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  1. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    I'm not super knowledgable here, so I won't say anymore after this. But the youtube rabbit hole I went down once was basically a bunch of guys making the point that everyone thinks that, but they're using antiquated measurements. One video I'm remembering in particular showed test day pics of a whole bunch of guys, super cut, with very distinct abs, looking very much like bodybuilders not on competition day, coming in with DEXA numbers in the low to mid teens, one as high as 17% if memory serves.
  2. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    I'm 100% with you on people don't understand what size actually is, and just see guys who are cut and don't understand that an NFL wide receiver (much less a linebacker) most of the time has 50 lbs on Rory and would just laugh at him on the way to cracking back on the linebacker who's a real threat. But those linebackers ain't <10% body fat. That's basically only body builders on competition day. I'm embarrassed to say it, but I've watched a few youtube videos of body builder type guys doing the fancy body fat percentage thing, and dudes you think are ****ing jacked and lean come in at like 12-15%.
  3. Yes I meant that's the wrong thinking from that golfer. My point isn't that people hit a drive in jail, punch out, miss the green, then chip on and two putt and say the real problem with that hole was not getting up and down, in that moment. My point is that someone who shoots in the 90s expects there to be holes like that, but also expects, because it is in fact (somewhat) easier, to have a good to great short game. So the three putts and skulled pitches stick more in the mind than the expected poor long shots. That plus the fact that the group of legitimately good to great long shots do in fact stick in the mind is what I'm proposing leads to people thinking their long game is better than it is and thinking they could score much better than they would in fact by improving their short game.
  4. This for sure. Lots of people think hitting some not tiny percentage of their long shots well means they hit it solid. People ignore that hitting it solid in golf is as much or more hitting it solidly and within a reasonable dispersion cone of their target almost all the time, not some not tiny percentage. I've said this around here before, but I think there's a psychological element from the other direction as well. If you expect to hit a few tee shots in jail and miss a reasonable percentage of approach shots pretty badly, you don't remember those as noteworthy. But the short game is easier to at least be decent at, and it's less complicated, so everyone expects to be able to sink some longer putts and get up and down a decent percent of the time and not get nGIR and then skull a pitch, hit a mediocre chip, then two putt for a double bogey (or then three putt for a triple!). So everyone remembers those! Like, you shoot 95 and legitimately lose 5-6 shots with a poor short game and hit 4 good drives and 3 great approach shots. You've got the long game to shoot in the 70s, remember those drives on 4 and 8 and 15! You lost so many shots around the green. But you don't consider that you're losing double or triple the shots in the long game...
  5. I almost never do a real chip. I have a pitch that I'm good at, and I use that. When I have a short distance, I do something like in between the putter chip and my pitch. Basically set up like my normal pitch, ball middle of the stance, but hands forward just a bit and then hold the wrists, not 100%, but pretty stiff, not at all like the float load and paint brush feel I learned here and really like for the pitch.
  6. Dress Codes: Good or Bad for the Game

    This. There's a night lit par 3 down in Pacific Beach (San Diego) that I played a ton one summer years ago. Don't know if it's still there. Lots of guys in cargos, ratty t-shirts, smoking bowls on the greens (not that I'm against that, just hurts my play), etc. Played with some solid players still who just wanted a cheap 9 holes. In general, and along these lines, I propose that people have the causation sort of backwards. I hypothesize that players who feel free to dress in ratty clothes at courses where there's an implicit, but not required dress code or standard of typical dress, are also the type of people who, on average, respect the physical course and other players less. So, someone who shows up at a decent course in an ostentatiously ratty outfit is probably more likely to hold up the pace of play searching for lost drives forever or some such, or to never have bothered to learn the basic rules of golf etiquette and course care.
  7. My Swing (Binh Nguyen)

    Your swing looks way better than someone averaging in the 90s!
  8. Favorite Team Game

    I'd never heard/thought of this. I LOVE this! I voted scramble because, one, it's fun to shoot way under par, even if it's a scramble score. But also because, among the limited team action I've done, it's felt most inclusive with a range of abilities. Like, a scramble where the best and worst players (2some or 4some) are not close, then the it almost becomes a best player vs best player game, which isn't as fun and team oriented. I really like this game here... I'm very intrigued by alternate shot for this same reason. But I've never played it.
  9. I voted 8 for solid. Solid contact has always been a big strength of mine, unlike hitting it where I planned... I voted 1 for sweet spot. That might be a tad generous, but you figure I'm hitting ~36 full swing shots per round. No, I'm not playing sub-par, it's just I'm not hitting 3 full swing shots on any par 4. I might punch out of jail or pitch on from nGIR, but I'm still only taking two full swings. So I only have to average 1.8 really nutted shots per round to come in at 5% and round to 1/10. I think I can honestly say I pure 2 shots a round...
  10. 100% Seriously, I feel like I've always been pretty good at getting good contact consistently, and have had other quality golfers compliment me on that. I've got many problems as a golfer but I don't think that's one of them. Note of course this is all relative to handicap. I'm not claiming I get wear spots like those from the PGA tour players you see that are the size of a nickel. Like @saevel25, I'd bet my distribution is pretty heavy near the center but with the misses definitely skewed out towards the toe. When I have an obvious mishit on the course it's pretty much always off the toe.
  11. I'm still pretty bad about this. I voted no more than two, and that's almost always true on a given swing. But I struggle with not shifting my swing thoughts around during the round in reaction to misses I've made. Sometimes this works well, but many days I just chase whatever most recent mistake I've made. This is worst on days when I don't have time to warm up the full swing. When I get range time I can usually do a better job figuring out what thought(s) are working best that day and stick to them better.
  12. Not trying to be an a-hole here, but this is just a few stock yoga moves done while holding a golf club. I guess plus the twist stretch done in the golf address position. Though I'd argue there are better ways to both strengthen and stretch the twisting core.
  13. The Importance of a Trouble Shot

    I'm relatively good at these kinds of punch draw/fades. I'd have tried the same shot, though not with a 9i. Probably more like a 5i, trying to hit a hook runner.
  14. Fair enough. Deep breath.
  15. What is more likely to happen?

    Obviously amateur at US Open. Ams regularly enter the weekend in contention. That shows that of course we're only one long tail performance from a winner. Club pros show up on the weekend at the PGA much less often, IIRC.

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