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  1. Good point.. The fact that not only am I hitting the same type of club, but also that it's a GI club may be a large factor as well.. Another reason for me to stick with what I've got.
  2. I always hated the LW until I bought a full set (LW, SW, GW) that matches my clubs. Now, my wedges feel like an extension of the rest of the bag. I think that most people have problems with the LW because, like a driver, it's a special club that matches no other in the bag. For me, a full set helps swing consistancy and feel.. Because of this I usually only use 2 clubs from about 40 yards in. The LW and my 7, depending on the shot. While my HCP clearly shows that I suck, it's not from 40 yards in that I have problems. I don't know what I would do without *my* LW. But I do know that I fear any other LW.
  3. Ya, ya.. that's it, that's the ticket... Me and Tiger.. Stingers.. Really tho.. It's a Tiger like club for sure.. You'll play just like him using it.. And I'll make you a special deal on it. You could be part of the newest craze, the hywoodbrid golf club..
  4. More proof that booze and hooters girls are not all that bad for you...
  5. I agree... And even then it depends on the retailer. Online, maybe out of luck. Local brick and mortar, better shot. Don't take no for an answer.
  6. Huh.. That's wierd for sure. It doesn't make any sense at all. The only thing that makes sense is the GW,SW, LW.. Those comes stock with the "wedge flex". I'd think the different flexes in the rest of the set could wonk you up pretty good. Probably mess up the consistancy of both feel and distance. But maybe the previous owner had a good reason and it will feel right once you play sme rounds? Considering you could probably get a used set of A2s for pretty cheap I'm not sure it would be worth re-shafting... I don't think there's much to do but play em for a while and see how much effect it has...
  7. Very cool. A quick thought. I haven't played he courses in Santa Barbara in a long time but I think you might enjoy Sand Piper more than Glenn Annie. While Glenn Annie has a great view of the coast and town it is A LOT of up and down. Sand Piper is flatter and is the "Pebble Beach" of Santa Barbara. Please let us know your schedule when you figure it out. I'm about 10 minutes from Wente but have never played there. If you are looking for some company that day I'd be happy to try and get some time off join you.
  8. Well, we got Frankeclub out on the course today. I don't think it's going to replace anything in my bag, but it was fun. The club ended up losing about 4" off the butt. This droped the swingweight to b1. I got about 12 swingweight back onto the club using lead on the head, but the swingweight still sucks. It's probably c4 but I need to get it into the shop to know for sure. The head is a tank and feels very heavy. It's pretty hard to swing and I think my swingspeed suffers because of it.... But I think the head weight would cut through rough really well. So, hows it play? I only hit it from a grass lie, no tees. From the grass, it hits about 180-200, 15'-30' off the deck and then STOPS! It takes off like a rocket, hits, bounces twice and just stops. It looks like it's got MASSIVE backspin. It's the funniest thing I've seen from a club in a while. I'll bring it to the range this week and see what it does when I can get used to it.... I still like the idea, I just thiink the head would benefit froma heavy hybrid shaft. But I don't think I'm will to spend the money on that "experiment".
  9. Ya, I'm sure Microsoft, ebay and paypal are all about scamming people. That's always good PR. Screwing people maybe, but an outright scam I doubt. You sign up for live and then buy something on ebay (or another authorized merchant). I guess that could be tough for the internet challenged. And waiting for 60 days to get up to a $200 rebate isn't worth it because you have to wait? Uhh.. OK... As noted in an earlier post, after my rebate shows, I'll have received a brand new GX-i shipped to my door for about $214. It will be here next week. Until I get my rebate, the worst that has happened is that I paid $285 for the product I was going to buy anyway. This is simple economics. It's not a loan that they get to make interest on. It's a deferred rebate for using live to find product. And, the rebate goes directly into your paypal account. Pretty simple. There *may* be some tax incentives we can't see, but either way it doesn't affect the money that ends up back in my pocket. The road to wealth and financial independence is built on long term financial strategy. Saving $100 here and there is part of that road. God, I can't believe I just wasted my time trying to convince people it's a good idea to try and save money in tough economic times. Maybe I am the dummy here.
  10. My buddy did this with some camera gear and saved mad money. Using this I just picked up a much anticipated Leupold GX-i for $214 shiped to my door. Given that it's a $300 unit (retail) and tax would have been about $24, you just saved me a cool $100+ and much spousal grief. PLUS, I get to save my Golfsmith gift cards for other cool toys. Many many thanks for the reminder!
  11. Of course it's fair to blame the governor. It's his job to run the state. You lead and fail and take responsibility for both. And yes, the rest of the CA gov is forked too, but he's the one covering for them and raising taxes. Why can't he break the cycle? He leads, he's failing. It's ironic that Arnie got put in office after Davis got booted for doing the exact same thing. Maybe we deserve it for voting these idiots in.. You don't mind taxation with poor representation as long as its an even number? I'm not sure I see the logic there... I believe Golfers are being singled out because the perception is that golf is a rich white guy sport that can "pay the fine". It's a poor perception and a lot of regular guys are going to pay for it. It's a slippery slope and this is just the beginning.. Well.. really the continuation... I've got a feeling the smokers are having a good laugh right about now... Golf shop revenue is significantly down, golf course staff are being laid off weekly, shops and courses will close this year in CA. i.e. golf is already seeing the effects of a hurting economy. All this tax is going to do is hasten the meltdown of an already damaged industry. Ya, great move.
  12. Green fees are not taxed in CA. He's getting some nice socialist ideas from other states it seems...
  13. Yep, Arnies turning into a typical CA Gov. Can't fix it so I'll tax everything. They're also talking about a %1 sales tax hike as well. CA has the GDP of a top %10 country but can't balance it's own budget and our schools suck. It's obnoxiously ridiculous.
  14. Haha! They're used to me coming in with dumb ideas that hack up clubs. This one merely got a raised eyebrow and a "good luck". I think they are just as curious as I am. That said, the problem with having an inconsistent swing is that it's hard to quantify all my experimenting...
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