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  1. I'm wondering what kinds of results folks have gotten in game-able swing speed? My partner got my a swingcaddie for Christmas. I've been doing some work just with my driver (don't have the sticks) and have increased my dry swing speed by 10mph +/-. But if I try to hit a ball swinging with 120mpg swing speed I hit some pushes, a ton of huge hooks, and like 5-10% bombs down the middle with a smallish draw. What are others' experiences?
  2. Tweet of the week! Would love to see them find a muni where it would be possible to have the players tee off from spots that make the course like 7300 yards (even if they're not "tee boxes"), but then just play it as is 😆
  3. You're the expert here! I have no particular insight on why Jordan went from top 5 to lower tier pro. I'm not really arguing for it, but given my limited knowledge the best reason I could give for GG is that he seems like he's really flexible in specifics of the swing, and attitude/mindset seems like a big focus for him. So maybe that would be good for Spieth?
  4. Interesting. I've found you've gotta really be detaching your arms to drop the shirt tuck. I assume that's not what you're advocating? FWIW, I got it from my coach, but subsequently watched a Morikawa video where he notes that's one of the things he goes back to regularly to make sure he's not detaching his arms.
  5. To make it clear, I'm talking just about left armpit pressure like the OP mentioned. Like you can pull your shirt under your front armpit and it shouldn't fall out during the backswing. I'm very much not advocating any kind of chest pin. The armpit shirt trick just keeps me from getting too disconnected and high at the top, which makes it super hard for me to stay in sequence and to get my hands down.
  6. +1. I'm more than happy to take a free practice swing!
  7. Yes it's a good idea and no it won't fix your issues. I fixed the over swing by getting a swim floatie (those blow up things you can put on little kids arms in the pool) and putting it in the crook of the elbow. Put it in a position so that you feel it before you get to 90˚ and it's a lot of work if you try to go past 90˚. Now swing while taking your backswing no past the point where your trail elbow is making an angle no less than 90˚. With the floatie you'll be able to tell even during live swings if you take it back too far and fold you're elbow past 90˚. How far you go back will
  8. After 6 months of video lessons and net work, translate brand new swing into ball striking. At minimum lower handicap by two strokes. Stretch goal is 4 strokes.
  9. I've gotten to spend way more time with my family and don't have to commute! Golf-wise, my wife went to the Golf Digest top 100 teachers and found one that offered video lessons and had good reviews and got me a set of 8 lessons over 4-6 months for my birthday (in June). I got a net for the back yard and have practiced more in the past 6 months than I have in the past 6 years. And practiced with better purpose than I ever have. Swing looks totally different and feels way better. Some really big changes though so still in the process of translating that into better ball striking, bu
  10. I already knew this, but it was depressing to see the visualization of I'm getting the vaccine after like 90% of Americans 😠 Yeah honestly they have the whole thing backwards. Health and essential workers to the front for sure. But after that it should be by ordered to maximize years of life saved. Of course, that would conveniently put me near the front of the line... I haven't done the calculations but my guess given the mortality by age and number of likely years of life left, that would put 40 and 50 somethings at the front of the general population line, which would include, me
  11. I'm a bit of a hat collector. But I don't think I've worn a different hat golfing since I got this one Runner up is probably this one. My version is no mesh and all dark grey. It's the ghost tree hat from Old MacDonald at Bandon. My least favorite of the courses there but by far the coolest hat!
  12. Can you induce an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against a competitor if while walking up to your ball you tell them not to say anything to you?
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