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  1. Your Workout Today

    I'm pretty sure I couldn't get through more than 3 of these in 20 minutes... A lot of those rounds for time metcons are brutal
  2. Ultimate Goal - Scratch

    To plug @iacas's book for him, read Lowest Score Wins That will get you familiar with lots of things, but one thing I'd point out is key can basically be summarized in your strokes gained. If you get something like GameGolf, you can see where you're gaining strokes and where you're not, relative to average for your handicap. The general rule of thumb around here is that you should practice a lot (and that is not the same as pounding a lot of balls) if you want to improve, and that time should be spent about 70/20/10% for full shots, short game, and putting, respectively. But if you're gaining more strokes than average around and on the green, relative to your handicap, and fewer on approaches and off the tee, maybe that time should be 85/10/5%. Or if you're gaining good strokes with mid irons, but not off the tee, spend a lot of that full swing time with tee shots. I'm just giving examples as to how you might figure out what parts of your game you need to spend more time practicing to lower your scores. In terms of practicing right to improve those parts of your game, there are lots of good resources on this site. Best is probably finding a good instructor and getting improvement plans through working with him/her. Film your own swing as you work on things to see whether you're actually changing the picture.
  3. One of the Great Things About Golf

    Yup. I'm fit and healthy and holding out hope my pre-school daughter catches the bug eventually and I can play with family – I also play with my brothers when I get the chance – for a long long time to come.
  4. My Swing (NatalieB)

    You sure you only play off an 8.5? Do you play back tees but enter scores with the junior tees rating/slope or something?
  5. Your Favourite Form of Punishment

    I voted water. I see the argument in favor of sand, which even if it's tough gives you some chance to recover with an excellent shot. But I just like water on the course. It's pretty, and in terms of play, I like that it's a hard, definite penalty. I feel like it does the best job of forcing interesting tactical decisions.
  6. I'd disagree that this is the main source of difference. Sure, if you hit a 15 footer at the speed needed to stop the putt 6" after the hole on a slow green, it will be going very minimally faster as it passes the hole than a putt that will stop 6" past the hole on a fast green, thus very slightly decreasing the capture size. But I'd say the difference is more the tradeoff between accuracy and distance control. It's easier to control trajectory of the putt when you hit the ball softer. So on fast greens, you should relatively improve in accuracy. But there's less margin for error on distance control on a super fast green. An over-read in needed speed on a slow green might put the ball 3 feet past the hole, but maybe that same putt with the same percentage over-hit on a fast green might put you 8 feet past the hole, a huge difference of course. Per your example, it seems you just tend to under-read or under-hit distance/power. So you switched one day to a green faster than you're used to, and your normal under-hit/read suddenly turned into exactly the right distance. For personal experience I agree with this. Maybe it's just lack of experience, but I've never putted well on pool table greens. But say we're on a 5 point scale, super slow, slow, mid, fast, super fast. I prefer to play somewhere in the 3-4 range, edging towards 4. But I also agree that if the greens were clearly designed for slowish green speeds, with big ridges, steep slopes, etc, then even the 4 range ends up not being very fun.
  7. mdl

  8. One thing I realized over the past couple years with a small kid where a lot of my golf is more or less speed golf, trying to get in as many holes as possible during nap time or at twilight. I've realized that I'm actually much more accurate in the short game and on the green playing it very quick. Like, on putts, it's as extreme as I'll usually putt better just doing the read, standing over the putt, looking once quickly at my aim point, then stroke. No practice strokes, not shuffling my feet, checking my aim point multiple times, "zoning in", etc. With greenside shots, it's almost as extreme. Best is just a couple quick strokes to make sure I've got the feel for the stroke, then stand over the ball, one quick look at where I want to land it, then play. This is less true on full swing shots. Like I still do better with a bit of a pre-shot routine. But even there I've been trying to cut it down, think less. In my summer league last year, the last tournament was the first I really tried to implement this, mostly around the green, and shot a 39 and won net and came in 2nd in gross. Big key was no 3-putts and a couple solid one putts where I spent like 1 second over the ball before hitting it!
  9. Oldest Club in Your Bag

    I think it's the Titleist 585H 19˚ I've got. – from 2006. Have tried a few other 2-hybrids over the years but keep coming back to that one.
  10. Time for blades?

    I'm with the consensus that you're easily good enough to play well enough to have fun with blades, whether or not it costs you a tad on your scoring average in the long run. So get whatever the hell will fire you up to go out and play. FWIW, I play the Nike Vapor Pro Combo irons. I imagine they're more forgiving than those blades you're looking at, more sort of in between the full cavity back forged and full blade. I bet I lose a shot here or there when I hit it off the toe and lose more distance than I would with a GI club, or have a bit of increased dispersion. But I love the feel and look of them, and never feel like they cost me enough performance that I regret getting them. And when I'm striking it well the shots feel AWESOME. Just go hit a few different blades and get (fit for!) whatever you like most!
  11. I'd say that, in general, accuracy – taking distance as non-decreasing as you improve your accuracy – is how you make all improvements, 100 to 90 or 80 to 70. And I'd say accuracy is more or less how you beat someone with the same "skill level" as you. Let's assume that be same skill level, we mean that over the last 20 rounds, you and your competitor have the same strokes gained for all aspects of the game. Then you're beating that competitor by playing better than them, against your identical expected performance, in at least some aspects of the game. In that case, accuracy still wins. If you both play to expectations with approach shots and with short game off the green, you play 20% better than average off the tee, and your competitor plays 20% better than average putting, then you're going to win pretty easily.
  12. When Do You Lay Up?

    This for sure. I think this is the myth I actually hear most often (compared to, say, short game is more important or incorrect ball flight laws). And I think Erik's guess at the reason it's so prevalent is exactly right. I mean, I have the same psychology. If I put a full SW to 40 feet I know it's not actually an outlier bad shot, but I'm unhappy about it. If I put a 50 yard LW from a good lie in the fairway to 40 feet, I'm pretty pissed, even though if I had GG or the like I'd probably see that it's below average but not as much as I'd like to think. But I've looked at my results enough to know that my average distance to the pin is much lower on a 50 yard LW than on a full SW.
  13. Predict Tiger's 2018 Season

    I voted 1 and 1. I watched a lot of his really good Thursday and Friday at the Hero, and like a lot of others, saw some great play that didn't look pained. But I'm skeptical his health totally holds, and I'm not sure he's got the killer instinct anymore. I don't honestly have a defense for it being the most likely outcome – which, honestly, is probably just 0 wins – but I could definitely see him always having at least one bad day that keeps him from winning, but catching lightning and his old dominant mode for one big major and coming out on top.
  14. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    I'm of two minds on this one. I get that golf isn't like other games, where it's all happening in a single place and you can have refs in place to watch "everything" that's happening. So perhaps some kind of distributed officiating like can happen now is a good idea. But the backwards looking officiating also seems like bullshit to me. I agree that Lexi broke the rules. She moved that ball more than you can under the rules. But getting a delayed penalty, the next day, seems like BS to me, regardless of whether it comes from someone calling it in or from rules officials reviewing footage at the end of the day or whatever. IMO, at the least, when a round is over, you shouldn't be able to get retroactive penalties on it. Imagine if an official was allowed to review film after an NFL game, decide after the fact that there was a personal foul facemask penalty on the kicking team on a game winning field goal, and delete the points and award the game to the other team, or call it a draw or something.
  15. ShipSticks or Not

    It's airline by airline, but I haven't seen any airlines where it's more than $50 each way for an extra, odd shaped/oversized bag. My last flight with clubs for TG on Alaska it was $25 each way. So I'd say that if the primary concern is cost, then it will be significantly cheaper to just carry them. If cost isn't really a concern, I could definitely see the convenience of having someone else deal with getting your clubs there and then just delivering them to the course you're playing!

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