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  1. After my 18 holes today here are my thoughts: The bag is light The straps are amazing, really wide, separates all the weight from the bag so your shoulders don't hurt after The space management is fantastic, I've never seen a bag that has its own clever compartment for the rain hood (Hidden behind the black mesh with a hidden zipper http://bit.ly/2s1knyX) The legs seem way durable because of the joint near the top of the legs My only problem is (like Vinsk said) the separation between clubs is little to none, could be hard to put a club in or take one out from time to time Overall the bag is fanastic and has features that some cart bags don't.
  2. I bought the Ping Hoofer 14. I'm going to play 18 tomorrow. It seems like a really nice bag so far. I'll tell you what I think after my round.
  3. I was looking at the Hoofer online today. I was going to go to Golf Galaxy Sunday to look at the Hoofer for sure and maybe a Sun Mountain bag. Thanks for confirming my thoughts.
  4. Hello all, I'm looking for a nice stand bag that isn't too heavy and not cheaply made. I'm looking for one that's under $200, which is the problem. I have a stand bag currently, but it is a total piece of Chinese garbage. I got it from my school and it is quite literally a Walmart/Chinese bag rebranded to Ogio. Here is the Walmart bag, http://bit.ly/2sd7Z32 (shortened), and here is the "Ogio", http://bit.ly/2sPFncL (shortened). My "Ogio" had the dividers ripped out by my grips, zippers come off, and the legs are bent almost to the breaking point (not to mention the straps have 0 padding and feel like ropes on your shoulders). If anyone has any suggestions for stand bags please let me know. Hit 'em well.
  5. All I know is Swingtalk came out in January and is like a 3Bays.
  6. Hello everyone, hope you are having a good day! I need help finding a golf analyzer, I have 2 in mind, either the Zepp or the Swingtalk. I love Zepp's app but people say the analyzer isn't that accurate. I also like Swingtalk's app but not as much as the Zepp, but I hear it's the most accurate type of golf analyzer but it's new and there is almost no info on it. Any help would be nice :-) . Have a good day.
  7. Mine would either be the Callaway big Bertha or my burner 2.0 irons.
  8. I'm bored and I want to know what your favorite golf clubs are.
  9. I think I've made my decision thank you all for the tips and advice. Burner 2.0
  10. I felt that the Rocketbladez we're ok but I still like the 2.0. They felt kind of clunky to me and didn't hit as far as the burners and as far as I wanted. Now this may seem stupid, but what's more important driver or irons. I thought it would be the irons but if you hit farther then you don't need the new irons. But my pick is still irons. Let me know what you guys think.
  11. Ok so I went to Golf Smith today and tested out some clubs. These are the ones that I'm interested in: Taylormade Rocketbladez and Burner 2.0. I haven't tried the Nike vr_s convert or the Rocketballz. Also I've learened that my driver swing speed is 70-80 and irons are 50-55. Any other recommendations for stuff would be helpful. Thanks
  12. Ok I was going to go there today to test out some more clubs so I'm going to look.
  13. I've gone to Golf Galaxy and done the simulated thing and it doesn't say the swing speed it just says the ball speed. Can I see how fast I swing based on ball speed?
  14. Ok I'm just gonna see what happens.
  15. I don't know what my speed is all I know is my max with a driver is 200 yards. Keep in mind I'm a beginner so I stink.
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