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  1. I signed up, I played a round, and I'm currently not ranked dead last. I can take a moral victory out of that.
  2. Nice reverse jinx there.
  3. Obviously, a motorized cart is many times heavier than a push-cart, so it's not exactly a fair comparison. Might as well get the snark out: I'm starting to think that this guy believes the rules don't apply to him.
  4. The power was shut off in my neighborhood this morning for utilities work, and one of my nearby courses was offering twilight rates all day, so why not play a round? I shot a 93 (91 ESC), despite hitting a nasty snap-hook off of nearly every tee. Also, I was thinning everything for the first five holes, leading to a bogey-triple-bogey-quad-triple start.
  5. Wednesday, 2 tickets! (Does that include the par-3 contest?) Now, to scrape up $75 each before July 15...
  6. Stop showing off, Brooks. Show some humility!
  7. It's never over, but Koepka seems to be in total control now.
  8. Harman can still claw his way back.
  9. However Tommy Fleetwood finishes this tournament, he has good momentum going into the next major, which just happens to be taking place in his hometown.
  10. In the case of the tournament leader, I can count the number of times Brian Harman's tee shots haven't found the middle of the fairway this week on one hand. The way he's been driving the ball, 27-yard-wide fairways wouldn't have much effect.
  11. Now would be a good time for that pun.
  12. Now I don't want him to win, so we all can be saved from the lame song title pun Joe Buck will come up with if he does.
  13. There are ten players at 8-under or better at the moment, and Charley Hoffman is the only one of them who is older than 30.
  14. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a seven-way tie for the lead this late in any tournament, let alone a major.
  15. At least they aren't updating the leaderboard before they show the golfer finishing the hole, as they were a couple of years ago.