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  1. oh thats me over thinking things...it depends on which club I have...my friends all say the same thing...just hit the ball...iam just vocal about what iam thinking....after they hit a bad shot....then they start saying what they did wrong...LOL..iam super duper hi handicapper..so Iam just glad to be on the course and not working and trying to learn as I go along...trying to get better everytime I go out.
  2. I only get a chance ususally when Iam on vacation...during that week I try to play 3-4x by myself and then usually every saturday with my buddy ...even when Iam away from my regular course, I know travel a few hours away and play in the same city as my kids live in...I can get my son to play on saturdays as well...thats an added bonus as his city has about 5-6 courses and one by a lake...its just beautiful.....i too work on things when iam by myself and i slice so badly that I always decline to go play in any tournament or really good golf course...so embarrassing.....but i keep trying!!!!!!
  3. my buddy slices so bad and this year he has figured out how to hit it left and play his slice...he really has hit some fairways...I refuse to do that and continue to find the correct way..I know i must learn to hit draw and gain that added distance...slicing is so frustrating....
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