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  1. How high does this club hit relative to the loft and shaft? Low,mid, high? Thanks
  2. How do these shafts compare? Dosen't matter if they were x flex or not, just same flex. I know the specs form the Aldila site but I would like to know how they perform. Does either launch the ball a bit higher? More spin? Better distance? Better feel? Thanks
  3. Yea I switch out my 2 iron and hybrid and also switch between my regular 60 and my spin milled 60 degree depending on course conditions.
  4. Check out the paint job on mine...it's in the Which Putter DO You Use post
  5. 1. Place ball back of center in stance. Example: \..........c...o....../ With the c being the center of the stance and the o being the ball. 2. Steeper swing place than usual. Swing back and down on steeper paths. 3. Working out works wonders! This is one major reason Tiger is so good at those shots out of the really deep thick stuff where you can't even see the ball. Hope I could help
  6. Titleist PT906F2 15 degree with an Aldila NV 75 S-flex shaft. 43" in length.
  7. Titleist 907D1 8.5 degrees with a Aldila NV 65 Pink S-flex shaft. 45" in length.
  8. Titleist 755's with Dynamic Gold SL S300 shafts with Sensicore. 2 degrees upright and 1/2 a degree strong. Standard length
  9. A few (5-8) regular size tees with a couple longer tees, a quarter for ball marking, and my Scotty Cameron divot tool.
  10. My hybrid is a 17 degree Titleist PT585H. 40.5" with a Aldila NV 85 Hybrid S-flex shaft.
  11. I use a Titleist Vokey 254.10 sand wedge and usually a Titleist Vokey 260.04 lob wedge. Depending on course condition i'll sometimes use my Titleist Vokey Spin Milled SM60.04 lob wedge.
  12. I'm thinking about trying out the new Nike Maxsight grey-green contact lenses.
  13. Mine is a Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2. 34" long. Ping grip blacked out (like Tiger's). With a custom paint job. Here are a couple of pics:
  14. Besides the 10 gram weight difference, what are the differences? What would the benefits of either?