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  1. What's with the pointless abuse? They are world class players playing on a great. The Open, and indeed golf, is bigger than any one man. I don't get this inane Tiger obsession, sorry. It was a telly programme on channel 4 here in the 90s. It was awful but good too. Look it up. I don't think that's right. And technically NI has never been part of Britain. Britain = England, Scotland and Wales. The nation is the UK, the United Kingdom of GB and NI. Fowler is by far the best of the leading Americans in bad weather.
  2. It hasn't entered the vernacular in the uk.
  3. I think he has a great chance, but obviously there is a long way to go and anyone within 5 or 6 shots (or more) can win. Lowry is a proper player, and he won a big event on the ET this year. His US Open loss will help him this time. But having said all that, who would be surprised if Koepka wins again?!
  4. Been on the European Tour for a few years now. Won there too. He was a very good player before last week. Fair enough going with your countrymen, but Lowry is not a boring player. He has flair, unlike Spieth or Koepka.
  5. No problem here in the UK at this time of year. Way more hours of daylight than you'll have in the States. Yes, his back is probably not in great shape. He'll be coming in with a possibly dodgy body, he'll be very stiff in the cold and windy weather, and he'll not be tournament sharp. He'll do well to make the cut, which at least will mean after two days the tv will stop obsessing about him.
  6. Piping in bird noises and artificial green colouring. Total fake BS.
  7. None of them complain about the ridiculous crazy golf greens at Augusta, which are much faster than they were designed to be.
  8. The anonymous players are way out of line. They are acting like pampered, spoiled brats who are throwing their toys out the pram because they are not in control of the tournament for once. If they don't like it then don't play. It's supposed to be your national championship; sacrosanct. Mickelson is the worst. Still unrepentant about his shameful antics last year. You can bet your bottom dollar he wouldn't be saying a word about all this had he managed to win the tournament.
  9. Very true. Mickelson is much much worse now...
  10. Tiger and Phil as a pair? Didn't work well in the Ryder Cup in 04...
  11. Not American enough? I suppose the premise is American if it's a direct replacement for Mt Rushmore.
  12. Speaking as a lawyer in the UK it would seem unlikely that she would win her case. But, does anyone know anything about French law on here? Doubt it. It's Le Torte Francais… Sorry. I'll get my coat.
  13. I suppose you could say it is the player's fault for missing the fairway, but not in the legal sense (although I can't speak for French law). Accidents happen. Volente non fit injuria as they say.
  14. Brooks shagging Paulina...? It's like a bloody soap opera. There has to be a bit more to it than that, as it would be pretty unlikely for the US to invariably lose away from home.
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