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  1. I will, slow and thousands of reps. Will see if it pays off... Thanks-
  2. To keep working to have more bow on my left wrist, not just at the top of the backswing but on the downsing and prior to impact too. So I think this is definitely my only priority piece at the moment. They said that is going to help my chicken wing too!
  3. I have received my latest evolvr lesson and it looks like I have to focus more on my left wrist bow... Any ideas on how I could improve that??
  4. I understand. It happens to me. But, it is what golf is about. You have to control yourself, relax and don´t get tense. It looks easy, but it is not. In the first tee, I am not doing a lot of things that I do when I am on the range, is something that I am trying to improve. Keep working---!
  5. The best one was the SuperNes.
  6. I want a Super Nes Classic -
  7. It is exactly what i am trying to fix. am improving but I have to be thinking of in order to avoid it. It´s a must, specially with the driver.
  8. I see the main point of this post, I understand completely the feeling of most of the golf teachers out there are not good enough, at least that is my experience. Golf is so technical and so tough to learn (and hence teach) that is really hard to find a great instructor. But... that doesn´t mean all of the golf instructors in the world are the same... no way
  9. I couldn´t agree more. Last time I played the driver wasn´t working until I relaized it was a rhythm problem. Starting counting in my mind 1,2,3, and it worked perfectly. You don´t have to forget your swing mechanics but always keeping the nice and fluid motion. Otherwise, nothing works. 1,2,3.
  10. My 2 cents, and agree with all previous replies: when I swing smooth with my driver it works. And with the irons actually is the same. I was listening yesterday some opinions of pros on how to maximize your distance with the driver, and they all agreed: smooth. And by the way, 250 yards with the drive is great! When I have a teacher that tell me to swing harder, I quit automatically.
  11. Based on maths, there is no doubt: breaking 80 is much much complicated than a round without DB. But, golf is not just maths, and I always have some horrible holes, so a round with no DB is never seen... I will make it though. Both.
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