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  1. I found a used set of raw (and rusted) Yururi blades selling for ~$1,000. Has anyone hit these before or have any experience with this brand? It looks quite sweet with the rust and hand grind marks. Is it worth the asking price?
  2. Good cheap courses in St Paul area

    Plenty of good municipal golf in the Twin Cities. Around St. Paul area, I'd go for the UofM course (they also have a great driving range), Keller (old Championship course with challenging layout, and Como is ok too.
  3. Hi all, I'm taking a 4 day vacation in Singapore from 11/22-25, and I would like to golf as much as possible! Anyone familiar with the country that can offer some advice? I'll be golfing as a single (unless you or someone you know want to join!), and would need to be able to book tee-times in advance for non-member courses. Currently, I already booked a round at Marina Bay for Thursday. However, I'm looking at Sentosa, Tanah Merah, and SICC for Friday and Saturday. I'm open to playing 36 holes on Saturday if the club has 2+ courses available. Any "must-play" courses or general advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  4. I mostly play in China and the average round is >5 hours. As all courses require caddies, and most require carts in addition......... ridiculous.
  5. Looking at the divots of your irons can also indicate whether or not the lie is off..
  6. How often do you guys check your loft and lie angles for your irons? Spent $30 bucks at Golf Galaxy a couple of weeks ago to have them checked. I was completely surprised that my set was all over the place. Lie angles were anywhere from standard to 3* flat. Lofts were a couple degrees to a club weak. Had them all reset to 2* flat, and standard lies, and I had noticeable ball-striking improvement this week (not to mention distance gain). Highly recommended if you play often, but neglected your regular check-ups.
  7. Anyone miss the 'Hero Shot'?

    I think Phil Mickelson perfectly summed it up after the Masters, "A great shot is when you pull it off. A smart shot is when you don't have the guts to try it." :p
  8. Will the Cavs make past the Celts????!!!!

    You may have seen Lebron in his last home Cavs game.. :p
  9. Who's swing do you admire most on tour?

    Rory Mcilroy
  10. Pro golfers & gyms

    Why bother? Because in recent years, the trend has been distance over finesse. Some players can partially compensate with new equipment, however since almost every player upgrades, there isn't really a competitive advantage there. Other players need to pump iron to get more muscle, thus hitting it longer. Some players just have long swings, although not classically "fit". Cabrera and Perry are prime examples. As championship courses push closer and closer to 8,000 yards, there's an impetus more than ever to be stronger. Yes, Tiger did spark this off in the early 2000s, but it's also reinforced by the younger players joining this tour. Mcilroy, Kim, Villegas, Ishikawa, D. Johnson, Quiros, etc, are all exceptionally long. If you're short, you're only competitive at limited # of events.
  11. Mizuno MP 33

    I play both the T-Zoids and MP-33s myself. Both are quality sets. MP-33 is a little less forgiving, but the feel is softer. T-Zoids has a thicker top-line at address, which envokes less confidence for me personally. The short irons for the MP-33s are the reason that I stick to MP-33s as the main set. They're just too chucky with the T-Zoids. If you're hitting it off the toe often, then I wouldn't touch the MP-33s. These are not clubs that have any forgiveness there. In fact, I find the sweetspot on the 33s closer to the heel if anything. Here's a test, if you're hitting the ball 8+ out of 10 times on the sweetspot, then go for it. You can always adjust for swing path with a set of blades, to control the fades and draws. I think that's the fun part about them.
  12. Good Public Courses in Miami

    I got 8:50 at Jacaranda East as a single right now. Call up and add yourself if you're interested in joining!
  13. Good Public Courses in Miami

    Hey man, Pembroke Lakes is hosting a tournament on Friday, so no play then. I'm going to play Jacaranda East in the morning, and Plantation Preserve in the afternoon. Let me know if you are still interested in joining for either one.