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  1. best golf courses played

    I live outside Portland, I agree that Pumpkin Ridge is great! I also enjoy The Reserve, and regularly play Stone Creek (best course for the money by far-) Going to play Bandon Dunes in a couple weeks, can't wait!
  2. How many wedges do you carry?

    46 Callaway Fusion 52 Vokey 56 Vokey spin milled 60 Vokey spin milled
  3. Vokey Spin milled wedges

    Thanks! I'll try it tomorrow- I have 18 early with my brother
  4. Vokey Spin milled wedges

    I understand the chili-dip with the 60- I have a tough time 'committimg' with it on the close stuff tend to be too tenitive...
  5. Vokey Spin milled wedges

    I have both the 56.14 and 60.8, standard finish. For my game I like both. I have several hundred strokes on each and both still look new. They are tough on balls though, particularly pro V1's.
  6. Hello all!

    Love the game, thanks for the warm welcome! I am 39, picked up the game in my early 30's. I play at least once a week 9 months out of the year, been improving steadily, particularly over the past 18 months. I live outside Portland OR. Regularly golf Lone Oak at Oregon City and Stone Creek, I prefer to play the varied terrain and water at Lone Oak. Currently in my bag: Driver: 10 degree ERC Fusion Woods: 3+ and 7 ERC Fusion Hybrid: Heavenwood 3 steel shaft 3-P Callaway Fusion steel shaft 56.14 & 60.8 Vokey spin milled wedges Cameron Red X putter Callaway HX hot balls and Titleist Pro V1's Callaway Country Club bag What else can I tell ya, just happy to have found the forum!
  7. Hello all!

    new here, thought I would say hi! looking forward to getting to know you-