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  1. My schedule is flexible and allows me a typical week like this... 4 hours a week on the range and practice green. 9 holes twice a week I play multiple balls from different yardages or placements. All this practice for one 9 hole match after work before Happy Hour on Fridays. Then 18 holes on Saturday & Sunday. One competitive w/ players of similar 'caps and one chill w/ my higher handicap buddies. Add in warm up time and I'm looking at around 5.5hrs per week.
  2. The One Man's I've played in the rule has been if you choose to hit a second (or mulligan) you play the second ball not matter what. My strategy is that I can always do better, so I re-hit mostly approaches and almost every putt. The hard part is to not get over-confident and find yourself trying to better an already usable first shot. I find it a fun format because I'm not real good at finding 2-3 guys for a team.
  3. 41/36 = 77 (+5) 36 putts 14/18 GIR 12/14 FW The front was rough with four three-putts. I made the back a mission to shoot at least even.
  4. I just played in a tourney and we had two caddies in our group. I never gave it any thought. Players handled all the flag duties, but one did handle the scorecard chores for the group. If you have someone that will carry your satchel, I say do it. You may want to make sure your cuz can easily walk 18 and knows their role.
  5. 42/35 = 77 (+5) FW 11/14 GIR 11/18 U&D; 1/6 Putts 33 Played the front like I was asleep. Woke up w/ my second shot on 9 and carried it through 18. July weather that belongs in April...53F, 15-20mph NW and mist.
  6. 39/37 = 76 (+4) FW 14/14 GIR 11/18 U&D; 4/6 Putts 32 There's a couple of things I need to iron out that would shave some strokes. Looking forward to the work ahead.
  7. I guess it just depends on something, but I'm never sure what. Got up Sunday 6:30A played 18 home by 10. Clean house in preparation for open house. 3hrs into the open house she tells me I can go play again if I want, so I'm outta there. 36 holes that day and I play or practice almost every day I'm home. On the flipside.... Played in the clubs 2 day match play tourney, which required a good deal of my weekend time. Texted her to tell her I won. She texted back "BFD" which made me chuckle. (that was another open house day where she had to do most of the cleaning & such, so I get it).
  8. 38/39 = 77 (+5) Went after too many pins and not so stellar iron play combined with a 15-20mph wind made that even more difficult. Hit more FW's than GIR's and managed to get up & down 6 outta 9 times w/ 29 putts. After #12 I decided I was working too hard and took up aiming for the fat of the green which worked out the rest of the way in. Ready to do it all over again tomorrow.
  9. Titleist NXT Tour. I've developed my feel around it and know how it will play for me.
  10. BookBoy


    5 so far this season. All memorable, esp on the one from 120 out.
  11. I ain't complaining. My wife doesn't play, so on the weekday evenings we go to the course and she does an hour or so run in the area while I hit balls or play. On the weekends I play at noon so we can spend the morning together getting coffee and doing chores, etc. Then home in time to either go out to dinner or fire up the BBQ pit. She's been real cool about indoor projects that need to be done and is letting me spend the winter completing those. My "honey do" list is up to three pages and I'd like to think I still have another six weeks of playable weather ahead of me. Then my regular
  12. It took a lot of experimentation, but I think I have settled into a routine that works for me and provides desired results: Wake up two hours before tee time Hit Starbucks for an Iced Venti Nonfat Latte Stop at the convenience store for two packs of smokes & a can of snuff Once at the GC grab a Captain's & diet or three Grab a cart and head to the car to gear up Drive directly to the first tee Warm up with ten burpees and ten push ups Begin preshot routine with a farmer's blow Game on
  13. Retail Consultant. After all, why be part of the solution when there's good money to be made in prolonging the problem.
  14. I made a couple of end of season goals recently. One is similar to yours. I plan to play at least Troy Burne and Stoneridge outside the Twin Cities as well as The Harvester & Legacy in the Des Moines area. Also, decided the other day I wanted to birdie all the holes at my regular track.
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