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  1. guilty conscience? i never said i only d,id it once. i said i only did it once on a long drive contest, sure if its cold out and i have hand warmers available (not like i go out and buy them for this reason...) i will through them in a pocket. how about you learn to understand what you read before you try and call someone out... your telling me that you have never, ever done anything that is against the rules.. u never used a foot wedge, or never missed a shot and didnt count it. i play every stroke, every lie, but when its cold out, i heat up a golf ball... get over it and worry about your game...
  2. ive only done it once in a long drive hole, lets just say it wasnt near the fairway. not like im going on the tour and using hand warmers to heat up my balls. i was just saying, if you wanna keep them warm while playing, its not like its going to do a whole lot anyways. you all act like you're on the tour... "well if we look at section 3 page 19 paragraph 4, third sentence, you will see you can not go pee in the woods, you will have to forfeit your card".... get a life...
  3. a little trick i use on cold Michigan days is i put my golf balls in a smaller pocket in my bag, and use those hand warmers you can buy, the air activated ones. just throw 3 balls in and surround them by the warmers and they stay nice and toasty. i also do this if there is a long drive hole on a scramble or something, the warmed up balls seem to cut the air alot better. hope this helps.
  4. Putter Grip

    i have the Winn J8WS (jumbo) and love it!!!!! i have since putted the best i have. between that and putting cross handed, i am one/two putting most holes (may have one three putt in a round, maybe). I have a odyssey rosie xg hot 33" with that jumbo grip and alot of people wanna try it, then they do and they usually like it. i would go to a shop and see what you think. hope this helps! Chris
  5. i believe my buddy has the same problem. he will hit his driver, it starts off nice, quickly levels out, then nose dives down, quickly. now dont get me wrong, it still gets down there, but would be a ton better if he it up a little bit. he has been working on it lately and its coming out good. i know a couple things he has done is: stand a little farther back from the ball---he puts the ball further up in his stance, not much but a few inches---and lastly he puts more weight on his front foot. im not sure if any of this would help you, but his has gotten alot better. hope you get it
  6. it was 43 inches, its now 44 inches.
  7. i can keep this driver nice and low if i want too, i just prefer a higher shot, its not sky high, just a bit higher than average. if the wind is in my face i can setup for a lower shot, so the 13 degree dosent bother me, its just the inconsistent with this whippy shaft. i think i am going to get fitted with a lower trajectory shaft and keep the sumo head on the end, i think they would balance out well and also keep me from having to swing not as hard do to me being afraid the head wont catch up with the shaft. thanks for the info. Chris
  8. also, i get alot of roll with this driver also, my drives have good topspin. i can take a video of my swing and post it, if that will help you believe, but thats not the point im trying to make. i play at a windier course so that may help, but still, i hit the ball and it goes 240-260 on a regular, 300 on a very good shot. i just want to know what a 13 degree head will do on a regular or stiff shaft? is that a waste of money, or if i get a lower kick point shaft, will it give my drives a nice trajectory?
  9. i didnt say i hit it 300 everytime, i said i usally hit it 240-260 on average. yes, i have a few 300's with this driver, but i dont happend often. the longest drive i know i hit was a 320 yard drive, i landed it in the bunker just to the right of the green, about 2 yards below the pin. maybe the wind plays a factor with a little higher ball flight with the 13 degrees, i dont know, not what im debating. i want to know what you guys would do, would there be a point to re-shaft a 13 degree head, or should i go with a whole new setup with a new driver? thanks........... Chris
  10. i get alot of front spin with this club, i think i was able to time the flex of the shaft with my swing to get a nice shot produced. I have quite the few 280-310 yarders also, just now with the inch extended its not as consistent. i guess i could get it redone right? but i guess i would rather have a normal driver anyways. i might see what i can trade this one in for and get a new driver. i am going to talk to my buddy about the tm burner head also...
  11. i dont have the taylormade burner anymore, it was just a head any ways, traded it for a putter to a buddy. i really didnt mean to get a inch added, i went in to get it regriped, and the guy was asking me y a senior and yada yada, and he measured it and told me that it was an inch shorter than most drivers. so after measuring me he thought it would be best to add an inch, so we did. he did say that it would change some things and also that it was an e5 and it should be a d5 or something. to be honest i didnt understand and made an impulse buy, i regret it now.
  12. hey all, i have a senior flex, 13 degree, sumo driver. my question to you is this: should i keep the driver head, get the driver reshafted (reg or stiff), or should i sell this and get something with a lower loft? i hit it fairly well until i got it regripped and extended an inch. i dont hit it to bad now, but it dosent feel the same. so i am looking for a new driver, but i am curious if i should just get this one reshafted or is the 13 degree taking to much off. i think i should get a stiffer shaft because i can still hit this thing 260+ but when i hit it bad it feel like the club dosent catch up to my swing. let me know what ya think Chris
  13. Hey all, a local play it again sports has a couple sets of mizuno irons for pretty cheap ($150). My question is, would they still be good? I can go back up there and take pictures and find out what kind they were, but i guess i just need to know what to look for. I know about the grooves and the overall appearance, but is there anything else i should consider before trading my clubs in (mine are only a half year old) and getting these? Thanks in advance Chris EDIT* Also, whats the differences between the different models?
  14. Anyone Notice?

    Thats funny, ill have to check next time i can. thanks for the heads up