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  1. Iron Rebuilding? What's relevant??

    Thanks guys. I guess a follow-up question would be what is the lifespan of shafts and how do you know if they have damage? I've felt a shaft makes more of the iron. So I was thinking reshafting might help with distance and better control. Maybe just a check of the loft and lie would be all that is needed?? And if re-grooving really only helps in the rough I can probably hold on that.
  2. Iron Rebuilding? What's relevant??

    Thanks! Yeah a lot of money. But if I did want to keep them what is relevant for playability? Re-shaft, re-groove, loft and lie check? I'm not too concerned with them being more forgiving. I like feeling when I miss hit. But I want to make sure I'm maximizing the potential for control and distance. I will for sure re-groove but am trying to decide if reshafting or other work is relevant. Using stock S400's. Just curious what a modern equivalent to the 962's are?
  3. I have a set of Titleist DCI 962 irons, 3-PW. These are the best irons I've ever played and feel perfect for me since I naturally hit high; and they also let me draw well. I don't really want new irons but I definitely want to re-shaft these as well as re-groove them. I see there are many services by GolfSmith and the Iron Factory but I want to know what's relevant in the actual play. The Iron Factory offers the total rebuild that includes re-groove, loft and lie, balance, polish, blast, re-chrome, repaint all lettering and new ferrules. - Obviously a lot of this is cosmetic. Is there any benefit to blasting the face? Should the face be smooth or rough? Not sure if there is any benefit to balance and not sure what they do with loft and lie. If I don't care about cosmetic repairs and just playability enhancements, does anyone have any recommendations other than re-grooving and re-shafting (and what should be included in re-shafting as far as balancing, spine alignment etc)