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  1. The Hagestad story really demonstrates what's at stake for Maverick McNealy, the top amateur golfer of the moment and son of a tech billionaire, who still doesn't know if he wants to turn pro or follow his father's footsteps. My opinion has been that McNealy should turn pro, because the door for a career in business will still be open for him if he decides the life of a tour pro isn't for him. In Hagestad's case, he certainly looked like someone who could play golf for a living at the Masters, but he'd be crazy to walk away from his career to pursue it, even though he's only in his mid-20s.
  2. There is a grand total of one top-10 finish this season between all of the Group A players entered at the Heritage this week, combined.
  3. This moment's been a long time coming. Enjoy it.
  4. Don't three-putt now.
  5. You had this putt 20 minutes ago. Knock it in.
  6. Rosey needs to hit his best shot now.
  7. Not as good of a break as Cabrera's drive into the trees at the 2009 playoff, but Rosey will have a shot at it.
  8. How long will they make Hagestad sit there? That guy may want to quit his day job.
  9. Thousands of people now are very angry because 60 Minutes will be delayed.
  10. It's a playoff!
  11. He really didn't take his time reading that putt.
  12. Two birdies now...let's keep playing!
  13. Oh my sweet Jesus!
  14. Big Mountain Fudgecake, what a lucky bounce!
  15. Two drives in the fairway. No advantage taken.