Fall and they have been harvesting the fields. Time to bring out the big sticks. lol. I hit golf balls a lot. I feel I came a long way in 4 or 5 months. I developed a good consistent swing. Straight & true on the most part. Sometimes I still top the ball, but I'm sure in time that will go away.
  14. I like the idea of a adjustable driver. I been looking at some online. But that brings me to this question. What do I choose? The type with a adjustable sleeve? Or the type that you move the weights around? Thank you.
  15. I'm new to golf. Just started playing a few months ago. So I don't know a lot about golf. But I do have a thought about a offset driver. If a guy like me is slicing on 50% of my tee shots. I'd have to agree with a lot of others. Stick with a neutral driver, and to learn and correct what's wrong with my swing. Because that's what I want. A perfect swing. But if a offset driver is suppose to help me from slicing do to a bad swing. Can a guy still use one while he/she is trying to correct his/her swing? If so when a guy got his swing right. Would he/she start drawing or hooking all his/her sh
  16. The 1st book I read was a book called Golf Fore!! Beginners: the fundamentals by Stephen J. Rutherber. It was ok. But for some reason I would slice the ball far right. So then I would start aiming to the left of the fairway, so if I did slice I'd still have a chance of landing on the fairway. I knew my club head must have been opened on impact, but try as I might, I just couldn't seem to get it square. Then I read this book, Ben Hogan's Five Lesson's. It showed me how to rotate my left hand farther to the right, and how to place my right hand ( I'm a right handed golfer). The grip still fe
  17. I have a 65 yard area in my yard to hit. I use the almost golf balls. Anything longer then my 9 iron will hit them right out of the yard, across the gravel road and into the soy bean field. Once in there, they're lost till harvest time. I have smacked a few of them with my driver and woods just to see how they do. I think for some reason the irons hit them farther then woods & drivers. But I do like these balls. They fly good and are fun to hit. I just think you would need about 100-120 yards to be able to use all your clubs.
  18. Yes! Golf is a lot harder then what it looks like on TV. But it's a lot more fun to play it, then to watch it (so far). I guess I'm not good enough to get really mad yet. I don't have to worry about blowing a good score on a bad hole, because I haven't had a good score yet. The local course I play at is Clover Meadows Golf Course in Cloverdale, Indiana. From the red tee, and yes I play from the red tee. I'll move back to the next tee when I think I'm ready. The course rating is 72, and the slope rating is 124 (from the red). I have a golf rule dictionary. Although some rules can be har
  19. I'm new to the game (3 nine hole rounds so far). I noticed that I too get the jitters on the 1st two holes or so. The two things that make my jitters go away are. 1) I get a good hit. 2) by the end of the 2nd hole, I'm so frustrated I forget about the jitters.
  20. Saturday I played my 3rd game ever. I shot 9 holes and scored a 62. I don't know if this is good or bad for a beginner? But I felt good about it.
  21. I'm a warehouse worker and I live in Belle Union Indiana. I'm 53 years old and just started playing golf. Playing video golf (I currently play WGT, game id boxkite) is what sparked my interest in to wanting to play real golf. I helped a non golfing friend of mine clean out a storage unit and ended up with four complete set of clubs for my services. Sorry no brand names. I got a old set of hippo John Daly's. I gave these ones to my brother so I'd have someone to play golf with. I got a old set of Wilson 1200 LT's. I like these clubs ok, but the grips are showing signs of dry rot. I also got
  22. short iron

    Trophy balls

    I'm 52 and just started playing golf. Don't know why I waited so long. This games a blast. As of now I have played two 9 hole rounds. I have 3 trophy balls. My 1st game, My 1st fairway shot, and my 1st GIR. This week when I go, I hope to get my 1st par and/or birdie.
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