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  1. I never said it was by accident. I was just curious of how many others have gone through the same situation — having to change their setup, certain parts of their swing, and adjusting their expectations based on previous performance. Did it strengthen or hamper your game and in what areas? That’s definitely something I need to work on. I’ll be the first to admit that.
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  3. For nearly two decades, I was a competitive runner from all distances -- the 5K to the marathon. Toward the last few years as a runner, I really got into golf. With age, increased mileage, and a number of other factors, my back was severely damaged and required two epidurals to treat herniated discs. Every time I would return to running, I would end up getting re-injured when I reached a certain mileage. I started going to the gym and became hooked on weightlifting and bodybuilding. I have gone from 145/150 pounds when marathoning to 210 when weight training. The change in my body and overall size has really affected my golf game -- both in positive and negative ways. I've lost a lot of flexibility, and I find that I'm struggling with my woods and driver, but absolutely nailing my irons and wedges. I posted a topic about the right elbow in another discussion, but I'm finding that with my change in body type that I'm going to have to make some adjustments to my game. I was just wondering if any of you have experienced the same (or similar) thing when incorporating weight training into your wellness routine. Thanks.
  4. When I first started playing, I had what some call the "flying elbow." When I started playing more consistently, I learned to tuck my elbow in on the takeaway. What happened was I could hit my irons and wedges straighter and more consistently, but I've lost a lot of power on my driver. I know that Nicklaus had an elbow that wasn't tucked, and his explanation was that it generated more power. I see others with untucked elbows, and their drives are consistently longer than mine. I'm thinking about letting loose with my driver and woods and seeing what happens. I have a history of lower back problems and herniated discs (they both needed epidurals), so simply increasing my turn or torque is not an option. I know the young guns on Tour have a severe right elbow tuck throughout their swing, but I am neither young or on Tour. As we all know, if you go looking for advice on the internet, you end up in a veritable rabbit hole with contradicting tips and "expert" opinions. The Golf Section of the local bookstore is jam-packed with books which promote or disapprove of the right elbow, the planted lead foot, etc. Without getting into weight shift and angle of attack, what are your thoughts on this?
  5. Had previously booked a tee time through GN at a great price at a local course. Soon after, an emailed was received that the time had been canceled. Called the course and they said it wasn't on their end. GN denied it, too. Come to find out, the course HAD canceled our time and moved our tee time 2 hours earlier. The time that we'd previously booked was increased by a fair amount. The only reason that I can figure is that the course didn't want to honor the previously booked time and realized that they could make money by cancelling and jacking the price back up. Really soured me on that course. Has anyone else had that experience?
  6. I'd previously posted a topic about Ray Cook hybrids. I've since found an Adams that I absolutely love! I've changed my bag set-up to: TM Driver TM 4-Wood Adams 2 Hybrid I know the 4 wood and hybrid have similar lofts, but each has the benefits of the different lies. Any similar set-ups?
  7. Hey, all... I'm set up with Taylormade irons and PW, driver, and 4-wood (like it better than the 3 I had), Striker GW (Vokey Style), and Dunlop Foremost Oversize SW. I know I have a mixed bag of wedges, but they work better than others I've tried. Anyway, my question goes to the Ray Cook hybrid -- specifically the 5. I'm thinking about putting that in to round out my bag. I know that some may say to go with a lower hybrid, but I find that I can shape and adjust distances with the 5. It's not a "name brand", but I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with these clubs. Really don't see the sense in going for another hybrid just for the sake of a name brand. Thoughts?
  8. I was wondering if any of you could help me with answering a question. What is the size (cc's) of the older King Cobra drivers such as the one pictured? Just picked one of these up in a second-hand shop, and I love the way it hits. Thanks,
  9. Man! Good news on the golf -- not so good on the pills. Not that bad.
  10. I'm sure I'll get a lot of responses to this post, so first let me apologize for its length. I am/was a marathoner. I'm having to give it up because the constant, repetitive pounding really took a toll on the discs in by lower back. I do notice, however, that when I golf or practice swings, my back is not bothered by the torque -- in fact, golfing actually makes my back feel better. I guess I don't have a problem with "glute activation" (sorry -- couldn't resist the Tiger reference). Anyway, I'm going for a epidural cortisone/steroid injection in my lower back in a few days to ease the pain. Has anyone had any similar issues where the motions associated with the golf swing actually help pain and range of motion in the lower back?
  11. I only started watching last season and was hooked. Recording this season. Have a few participants I'm pulling for.
  12. Played Houston Oaks in Paris. I love that course. Really good winter rates!
  13. Went golfing at an awesome top 10 (for my state) course last weekend. Now we're looking at over a foot of snow with more on the way. Had plans for a round today...
  14. It seems like the weatherman teases us. All of our bad weather seems to fall on the weekends, and the remaining nastiness extends throughout the week. I need one of those golf simulators like on the Golf Channel. I just don't have $25,000 to spend.
  15. mecoleman

    I Miss Golf.

    Too much snow here in Kentucky, and more on the way...
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