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  1. Start 3 Yeldon Abdullah A. Robinson Lamar Miller
  2. Started Kendall Wright over Allen Robinson................. Safe to say the 15 point deficit between W or L would have been met. The struggles of fantasy football
  3. Have Ingram as well. And have Jarvis Landry in my flex spot And as a niner fan, I sure did see what happened haha
  4. Forsett vs Oakland Or Abdullah vs Minnesota? PPR format.
  5. Curious on which pick you had? Gonna guess 5 or 6
  6. Agree 100% Sent that exact counter but was rejected. I'll be alright, just want another RB that will get carries through out the year. Like you said, both guys listed will be Spelled at multiple times due to more than capable backups. Gonna wait til after week 1 to see how Abdullah performs, and see how many people want a WR after then.
  7. Received the offer of Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins, and Mark Ingram For Devin Funchess, Devonte Adams and Melvin Gordon. Thoughts? I have the 1st group listed. My counter would be Watkins or Evans and Ingram For Adams and Gordon. I have a stacked Wr group as posted much earlier.
  8. We shall see. I sure hope so though cause I'm banking on him lol. My 12 team draft results 1-L.Bell 2-A. Jeffery 3-L. Miller 4-A. Ellington 5-R. Tannehill 6-A.Robinson 7-K.Wright 8-D.Freeman 9-T. Eifert 10- P. Garćon 11- C. Shorts 12-J. Hill 13- D. Herron 14- Pats D/ST 15- P. Dawson Don't really like this team. 12 team makes a big difference. I have no clue how people play 14. Had the 4th pick. Plan to pick up Deangelo Williams when rosters open. All criticism accepted.
  9. Meant drafting only after week 2 in preseason haha And thanks. Ingram will get the carries and score their goal line rushes. And definitely the best WR group in my league. Can't wait for week 1!!!!
  10. I think he has solid weapons with an improving Lamar Miller, plus his threat to run is nice as well. Bridgewater is FA at the moment and I'm gonna wait to see how Coleman is used these next two weeks. Not sure who to target as another RB but someone out there will want Watkins or Evans. Could even package them.
  11. 1-Antonio Brown 2- Julio Jones 3- Justin Forsett 4- Mike Evans 5- Mark Ingram 6- Ameer Abdullah 7- Sammy Watkins 8- Ryan Tannehill 9- Jarvis Landry 10- Rashad Jennings 11- Delanie Walker 12- Tevin Coleman 13- Joique Bell 14- Kevin White 15- Panthers D/St 16- Vernon Davis Absolutely stacked at WR. Plan to trade for a RB, seeing as that is my weak spot. Some ignorance among fellow draftees so I held off on some guys knowing they would be there later. Biggest reach is Kevin White. Only drafted him to see if he winds up playing, if they shut him down that will be my drop for a K. I accept all criticism. Thanks
  12. Only know one other individual in my 12 team so I'm a little nervous for that one. Never played with any of them. And I love FF as well but always am a Fan 1st. Will never intentionally root for an opposing player. Will start of course but scores are bitter sweet
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