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  1. Their house clubs and upgraded rental sets are probably manufactured by Callaway. They look like Big Bertha 08 irons with Top Golf logos on them. They sell a few gloves, hats and towels from Callaway. Employee appearal features the chevron too, so I'd say they promote them without tying themselves to Callaway perpetually if there ever was a difference in direction.
  2. You could replace your phone or battery with what you would spend on a handheld and then get an app?
  3. I'm a little biased here, but I think #2 did not get enough love. Joking, of course. For how extremely flat the Arid Plains of West Texas are, The Rawls Course has a fair amount of contouring. The first time I played it I could not get over how much different the turf was compared to what I'm used to playing in southeast Texas. The back to back Par 5s to finish are also different. Compared to the other college course I've played in Texas, this one is head and shoulders above in every way. If only I could get back that half of a semester I wasted taking Golf 101 as an elective.
  4. So you just hit a hard 8 or a soft 2 there, Mr. Love III? Agree with this. Those links were probably all within the last week too.
  5. Driver off the tee trying to split the fairway between the right rough and the bunker. If I have 225 or less from the fairway I'd go for it. If I'm outside of 225 or in the bunker I lay up to the 100 yard line trying to hit the right side of that landing area. Appropriate club from there aimed at the middle of the green and hope to have a birdie putt of some sort. We're not even playing the same game then. I wish I could strike the ball well enough to trust a 3W, hybrid, or long iron out of a fairway bunker. Any bit of sand before the ball and its in the creek before the green. For me
  6. I would suggest you choose which ever club will help you achieve your dream faster. By that I mean there are more things to look at than dues, fees, and 18s. Which course has the higher concentration of members that play to a handicap similar to yours and better? The opportunity to compete against quality players cannot be expressed as a dollar value, or maybe it can? Which layout(s) is/are the toughest? Can you usually get a tee time when you want it and how you want it (i.e., just show up in the late afternoon and play 9 and/or play early in the morning and not be forced to use a cart
  7. If they're traditional plates its more like 500, but they look to be rubber so 265 is what I see. Not that it really matters. The funniest part of it all for me was Rose's photo actually has the screw on bar collars attached.
  8. Have you ever hit a pure shot with a blade? It is close to the best feeling in the world. It is just not worth giving up all the distance on mishits for those few and far between pured shots for most amateurs. Hence the RSi2 and TP trying to combine look, feel, and performance. Blades usually have less offset as well. Personally, I feel I really have to sling the ball to get any shape with a SGI club, say Speedblades, where as a TP MC type of club with less offset allows me I can hit the slight draw and fade.
  9. What would be the tangible consequence for running over the allotted time? Multiple sports have some type of shot clock and teams still regularly accept the penalty for allowing it to expire. I know a good amount of courses in my area are equipping carts with GPS, so maybe you track each groups pace of play through that. If your group takes longer than x amount of time then you're put on some type of blacklist. First offense you cannot play with more than 3 for your next two outings? Second offense you lose the privilege of riding if that is what you prefer or have to play during non pe
  10. I'm legitimately disappointed in this. I live pretty close to this project, and these guys will guaranteed kill the "hustle and bustle free, magical environment" that already exists here. I played the course that existed on the property before they sold it to this group, and I knew that layout could have been exceptional if someone would have invested the time and money. It never really recovered from hurricane damage that happened in the 2000s, so I was excited to hear about the new plans for the course. I was hoping this would be a world renowned, championship caliber golf course carved thro
  11. I've seen 10 minute back ups, occasionally the 15-20 minute wait, but 40 minutes is unacceptable especially if a starter was present. One thing I've generally observed from groups when there is a back up, large or small, is they do not actively try to eliminate it. I do not think they treat the first tee as they would the other 17 on the course. I've seen plenty of groups leave the putting green and arrive at the first tee right at their 11:00 AM tee time. Once they physically get on the tee box, each guy takes 4-10 practice swings because its the first tee and they want to make sure th
  12. I just started looking to get a SLDR last week. I guess I can wait a while longer for the new year and grab an SLDR when they're $99.99 or be one of the cool kids with my brand new R15. I almost can't believe the R15 will be better than the SLDR. The SLDR lowered my spin numbers from 2950 to 2100 in initial launch monitor testing, so I was hoping I could get more than a yard of roll out of most of my drives. At least my mild, undiagnosed OCD will not be driving my buying decision. I can get the R15 white crown in all of my woods and hybrids unlike the SLDR white crown. As for the
  13. I voted the second option because I do not think many players have ever been shown how to play efficiently. Last weekend I played with some guys I have played with before, but they are not my "regular group". We arrived at the tee box at 11:20. As the marshal was getting all of our names on his player's sheet, I noticed there was not another scheduled tee time until 11:50. On hole #6 a twosome pulled up to the tee box as we were hitting our approach shots to the green. On hole #7 said twosome was in the fairway as we were walking off of the green and another twosome I could see was wait
  14. I too had the goal of breaking 85 as my best score previously was an 87. It felt like I blew past my goal when I shot an 80 a few weeks ago. It really does make a difference when you play your second shot from in or near the fairway instead of in the trees or your third from the tee. I focused on putting the ball in play by choking down a bit on the driver to feel more in control from the start of the round. By the 5th hole I had hit every fairway and I started to get the sense that I couldn't miss if I tried. I also stopped worrying about what I "could shoot" (i.e. if I get a
  15. I some what agree that playing with similarly skilled players seems like a good idea in theory, but then you would have a foursome of guys newly acquainted to the game paired together. They would never be paired with a more experienced player that could possibly teach them some of the more obvious rules and etiquette that most serious players take for granted. I think they would be oblivious to ready golf in most cases too. Then there is the group of single digit guys breathing down their necks because they are hitting fairways and greens for the most part. Also, whose responsibility is it to
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