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  1. It might only be for one round but I hope they are in contention come Sunday. Couples has the better chance but Watson defied odds at Turnberry.
  2. Best team? hehehe Can Louisville beat the New Jersey Nets? They swept Syracuse.
  3. Syracuse won't even beat Kansas if they meet in the tournament. Now the question is, can KU beat the Nets? NO!
  4. I just got the Wii and Wii Fit for my wife for her birthday (SERIOUSLY! She wanted it more than I did!). We played until 1 in the morning the first day! Got hooked on the Challege games (Bowling strikes is cool, it adds one row to the back every shot, until you are going for 91 pins the last shot!). We rented TW 08, that was the latest Blockbuster had at the time. What we didn't like about it is that you have to pass the remote back and forth. Does TW 2010 support two remotes? Also, look at monoprice.com for all your accessories. I bought the component cables, a two-controller charger with two battery packs and a skin for the nunchuck and controller for $18.60 shipped. You can buy most of what you need from them.
  5. My favorite HD forum is switching over today too. Probably within a couple months most will switch to the v4 format.
  6. Wish we had the option here! We have a foot of snow onthe ground and it's 10°. More snow Wednesday.
  7. Looking forward to this one. I like the tournaments I can play the course on Links 2003.
  8. I play most on a links style course and it would be hard to skip ahead except on a few holes.
  9. Really wanted Andrew to win. Yep, next show is all women. My favorite format for this show.
  10. We got this video for Christmas. Haven't taken a look yet.
  11. It's taking some getting used to. Don't like clicking Reply to thread and going straight to to Quick reply. Even hitting reply in a post you still have to click on advanced reply.
  12. Tell me about it! But it seems like TGC does this at the beginning of every year, I don't think it's because of Tiger's recent news.
  13. I come here and Hackers Paradise. WRX is really not for me. I actually belong to about 7 or 8 forums but rarely hit most of them anymore.
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