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  1. Rory should grab him. He needs a good caddy.
  2. He was on bbc for years, but they only really had open plus masters. Way better than all the other pundits, here and in the states. Quirky without trying to be funny and knows what he is talking about. Brooks was great but the whole tourney was very underwhelming. Hardly any noise from the crowds, not much excitement on the course and the presentation was so low key it was embarrassing. Nobody seemed that bothered about it.
  3. I don't think Fowler has really been in it even when 2 behind. Very muted and no energy. In fact the same could be said for the final round as a whole-humdrum and no drama.
  4. All over unless Koepka collapses
  5. Solid as a rock so far. Pretty impressive considering his lack of length.
  6. Final group seems to be way behind the penultimate one. Far too slow!
  7. Can't keep on holing 5 foot par putts. Not sure that pressure affects him more than the others but he is still not looking like a major winner to me. I think he will win 1 in his career, but probably not this week.
  8. Early days but Koepka looking v good. Fowler and JT tanking.
  9. I agree. No one expects him to win and it is definitely good for him not to be in the final group. He is playing well and hs a great chance. All depends if he believes he belongs there and believes he can win.
  10. If it is going to be windy Fleetwood in with a real chance.
  11. I'm a Brit and don't like him. But you have to give credit where it's due and he has made a good career for himself-12 European Tour wins, 2 WGCs and Ryder Cup-on sheer effort. He should be no more than a journeyman.
  12. Poulter is a bit of an arse, but you have to respect him. He is not very talented (relative to other pros) but he has worked v v hard and made a success of it. He is a massive over-achiever.
  13. Well played by Kim but pretty dull in the end. The fact that there have only been a handful of comments says everything about the "major" status of the tournament. It's a great tournament but nothing more, and the needless hype does it no favours. Like the FedEx Cup, only the bank managers and close associates cares who wins.
  14. Don't hold your breath.
  15. Total joke that they gave him a pass on horrendous slow play.