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  1. Try Tour Edge CB2. Clean looks, lots off distance and one quality built club.
  2. Try a Cobra Bio Cell +. I switched to this driver this year and the club was noticeable heavery than my Taylor Made Super Tri. I have problems hitting the light drivers due to a fast transition in my swing.
  3. My best one was playing league golf match. One of the guys hit a bad shot and went off. He was hitting trees, the ground, etc. when his partner just looked at him and said "You are not good enough to get that mad". I thought about it and he is right. When you play nine holes a golf a week, don't practice and only have a 6 month season you should not be that mad about a bad shot. I use that saying to myself when I hit a bad shot and my temper starts to rise.
  4. Ramoffroader

    Favorite Movie Quotes

    Badges we dont need no stinking badges Rectum, Dammed near killed him.
  5. Ramoffroader

    Rife putters. Anyone using them?

    Bought a Rife 2-bar mallet 4 years ago. Love the roll it puts on the ball. This one time sticks out in my mind. I was playing in the pouring ran one day in a tournament. Greens were soaked and everyone in my group was having trouble getting the ball to the hole. I putted the same way as always and it seemed as if the putter was getting the ball up on top of the grass(if that makes sense) better than everone else's putter. By the end of the round my playing competors were calling it the aqua putter. Took the club out of the bag because I got a Scotty Cameron Kombi-S this year. I was putting bad going into the club champion ship so I put the Rife back in the bag. Made every put inside ten feet that day. It was like meeting a old friend you haven't seen in a awhile. Rife's are a excellent putter.
  6. Ramoffroader

    2 min Golf Survey: Win $150

    Done-didnt even have to study
  7. Ramoffroader

    Scrambles- Do you assume winners cheat?

    The area I play has four person scramble touraments all the time. Most of them have what we call a super skins game where the teams put in another $100.00 on top of the entry fee just to get in this skin pool. These tournaments will have 40 plus teams in them. We always play in eightsomes (two teams per hole) to make sure no cheating is going on and all scores are legit. The golf courses don't like this but they allow it. They complain about how slow it makes play and it ties up there course for the day. I run one tournament and help at three others and have noticed the golf cource seems happy when i pay them $5000.00 for the green fees and they rent out all there carts and sell alot of beer and food. I play an average of 15 tournaments a year and only 3 on my own ball. We have had no issues with cheating because the teams watch each other.
  8. Ramoffroader

    How long a layoff to escape a bad funk?

    Will let you know. I have been in a slump all year. Snap hooking and pull hooking everything. Went to my teaching pro and still did not fix problem. I have stopped playing on weekends and have two weeks of league golf left for season. I have backed out of four remaining touraments and once league golf is done so am I. Hope winter lay off and fresh start in spring will bring different results.
  9. Ramoffroader

    How much is your golf set worth?

    Too Much Bio Cell + driver $220.00 Plus reshaft w/ Fujikura F3 & shaft adapter $150.00 more Exotics CB5 200.00 plus reshaft w/ Fujikura F3 $125.00 more Exotics XGC 5 Hybrid with Aldila Rip Shaft Bridgestone CB J40 4-lw custom fit with project x shafts and upgraded grips $1000.00 Scotty Cameron Kombi-S putter $250.00 Titleist Bag $200.00 Time to sell clubs and go fishing.
  10. Ramoffroader

    Most up and down round of golf you've played?

    I understand that. Just venting. Golf game peaked a few years ago. Used to hit straight or slight fade every shot. Would hit a big slice if i went at it to hard. Worked my butt of to learn a draw and played well for two years. Then came kids, house and no time to practice. Play league once a week for nine holes. Course has no driving range and i have no time to practice. Game slowly went the other way to the where it is now. Hit pull hook, snap hook and every other type of hook known to man. Have a friend who is a teaching pro and went to work this out. Two trips to the range for instruction and now hit it even worse. The pro who has seen my swing for over tens years just shakes his head. He wants to rebuild my swing from scratch but dont have the time to do this. Living in northern New York I only get 6 months of golf a year. Close to buying a boat and giving up golf. Frustration has taken over, would just love to get back to my fade and have fun playing again. But back to the original point, knowing what I know now I would never have learned to hit a draw.
  11. Ramoffroader

    Most up and down round of golf you've played?

    First day of this years club championship. I have been fighting a snap hook of the tee all year. Worked my butt off on front nine to shoot a 35, 1 under par. We didn't have enought guys play to close the course. A outing was going on that day they were finishing nine as we teed off 1. They sat in the club house eating and drinking and when we finished nine they were just going off the back. Had a 45 minute wait on hole ten. Finally got to tee off and snap hook it into woods. Three off the tee and make a double on ten. My group played the front nine in a hour and ten. We played the back nine in 2 and a half hours and i shoot 45. Had too much time between shots to think about where not to hit it. Side note to all slicers. If someone tells you to learn how to draw the ball, tell them no thanks. You can't talk to a snap hook. Would love to fade the ball again.
  12. Guys, This is my first post on this site due to just joining. The driver that got killed lived 10 miles from me and it was a tough weekend for the local comunity. It is a shame that anger caused the death of a yound man. Younger people see drivers on NASCAR get out and throw there helmets when they are mad at another drivers and they follow suit. It is no different than the young kids today acting like Tiger on the golf course swearing and acting out. Racing is a emotional sport and they both were wrong. Tony Stewart is a hot head but i don't belive he meant to hit him. Talking to people who were there, it look like Tony was going trying to throw dirt on Kevin and misjudged the distance. Can anyone prove either way. No and Tony will never admit guilt. In the end one man is dead and the other has to live with it.

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