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  1. Don't really have a camcorder at the moment. But I think I may have found my issue. I was at the range today when a tour pro decided to come in and talk with the range pro. He started helping the four of us that were there and I asked him to watch my swing. It seems that I have good tempo and my plane is ok, but I was placing my right thumb out straight which was not allowing the club to have a complete follow through, thus altering the completion arc. He worked with me a bit and I was able to add some distance as well. So as we all know grip does matter.
  2. How much did all your gear cost?

    OGIO Atlas cart bag = $189 Driver 1: King Cobra 440 = $169 Driver 2: TaylorMade SuperQuad = $299 Irons: TaylorMade R7 4-PW, AW Steel = $499 Lob wedge and weighted training driver: Momentus Golf = $119 Hybrid: Nicklaus 20° Hybrid = $90 Putter: Odyssey Dual Force 330 =$169 Shoes: Nike = $98 Glove = Titleist = $18 Umbrella = Gift = $0 Balls, Tees, etc.... Ongoing but a box of ProV1x is around $54 here Pull cart = gift = $0 Current Cost around $1700 My last set I gave to my son, I had around $800 invested in everything. The Golfshack gave me the stand bag and Tour Edge putter when I bought the entire set of irons and woods.
  3. Cobra Driver Pic. Ironically my alternate driver is clean and again looks almost new.
  4. Here are pictures of my 9 iron. All of my short irons and wedges have the sae diagonal marking.
  5. In my quest to break 85, I have been reviewing my swing quite a bit as of late. And I have noticed something real interesting. Looking at the striations on the soles of my clubs, I am seeing a pattern.... well sort of. I have attached some pictures for creative advice. On my irons, I notice my long irons look almost new, while my short irons have somewhat diagonal striations through the entire sole of the club. Attached are a few pictures of what I am trying to describe. Now to make things even more confusing, I notice my older driver has the same diagonal striations. So that confuses my initial thoughts as only my longer irons are clean and or have striations that are straight and not in a diagonal pattern. I have had others review my swing, and no one can tell me why. I had thought I may be swinging from the outside in, but others say I am not. Any advice as to where I should look? Thanks Here are pics of my 6 iron, as you can see it is clean with minimal marking. Almost looks new.
  6. I haven't had any issues with the shaft or the weights. After hitting someone else's SQ with an Extra Stiff I have been looking at a possible re-shaft. But no I have not had any issues in the past year.
  7. Interlocking Grip

    Thank you thank you thank you... now I know I am not full of it. I interlock as well and everyone including my club pro keep telling me to overlap. I find that when I overlap my wrists break when I make contact. I have a system for my grip. I do this for all swings unless I am chipping or putting. On my down-stroke, when I hit waist level I squeeze the three contacting fingers of my left hand, I find this prevents my left wrist from giving on contact. Oh, and to the guy that says grip isn't important. I believe it is critical.
  8. High end shafts? (Fukikura Rombax)

    I was going to ask this question myself then I did a search and found the topic already existing. So I have been able to try the Rombax, but it was attached to a TM CGB MAX Limited. I liked it. But then again it was attached to a very pricey driver head. I was considering reshafting my TM SQ with this, and wanted to see if anyone had any prolonged experience with it.
  9. 15-16 handicappers

    My avg has been right around 87 in the last few weeks. I had a bad day last week were I had a run in with a tree and water. I came out of that with a 92.
  10. Do your wedges match?

    My Approach Wedge and Pitching Wedge are both TM R7's and my Lob Wedge is a Momentus. Yes the feel is very different between the R7's and the Momentus, but then again the Momentus is designed to be heavy.
  11. 64* wedge

    I know I'm a newbie here, but I'm going to have to agree. I have a 64° and it wasn't the miracle I was looking for. I find an Approach Wedge will get the job done just fine if you open the face a bit.
  12. New TaylorMade hat with my favorite NFL Team logo-ed into the side panel. Dozen ProV1x 50count 2-3/4" Natural Tees $5 tokens for the range
  13. R7 Superquad vs. Burner vs. Tour Burner

    All three of them are good clubs, and yes I am partial to TM myself so I understand your loyalty. My league golf partner has the Tour Burner. Very nice looking club, and it hits much further than my SQ or my King Cobra... But I am used to the more forgiving drivers with a larger sweet spot. So I find the Tour Burner a little harder for me to hit consistently, and in my opinion I find it to have a somewhat numb feeling. It just seems to be made for distance and not workability. Where as I feel that the SQ is really about accuracy and workability. I must admit even my King Cobra has better distance than my SQ but I feel that they serve two different purposes, which is why I have both in my trunk and switch between the two based upon the course I am playing. For instance if I am playing long Par4's and 5's with minimal hazards I grab the Cobra. But when I am on a more technical course with doglegs and many hazards I find the SQ is a better choice. In the end you should demo both of them and see what works the best for you.
  14. What is your Cart Fee????

    Anywhere from $12-$25 per rider here.
  15. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Out of the two choices, I pick Jack. Can't say he is my all time favorite though. Out of all the players, I am kinda partial to Bobby Jones.