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  1. I've enjoyed reading through this, I was more upright in my set up where my head was looking past the ball. Sure this resulted in a bad takeaway. Would my set up result in an over the top swing? Anyway I've recently signed up at evolvr where I have Stephan helping me so looking at great things for next season.
  2. More great info, Mike you spoil us. I'll be taking a look that's for sure, only thing that hampers me is I live in Scotland and the time difference bla bla bla...... This sites information has helped me greatly.
  3. Great video as always. I noticed something in my swing after watching this.... I lead knee (left knee) turns in rather than forward which I assume would contribute to issues. Well I'm going to work on this at the range.
  4. Keep up the good work man seen your comment about lead knee I too had an issue with it.
  5. Hi Mike, I had a question regarding the grip. I followed the video you posted about the grip and tried it out on the range, with a massive improvement in strikes ? my previous grip had the left as you had it but my right more turned to the left side. Would this result in bad strikes (slices). Anyway I was hitting my driver a lot better cause of your video.
  6. Thanks Mike I'll get that started sometime this week.
  7. Hey, Came across this post and just reading and watching the video I've got some good info that I can take and try on the range. My season started on Sat 25 March Scotland. I was struggling with my driver, the issue was I was hitting the ball bang in the centre but my shot was going right. My friend said my club face was open at impact! My set up was good well I think? Ball just off left heel. Does anyone have any good tips they could share if they've experienced the same problem.
  8. Hey all, I was going through a tough time just getting a good motion of a swing not really putting in the slow swings etc that you guys are doing at the range, more just hitting balls. Well after reading through this post (not it all) but its given me hope that I can swing well and its been a good few weeks I've seen my handicap come from 24 to 22 just by applying this type of routine so big kudos to you all. One question I take it that its the same swing motion with the driver?
  9. Thanks Rainmaker I'll give it a read and hopefully I learn from it, I go to the range a bit and I'm sure after reading up on this info things will be a bit clearer.
  10. Cool thanks guys suppose being new to golf the term "swing to the right" kind of confused me a bit. So he's more or less trying to get me to hit a push draw as in image G.
  11. Hey folks, I decided to get a few lessons as i'm really getting into my golf. I'm playing off a 24 handicap now. The other day I was on the trackman with the instructor and after watching my swing he said i'm coming over the top on the downswing which was causing a slice, he got me working on swinging the club to the right on the downswing. Not sure if he's implying that I start to draw the ball or if this will cure the slice, well anyway I think i'm finding it hard understanding the swing to the right maybe a mental thing I'm not sure. Does anyone have any good drills I can use to grain this in. Cheers
  12. This is brilliant guys well put together, at my range in scotland I get some right funny looks from people when I practice I just do quarter swings then slowly build up to half a swing I never go further. Being a 24 handicap and pretty new to golf I find that if I rush to much I lose everything the range has mirrors behind each bay so I always look at my swing. I have more an issue with compressing the ball always end up with more loft than I really need to but I'll work on it.
  13. Thanks Saevel, It was tough going yesterday I'm just not that used to playing in it some have told me to play with the wind but unless the alignment is right its a fight for sure. I'm planning on using some punch shots next time I play and maybe lower the tee a bit for the drives.
  14. Hey all, My home course is Aberdeen Scotland is a open links course with no tree cover and recently I've been really struggling with the wind were not talking just a breeze were talking about heavy wind. I'm just looking for some pointers from off the tee to iron shots, its starting to really hit my scoring. Hope some of you guys can help a guy out.
  15. Thanks mate that will serve me well this evening.
  16. Hey all, Quite a new golfer but played a a good few rounds now but I'm starting to find that my short game is terrible. Well not terrible to the point where I can't do anything, just suppose its fear more than anything. It's starting to cost me a lot of shots!!!! Anyway my course in Scotland has a good 9 hole course that I'm going to start using before work every second day (on route to work) hoping that this will at least give me a foundation to work on. So does anyone have any good drills I could try out when I'm playing the 9 hole course any help would be awsome. If this is posted in the wrong section can an admin move it please. Mark
  17. Just back from the range and I've found my problem. Sorry for the posts but I'm in Scotland and its midday here. Ok so my problem is I'm hitting under the ball with the odd shot being a fat shot. I get plenty of height and pretty straight but lacking a LOT in distance. Being pretty newish to golf I really dont know of much drills to fix this or at least cut back on silly shots. I enjoy my golf and things like this will only make me determined to fix them.
  18. Mike is that a good drill to practice I take it you get the feeling of driving down on the ball with this am I right to think that. I'm sure I seen someone at the range last night doing exactly this but I'll give it a try and see how it goes.
  19. Thanks again guys for the help and support I'm gonna head to the range and try these out.
  20. Cheers Guys, I've seen a few clips on youtube using 2 balls and missing the back one and striking down on the front one. One part of this also has the guy set up to the back ball and strike the front ball anyone tried this before. The position of the back ball is on the back ankle.
  21. Thanks Boogie, I'll give it a watch and try the drill you said and hopefully I'll grasp it. Think its more a mental thing than physical lol. A guy I know a 3 handicap player told me to feel like im pushing right but I think that just confused me more lol.
  22. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had any good drills to implement striking down on the ball. My problem is I scoop the ball thus losing distance. My backswing is ok but its grasping the downswing suppose I just cant mentally picture it happening. Any help would be much appreciated.
  23. Thanks I'll put that into work this evening when I'm at the range, With the first pad of the index finger more on the grip do you mean on the top of the grip? also for the gap between the index finger and the middle finger I take it they both come under the bottom of the club but are squeezed together.
  24. Hey mvmac, Great post I've been reading a lot of your stuff and watching your videos and they have helped me so much being newish to golf I've taken the plunge to play more often and my grip was pretty woeful always slicing or catching the ball fat. Following your video and the grip process I've managed to actually hit the ball straight :) well straightish I just lack in distance and slight alignment issues but I'm miles happier and the rest will be work in process. I've added a few pictures to see if I'm on the correct path with my grip. Thanks for the help. Mark.
  25. Cheers for the reply boogie I'm heading to the range later so I'll film it and post it up.
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