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  1. Guys, am I the only one who sees what's going on here? The boss is a first class BULLY. It lives on it, its a drug he has to have daily or his life isn't complete. As long as everyone gives in he wins and maintains his status. I never have and never will tolerate a bully in my life be it for sport or for keeps. Jesus Christ you guys grow a fu--ing pair and stand up for what's right. This isn't about the boss playing golf, its about his need to degrade and own people. I'll have none of it, not now, not ever. THANKS THE HOOK 840
  2. Many thanks to those of you who offered up some thoughts on the As----- boss and I can assure you all I take no offense to your opinions or thoughts just the opposite I welcome them all. I had a chance to share a few beers with my friend over the holiday. Of course I brought up the playing habits of the AHB. My friend said he does that to everyone he plays with for the first few months until he establishes that he is the better golfer. My friend said his boss truly believes he's the center of the universe with nothing above or equal to him, and his logic extends in aces to the golf course.
  3. My best friend and I play together at least two and sometimes three times a week. Lately he has asked his boss to join us, which I don't mind he's a very good golfer. However he has done some things that has really gotten my goat. We had a string of great weather here in Kansas a couple weeks ago so we were able to play four days straight. On the first day during play I hit into the green on three different holes each shot was well within the four foot range, my friend and his boss were notably well outside my ball. I approached the green on the first hole and stood reading my putt waitin
  4. New grips and maybe a pair of new shoes, FT DNA's look good and the reviews have been good. I'm adding a Scotty Cameron putter to my bag a Futura X Dual Balance. I've only used this once on the practice green but it feels great and seems to round the ball true. The weather man here in Kansas says Friday is going to be a good day (above freezing anyway) so I'm going to put it to the test for the first time.
  5. So just a couple of months ago the golf world tied and burned at the stake a respected golf official who gave his life bettering the sport of golf. His mortal sin? He used a social media to express his personal opinion regarding statements made by Ian Poulter. What he said was Mr. Poulter whined like a little girl, for this the world of golf and just about every golf analysis and writer harked for his demise which they got in short order. Now Golf Digest has used its shield of freedom of the press to slander and defame a golfer who has given this sport more than any person pass or present.
  6. Maybe your right, but getting a birdie on the golf course that doesn't count seem a little bizarre to me.
  7. I was playing my regular course last summer, on the 17th par 4 hole which has a small dog leg left. My tee shot was great right down the middle heading for the slight hill where the dog leg starts, I'm thinking its going to land and roll out about 20 yards over and down the hill towards the green splitting the two fairway bunkers. What I didn't see was two mallard ducks lifting off from the lake on my right. You guessed it I beaned the lead duck right under the left wing about 30 feet in the air with the ball right in the middle of the fairway. The ball bounced off the vandal duck and boun
  8. Just a thought, but maybe Tiger should go back to punching porno stars and anything else that will hold still. He seem to play pretty good when he was humping everything that walks, no wonder he has a bad back.
  9. Good idea, maybe Chamblee can at least teach him the rules of golf.
  10. ALLLLLLL RIGHT, way to go, couldn't have thought up a better defense if I tried. When things go bump in the night my go to gun is a mini 14, with two 30 rounders taped together, the laser sights and search light tucked up under the barrel makes me sleep at night. I back that gun up with a Glock 22 and three defense trained Great Danes one comes in at just over 190 lbs. I'm guessing who ever comes into the house if they can get by them, I'll have plenty of time to set up a little something extra for them. THEHOOK840
  11. A lot of people believe that, remember your not going to get any spread pattern for at least 20 yards, so unless your front room is 60 feet across the group of shot will still be the same size as the barrel. Using long weapon in the dark in confined space requires years of practice and shooting skills, you can't use the shotgun one handed like if you had to use your cell phone. In addition unless it is equip with a light you have to think about that too. The kind of load is important also, bird or hunting loads can be defeated by just normal street clothes such as a couple of shirts and a
  12. Just being nosey but why the 12 gage for home defense? If this is the case what loads or types of rounds are you using and how many rounds does your scatter gun hold, pump or auto RON
  13. You really have to think what type of shooting will I be doing with this next purchase. If you think it could be defense, then a Smith and Wesson 357 can not be beat, you can shoot 38 wad cutter target rounds which are very reasonable cost wise and then use JHP magnum loads for defense. Any of the Smith wheel guns are excellent, I carried a number of them during my 40 years as a police officer and relied on them several times to save my life and they all did the job. If you have no problems with price I'd buy one from Smiths Custom Shop. If you just want a cheap to shoot but quality firear
  14. Off centered or crooked tee boxes, number one without a doubt. If your a course designer and the only thing you can come up with is to off set the Tee boxes then go get a job at Wal-mart.
  15. We're some what alike, I hit my driver in the 92 to 96 range and this leaves me with a lengthy second shot on some holes. I got fitted by a golf pro here in Wichita for a club to replace my traditional 3 iron. According to his computer hitting indoors the best club for me was the Calloway Xhot2. It has a 18 degree loft and I hit it about 180 every time, in fact Friday I was 190 from the green with a down hill hole and a slight wind at my back and I put on the green pin high and 10 feet to the left (of course I missed the dam birdie putt) but what the heck. My point I rarely if ever use my
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