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  1. mdl

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Not to reset the clock, but I figured I'd answer my own now I knew shape variety would be considered over rated, and I agree. Sure, there are some hard dog legs left where I wish I could reliably switch mid-round to hit a single hard draw with my driver and shorten the hole a ton. But I can't, and agree it's overrated as an ability. Better to become as consistent and accurate as you can with your best playable shape. More interesting I think is trajectory and spin. I don't play pro tournament setup type courses often enough that I need to worry often about reducing spin so as not to zip the ball back off the front. I'm not sure that's rated super highly, so not sure if it's overrated, but I don't think it's super important. For the same reason, controlling trajectory in and of itself isn't super important for the courses I play either. But I've had a ton of success with learning to flight my short irons. Honestly that success is more about shortening and simplifying the swing and making it easier to control the club face, so the trajectory and spin change from that swing isn't really the point for me. But I'd say that's an underrated thing to learn.
  2. mdl

    Faksakes' Experiment

    Plenty of people have piled on about thinking all coaching is bad, so I'll just note I also disagree with you there. But as to your goal, I used to play every once in a while with a guy who'd been a good golfer right handed (mid to high single digit IIRC), and then was hit by a bus on his left side. Major injuries to left hip and leg. After recovering he found he couldn't swing right handed anymore without pain, but swinging left handed didn't hurt. So he switched and learned how to play lefty. I met him years later, so I don't know how long it took him to learn. But by the time I met him he was probably a 10 handicap with a nice looking swing and solid distance!
  3. mdl

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Overrated/Underrated #6: Hitting a variety of full swing shots (shape, trajectory, spin, etc.)
  4. mdl

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    I've only ever had my irons fit (whoops!) so I'm only qualified to answer there. I'd say under rated. I'm a big guy, and I ended up with +1.5" and 2˚ upright, and it made swinging SO much more comfortable. Also added ~0.5 clubs in length, though I was switching from some fairly old irons, so who knows. I've been considering splurging and getting and Edel putter fitting. Though I've made a few changes in my grip and setup with my current putter and have been putting a good bit better recently. So now I'm wondering whether I can really justify the expense....
  5. mdl

    Describe Your Bad Shot/Great Result Moment

    Similar to @rehmwa. I did it off the tee on the hole below. 3rd hole at Links at Victoria, for those of you who know LA public golf. Short par 4, 300-310 from the back tees. It's hard to see below, and I think the trees were bigger than in this pic, but with my distance I can get it pretty close to, or on, the green with a good drive in SoCal weather and hard fairway roll. And given my driver dispersion and the fact that a leave to either side is worse than it looks in this pic, really I should've always been hitting 2h. But, who doesn't love to bomb the green! I hit an awful duck hook. Left side of the cart path has a concrete curb. I duck it into the cart path into the bend past the left fairway bunker, ricochet perfectly off the curb, roll it to 15-20 feet. Didn't make the birdie, but easy GIR par
  6. Totally agree with this. Most guys will have zero holes that we think of as a really high pressure situation – say, back nine in the hunt on Sunday, especially at WGC or majors. And those that don't have zero holes in those situations will probably have no more than a couple dozen. And the pros proportion of bad shots is in the range that with so few shots taken in high pressure situations, just randomly you'd be totally unsurprised by zero or one, or a bunch.
  7. I agree with @Ty_Webb. The committee doesn't have to worry about definitions or the like at all. They only have to decide how they want an area to play. It doesn't matter if an area is long grass, woods, water, desert, whatever. If it's an area where you're certain or nearly certain to lose the ball – including water, long grass, dense woods with heavy leaves, etc. – does the committee want it treated basically as OB, since it's guaranteed (or almost) to be a lost ball so you have to take stroke and distance if you hit it in? Or does the committee want it to be treated as a classic water hazard, where you have to take a stroke but not necessarily distance? To me it seems simpler for the decision to be around how the hole should play, rather than whether it meets whatever definition.
  8. Honestly I haven't gone through the changes, so I don't really know, except for what I've seen people talking about around here, like the pin in the flag thing. Though my understanding from the bits and pieces I've heard make me think @iacas is basically right. Maybe some things have been made a little clearer, or a few options added, but it seems almost impossible to make the rules dramatically simpler without seriously changing the game.
  9. That was the funniest thing I've seen all day
  10. Pro shop, as in you can't just put $110 towards a new driver and make it affordable? In that case, stocking up on golf balls is the obvious answer. If you can order push-carts and don't have one, I'm a huge fan of those, so that's my other idea.
  11. mdl

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    Maybe I should go easy on you because you don't know how to use google to make sure you're spelling incredibly famous people's names correctly. But you're just embarrassing yourself putting Seve on there instead of the Tiger, the best golfer of all time.
  12. mdl

    How to get a Lean Body?

    Yeah it's not rocket science. No sugar, no refined grains, no processed crap, lots of plants, no fried food or anything else you already know is bad for you, not too much alcohol. No refined grains is a key a lot of people ignore. Refined grain is basically the same thing as sugar once it gets into your digestive system. A big plate of white pasta with some not-bad-for-you sauce – as in, not cheese/cream sauce – and some veggies is a very bad weight loss meal. Like was said above, that's a big part of why keto or paleo or atkins type diets work for people. It puts a hard stop on grains. But reasonable levels of non-refined grains can very much be part of a healthy weight diet, and in my opinion that's more sustainable for a lot of people. Exercising is good for you and will improve your health and mental state, but honestly isn't super associated with weight loss. Not that I'm advocating not exercising. I'm pretty into fitness myself. But lots of people think they can eat just a bit healthier – as opposed to actually eating healthily – and start exercising seriously and still lose weight. Studies have shown that's not effective for weight loss.
  13. mdl

    11 Reasons You Stink at Golf

    I agree these all seem pretty much true except the cart thing and #11, the words/images/feels one. Though I agree that if you physically can and the course isn't ridiculous to walk, golf is a better experience walking) #11 seems just like a weird semantic point. If you're taking verbal advice, the only way you can really abide by the other things that relate to practicing (doing it enough and with a purpose) is to use images/video. You kinda need the words to understand what the feels are supposed to be getting you, and what images you need to see (and which you don't) to have good, consistent results. So it should really say something more like, you don't use video in your practice.
  14. mdl

    2019 FedExCup Playoff Changes

    That's why I mentioned you could do a hybrid or something. Say start the same as now, first playoff just another tourney with extra fedex points to get into the top 70 to make it to the next week. Then maybe do a light handicapping like in the proposed system over the next two weeks to go to 50 then 32, then have a match play finale for the win. I hear you on the fact that only one tourney a year is match play, so it's making the championship about a slightly different game than what's really being played all year long. But, what the hell. You'd have a tour champion and a fedex cup winner. And it would be fun!
  15. mdl

    2019 FedExCup Playoff Changes

    Why not just take the top 64 (or 32) in fedex points from the regular season and have a playoff like every other sport. Seeded match play! You could imagine some combo with the proposed change to have handicapped stroke play to say go from top 70 to top 32 or even top 16 with stroke play, then have a seeded match play to get the fedex cup champion.

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