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  1. PING is going to help me be fast and forgiving with the new G Driver and Crossover! 1) Bubba Watson - 9 2) Phil Mickelson -11 3) Hideki Matsuyama -12
  2. Finally broke 80!

    What course did you play on? I'm from Philly too
  3. Arm feeling through swing

    I think the out-in swing path was/is really the result of my arms moving up and away from my body on the downswing. Sort of an over the top move. My take away would be good (outside and arms close) but then I would just throw my hands at the ball causing my arms to fly up and out. Obviously this is something I am working on. My swing is not very repeatable right now and is frustrating to no end. One day...
  4. Arm feeling through swing

    On both sides or just one?
  5. Arm feeling through swing

    So the feeling of squeezing my biceps into the sides of my pecs should be what I am going for? I did this on the range before a round yesterday and it seemed to produce some quality strikes. It also felt like it got on path (in to out) pretty well. That was one of my larger issues in the past was a very steep out to in swing.
  6. So I am a relatively new member here, long time lurker but only recently signed up for an account. Reading through pages and pages of information here has been great for me but sometimes its hard to replicate "feels" or ideas from the forums to my swing. I am a new golfer, first round was 4 years ago and only have seriously devoted time to my swing over the past 3 months. Trying to get some footage of my swing for a MySwing post but haven't worked it out yet. I recently read Hogan's 5 fundamentals and had a question regarding your arms during the swing. He mentions (not in exact words) the feeling of squeezing your arms in and creating a pressure point on both sides of your chest. In theory this idea makes sense to me as it will serve to anchor your arms and torso into one moving object. Rather than torso and arms moving independently and perhaps getting off line from each other. Was hoping that someone could talk about arm feelings mostly in relation to your torso.. Thanks!
  7. 2014 WGC Bridgestone Invitational Discussion Thread

    How about Phil's meltdown today. He looks tired