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  1. When I am working on the pure mechanics of my swing, I prefer to hit off a mat. When I am working on making shots, I prefer to hit off grass. I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t take advantage of both options. For the mat, you could work on both basic and acquired motion drills before going onto the full swing, and not have to worry about pissing through a bucket of balls before moving onto the full swing. You could work on the mat for two days, and then spend a day on the grass to see how practice is paying off.
  2. TPL turnaround time is estimated at 4-6 weeks (depending on the work you plan to have done). http://www.putterlounge.com/
  3. I have to admit this… Slow play by itself doesn’t really bother me. Golf is a slow game. The thing that bothers me is the combination of both slow and shitty play. I know I sound like an elitist here, but I’m not (I’m actually a nihilist). For me, it’s a permutation of the old golfing refrain concerning the bogey golfer who hits a bad shot and then displays his displeasure over hitting that bad shot, “You’re not good enough to take your time on each shot.”
  4. My clubs… WOODS: 1w - Cleveland HiBore XL Tour 9.5°, Graphite Design YS-7 ⁺ X 3w - Cleveland Launcher 15°, Graphite Design YS-7 ⁺ X350 2iH - Cleveland Launcher 18°, Graphite Design YS-HYBRID ⁺ 85X IRONS: 3i thru PW - Nike Blades, True Temper DG X100 WEDGES:
  5. Check out this site... http://www.azgolf.org/main/index.asp?CategoryID=0
  6. Not Guilty… WTF Wow – I didn’t see that one coming.
  7. I don’t think you should “shoot for” any score. I think you would be better served by just playing – treat it as a practice round. If the course is not crowded play a couple of balls, and get used to making shots instead of counting them.
  8. I’ll admit, it’s not a taste amenable to everyone’s palate. My fiancé is a RN, and she’s the one who turned me on to it as a way to maintain hydration and electrolyte balance. The doctors for whom she works recommend coconut water instead of Pedialyte® for patients - as a non-invasive method to remedy the onset of said imbalances. She’s not a big fan of the taste either. In her words, “I’d rather drink from a patient's colostomy bag than sip that skanky coconut water.” I think this brand is good also: http://zico.com/
  9. I remember a similar “fish out of water” experience particular to Boo Weekley when he played the 2007 Open Championship… “They ain’t got no sweet tea, and ain’t got no fried chicken.” Classic Boo The difference being (aside from the obvious difference between France and Scotland) that Boo was genuine, polite, and honest about his lack of exposure to foreign cultural experiences. The press and the people loved him for that kind of candor. I always thought of Bubba as a born-again ass clown with a bad attitude. Now I can
  10. The most important thing of which to take note is that this case is concerned with the wrongful death of a little, two year-old, girl named Caylee Anthony (wrongful in the sense that it is either murder, manslaughter, or country-fried Floridian gross negligence). The Charges and Commensurate Penalties: First-degree murder (Either the Death Penalty or Life Imprisonment) Aggravated Child Abuse (30 Years) Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child (30 Years) 4 Counts of Providing False Information to Investigators (1
  11. I often wear a Viking helmet smelted from Ping Eye 2s, and it helps to block the telepathic messages that extraterrestrials send me.
  12. From the center of the green back towards the fairway, I measure 100, 150, and 200 yards out. From my 100 yard mark I measure the yardage both to the front and back of the green (and if there are greenside hazards I again measure to the front and back of those from the same 100 yard mark).
  13. When I use GE to create a yardage book I use the thumb-tacks with varying colors to indicate the different distances.
  14. Wedzik http://www.pga.com/nationalchampionship/2011/scoring/scorecards/index.cfm?id=21550
  15. I believe one has to declare, in writing, their status as an amateur prior to the start of the tournament (this includes qualifying rounds), and subsequently agree to waive the right to claim any prize money in the competition. I think he will be better served by staying in college for at least a couple of years. He’ll get some experience both in amateur and professional competitions, and have the chance to gain some perspective.
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