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  1. To be fair, I don't think it's literally true that you can't Of course, if you can during a real swing either you need to fix your swing or get a way stiffer shaft...
  2. 100% agree on the elbow. I thought about mentioning that in my first post. It looks like the elbow's probably too far behind. But at least as far as the angle goes, it's probably in the 75-80˚ range, which is just more acute than it should be. And given A6 club position looks reasonable I felt like the hip thrust was the bigger issue? Also, @IU426 you say in the OP you've been playing for 30 years. Did you start playing golf when you were 3? Or are you the youngest looking 40-something ever?!
  3. Awesome topic. My wife got me video lessons for my birthday last year. Every other week for 8 lessons. I was hitting only in the net in my back yard so it was easy to ignore the terrible ball striking while making big changes. It took me 4-6 weeks just to clean up my back swing to the point where I could film my swing while thinking about some other issue and my back swing didn't back slide significantly in one way or another. Then I moved on to dropping my hands and getting shallow from the top rather than yanking my hands towards the ball (not literally, but ~on that line from the
  4. This is the right advice pretty much at all times in golf 🤣
  5. Agree having a FO video as well is definitely better. And I also agree his swing is pretty good. I disagree with the arms and hands have to stop turning at the same time as the hips/core do. IMO that's advice people give because as a feel it can help people fix an overlong back swing. But as a real thing to fix with video work it's not actually what the best players do. Neiter JT nor Rose rotate their hips more (and maybe less) than the @IU426 does from A3.2 to A4 (the positions of the first and last pics @mchepp posted). One can find many other tour pros where the same is
  6. The thing that sticks out to me is you thrust your hips towards the ball on the downswing Versus, for instance:
  7. Indeed. I thought you were trying to get into a COVID is a hoax argument 🤦‍♂️
  8. What's your point? One person dying in a car crash doesn't cause an exponential growth in driving deaths.
  9. This is really disingenuous. 550k Americans have died from COVID. That's almost 2 out of every 1k Americans. 110 million Americans have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine. There have been ~1k subsequent deaths reported to the national vaccine response/monitoring system. Of those 0 have been shown to be caused by the vaccine. So even if you lie and claim all those deaths were caused by the vaccine, you still have less than a 1 / 100k chance of dying from the vaccine. In reality you have a zero, or effectively zero, chance of dying from the vaccine. But we should definitely concern troll s
  10. mdl

    Pick Three

    2, 4, and 5. And it's not close.
  11. Sand Valley is super tempting but if I'm gonna travel Portland to Florida I feel I might as well go all the way. Portland to Scotland
  12. For me that move set the feel for moving towards the ball, so hip thrust and yank upwards and weird finish.
  13. I'd argue the downswing is steeper than it looks given the camera angle. But granted those positions aren't egregious. I'm talking about the comparison below. @woodzie264's hands are moving clockwise on the DTL view from A3 to A5. Setting up the hip thrust and then yank upwards to avoid gouging it. Scott's hands go slightly counterclockwise, with hands going down from A4 into the slot.
  14. Indeed. But would you agree the hand action is backwards? I got a ton of value from this (and similar) videos.
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