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  1. mdl

    You're Down to 4 Clubs in Your Bag...What Are They???

    I used to play a short par 32 course with a buddy of mine with 7i only every once in a while. Putting with a 7i costs you serious strokes. Or at least it costs me! So I'd bring the putter, driver, 7i, SW. I'll suffer having to lay up on a couple par 3s – or risk a ridiculous driver bunt and roll – in order to be getting the ball close on the par 4s and 5s with the driver.
  2. mdl

    Intro to me

    Totally get taking advantage of the fortune of getting practice on the course playing with your daugher (that's my dream!), and most of your off course practice time probably coming in warmups with short game. But just in case you've never seen the numbers, this thread is a good one to reference how you can most efficiently spend your practice time in terms of lowering your scores. The basic idea is that the research both on the pros and on amateurs shows that everyone gains/loses way more strokes on full shots than they do around/on the green. So getting 10% better at ball striking will lower your scores significantly more than getting 10% better at green side pitch shots, unless you're way worse than the average 8 around the green. Of course, getting fun golf time with your daughter is surely a bigger priority, and affords enough on course practice, so take it for what it's worth.
  3. mdl

    Intro to me

    This video honestly changed my whole short game, from mediocre into (often, when I've practiced AT ALL) a big strength. For me, the "float load" phrase was the key. Floating back, letting it load softly into the back hand, then brushing/sweeping it through, making sure to use the bounce and not attack steep down. There's another good one from @mvmac on hitting high, medium, and low pitches that I've used ideas from as well that I can't find right now. If anyone can find that, post it!
  4. Right? What's the inter rater reliability here...
  5. My brother's been playing with used stock clubs forever and looks like he's playing with children's clubs. So he's used to hunching over like crazy and swinging super flat. He finally went to get fit and got the specs in the title for an all Callaway rogue bag. I know different swings and all, but I'm 6'3" and got fit to between +1 and +1.5" (went with 1.5") and 2° upright. I can't help but feel he'd do better with clubs at least a bit upright and unlearning the child's clubs hunch swing. Am I crazy?
  6. mdl

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    At this stage in my life, mostly time. I used to play 18 at least once a week and get to the range up to 3x/week, almost always at least 1x/week. Now I'm lucky to get in more than my 9 hole league night 3x/month May-August, plus maybe 5 or 6 other rounds, plus practice time (not including dry swings/mirror stuff at home) maybe 1-2x/month. In terms of my game. Same as it ever was. Dispersion cone is just too damn big through the bag. In terms of one specific thing that could probably save me the most strokes most quickly, it's probably putting. I'm aware that's not a high strokes gained stat. But I've played with lots of other 80s players, and for my overall skill level I'm at worst average around the green, I'd guess above average – as in, my problem isn't that I always leave my pitches from nGIR at 20+ feet – and I average almost exactly 36 putts per round. I feel like I hit a bad pitch unless I put it inside 2-3', cause I know I'm almost surely 2-putting from 8 feet, and missing more often than not from 5 feet.
  7. I'm pretty sure I could shoot -4 at the US Open with unlimited mulligans. The five hour limit is a bit of an issue, but if four different people can play a round in 4 hours without hustling at all, it should be pretty easy to average 5+ balls per shot time wise. Fatigue could be an issue for some then, but I'm pretty sure I'm in good enough shape that it wouldn't kill me when I'm still getting 5+ retries for every shot on 17 and 18! Of course, I hit it pretty far for an amateur, so driver-2h can get me on the green for even the epic 500+ yard par 4s. Bonus Question: If you think you could do it with unlimited mulligans, what's the minimum number of mulligans you think you'd need to shoot -4?
  8. mdl

    USGA Seeking Feedback on Distance "Issue"

    Would be interesting if it were possible to engineer a ball that would artificially compress distance differences between swing speeds but still fly a reasonable distance. Like, the distance spread is of course compressed for limited flight balls. But could you even make a limited flight ball that would perform more or less like a regular ball but where a 115mph SS drive would fly 215 but an 85mph SS drive would fly 195? As a longer amateur, distance is one of my advantages and this would very much hurt my score, so of course I'd be against that But just wondering if it would even be possible, and what kind of effect that would have on the game.
  9. mdl

    Lebron James Goaltending in Game 5

    I thought the rule said it wasn't goaltending unless the ball was above the run, regardless of whether the ball had hit the backboard or not? Which would make it the correct call.
  10. mdl

    Discipline In my set up

    If you want swing advice, it's best to start a My Swing thread, post some video. Many golfers have problems with inconsistency in setup, and some setup work could definitely help. But I'd be pretty shocked if setup is honestly the reason you have some days you can't keep even make good contact. Us mediocre amateurs tend to be mediocre with up and down results because our swings themselves are consistently mediocre. But again, the best way to get help is to post a My Swing thread. You can search for the thread that gives instructions how to post video correctly to be able to get good advice (which will be very helpful if you post correctly filmed videos!)
  11. Not trying to be mean. Just a little ESL editing help. Writing the correct version of the sentences below. I did not write a copy of all of your post. Here in Argentina TopGolf does not exist. The girls are pretty, but the crowd is annoying and the game is very boring. (You could say, "is very boring to watch", but that's not as good) Thumbs down for this one. I will never watch it again. – Technically this is correct with a period. But no one ever says "I will never" in this context. The better way to say it is "I won't watch it again".
  12. I moved up here right after my kid was born. So I haven't played a ton of courses. Heron Lakes (mostly blue), Eastmoreland, RedTail, Quail Valley, and Pumpkin Ridge are the only courses I've played. Yourself? On the original question, @criley4way basically said what I wanted to say in one sentence instead of three paragraphs! The only caveat I'm make if you're doing drills, or if you're doing alternating video yourself. Like, video three driver swings trying to work on something specific. Review the swings. Do some dry swing/position stuff/whatever, film three more, etc. I'll admit I don't stick always to no more than three swings. But I definitely agree that 100 with one club probably isn't the right way to practice.
  13. For a while I played with my lowest lofted club as a 54˚. Years ago I got a 60˚ and never looked back. I've started to branch out a bit more, but I still use it for almost all shots inside 80 yards unless the wind is howling. Honestly I never found it that hard to hit. Any shot I could hit consistently with my 54˚, I could hit with my 60˚, but with more options for control of the ball. The only miss that happens more often with the 60˚ is in a soft fluffy lie, every once in a while I'll slide the club most under the ball and come up way way short.
  14. Even without current lessons, do you have things you know you're working on at the range, or just pounding balls? What I mean is that most of us have been guilty of going to the range, seeing what our miss that day is, tweaking this or that feel, or setup this way and that, or in your case, adjusting the driver, until we can settle in to hit a good string of shots to finish. One key for me was realizing that this kind of feel tweaking was never going to get to the kind of swing that gives reliable good results on the course. When you go out and play, your psychology and such changes a bit, and often the feels you grooved over 100+ swings last time on the range don't work, and you go back to your typical miss. For you it sounds like that's a big pull. So the short version of what I'm saying is, unless you're a real head case, which it doesn't sound like you are, you need to be specifically fixing the issues causing your biggest problems in order for them to carry over well to the course. It sounds like maybe you're not doing that. Rather, you're tweaking equipment and feels.
  15. 10 is too easy. How about 5 or 6, then it's tougher. For 10: putter, driver, 60˚, 54˚, GW, PW, 8i, 6i, 4i, 2h Super easy to just give up the odd irons and the 3w. Rarely use 3w, and can just basically flight the even irons to fill the distance gaps.

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