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  1. has anyone ever played a Miura club? i hear they are amazing and that many pros (including tiger's old titleist blades and almost all taylormade pros) have has their clubs personally forged by mr miura. supposedly he is the best. i am considering buying a new forged iron with a cavity back and like the look of miura's cb 201, supposedly the best club he has ever made. unfortunately they are impossible to find here in america because his market is traditionally in japan. if anyone has any information concerning his clubs or personal experience i'd love to hear about it. thanks.
  2. i love the club glove collegiate II bag. its very versatile and as a long warranty, plus it fits perfectly in the club glove burst proof travel bag, the best around. you can find them cheap on eBay as the model is a few years old now.
  3. has anyone tried the new mizuno utility iron? i have always been weary of hybrid/utility clubs because of the lack of aesthetic confidence i get from them. but i like the traditional look of this club at address and feel i could still'work" the ball with it. any reviews or opinions? thanks in advance.
  4. although against the contemporary notion that length is always better i have undertaken a certain experiment. i installed a ust proforce shaft in my driver, 43 1/2" and although considerbaly shorter, the stock shaft was 45", i have had considerbale success. I've never had such confidence in the big stick with control and distance, i also bumped up the stiffness, which as made me play a more contolled, shoter swing driven by my core muscles. now i am thinking about taking it a step further and shortening all the shafts in my irons while also incresing the stiffness. has anyone tried this be
  5. my scotty cameron santa fe putter. i bought it used on ebay, then sent it away for restoration. it is perfect now, down to the lie angle and loft. i even had it personalized with my initals, painfill and the pro platinum finish. all said and done over 300 dollars. my driver is next in cost (with shaft) but i've always been behind the curve aesthetically with drivers and buy year old models after theyve been reduced. 460cc is just too big for me
  6. over the last two years i have been able to whittle my handicap down from a 14 to a 6. over this time i have been playing the titleist 962 irons i bought as a high schooler but feel like i want to move away from a cast club to a forged set. although i have tried blades they are just too much for me right now, i have hit several, but theink the cavity back foged design is the way to go. now i'm looking at three options and i'd like to hear your opinion of them. the three sets i'm looking at are the taylormade 300 series forged irons, the titleist 760 cavity back, and the bridgestone j33 ca
  7. I've recently switched to a 3 piece golf ball but am interested to read which ones you like best. i started with the nike ignite which is quite possibly the most affordable and had good results. then i bought sleeves of the nike one platinum and the titlesit pro v1 and really liked them both. whats your preference and why? and do you know of any cheaper alternatives?
  8. i usually use one of two coins. the first is a sacagawea gold dollar and the second is a 1 euro coin. the euros are interesting coins because every country puts their own mark on the back, i use the italian one which has an image of the vetruvian man.
  9. i personally dont recommend putting on carpet, at least anything remotely thick. it reeked havok on my game a few years back after a long, cold winter. the next spring i had no feel, no distance control, and lost anything remotely close to "touch." now i only putt on carpet to practice alignment and a consistent stroke. for me it can only be about that.
  10. i'd tinker with placement and see what you like. i agree with the comment above that the bottom of a bullseye might be best. i had some luck for a while placing some lead tape directly behind the sweet spot of my putter with an even, rounded piece. remember lead tape has very little quanitative value, its a way of changing the feel of a club, experiment and see what feels best to you. godd luck with it.
  11. hi, i always notice touring pros have some of their clubs (usually irons) stamped with their initials. does anyone know about this or know where i might be able to have it done to my clubs. thanks.
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