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  1. From what I've played: 1. Innisbrook - Copperhead 2. Innisbrook - Island 3. Fox Hollow 4. Eagles - Forest Course 5. TPC Tampa I would normally have TPC much higher, based on my first several times playing it. However, the last time I played it, the greens were in horrible shape. They had recently punched and sanded them, but that had been a month prior.
  2. I tend not to wear any sunglasses while golfing. For some reason, I have a hard time following the flight and landing of the shots with my sunglasses on. But anytime off the course, I wear polarized.
  3. That can't be the case, I pre and post spray.
  4. I bought a Mega 12 Roll pack in February. I think we still have 9 in the closet with both bathrooms having at least a half roll. Now, the situation may change if I have to telework too long. I did most of my business during work hours!
  5. As far as I know, only one of the city-owned courses have been closed. All of the other courses are still open and packed. Our governor indirectly endorsed playing golf in one of his news conferences, from the Villages, last week. He mentioned how great it was that the older demographic was practicing social distancing while out on the golf course and getting exercise. I did hear that Innisbrook closed the beginning of the week. My brother and I played there this past weekend and it was packed. They had PVC inserts in the bottom of the cup.
  6. I got the hat, but not the towel.
  7. You normally get to pick one area and they may rotate you around that. I'm assigned to hole #6 all week. Tuesday, I'm on the green, Thursday is Left Fairway, Friday is crosswalk, and Sunday is right fairway.
  8. We were told that those of us, on fairway duty, will still be necessary. They'll still need us to help with wayward shots, as well as, signaling that area is clear on blind tee shots. Outside of that, the rest of us got some nice threads for everyday wear!
  9. I'm volunteering for the Valspar. It's gonna be a quiet week!
  10. As some have already said, as far as my long game goes, any ball will really do. Though, I don't like the hard feel of some of the balls. Typically, I use Chrome Soft balls. I have learned how they react to my short game. I never pay full price. I usually pay about $20-25/dozen on LostGolfballs.com.
  11. That's super irritating! When I chunk my wedge, I want to know the proper yardage for my next shot!
  12. Both of the above scenarios happened to me! I was playing with my normal group and my first ace was a thinned worm-burner that rolled into the hole. Playing in a blind scramble with people I barely knew, my second ace, which was on the exact same hole coincidentally, was a pretty shot that slam dunked into the cup.
  13. I have about 10-12 public or semi-private courses within 30 minutes of my home. Occasionally, I'll drive up to an hour if it's a nice course. I've been wanting to try Streamsong, but the 2 hour drive and price point are major sticking points.
  14. Easily, the former. I won a GCAM tournament 3 days after getting diagnosed with the flu and bronchitis. When I wasn't feeling well, I just swung loose and easily and had no expectations.
  15. I voted for 50/50 split. My weekly league is 9 holes, and I try to get an 18 hole round in during the weekend.
  16. Absolutely. But, for the most part, the teams have been evenly put together through the random drawing. But you're absolutely right, having an "A" team or "D" team is a possibility. Since we run it through a little muni course that doesn't have a membership, we have no way of tracking anyone's handicap.
  17. We run a monthly blind draw scramble that seems to work pretty well. Say we have 72 participants signed up for a tournament. And, because we use a shotgun start, we max our attendance at 72. We'll simply use a bag of 72 bingo balls and a sheet that is broken up into 18 foursomes. As people come in and pay their fees, they pick a bingo ball and are placed on a team according to the number drawn. This completely randomizes the talent distribution, while allowing people to play with different folks every month. As for gender, we try to limit the females to 1 per group. But if we have more than 18 signed up, we do the best we can. It's not often that we see the same people winning every month.
  18. Interesting, I didn't know that they used the downturned hand to add 5. How do they differentiate each wedge?
  19. I voted for ball striking, but I am torn. I love the feeling of piecing things to scramble for a good score. But, seeing your shot in the air, just like you imagined it, is so exhilarating. If you strike it well, you will generally score well.
  20. It's caused us to speed up a bit in league play. We rarely take it out. Usually, it only comes out if the wind is strong and the flag leans in the direction the putt is coming from.
  21. My goals would have to be, in no certain order: 1. Get back into tournament play on a regular basis. 2. Get my HI down to 15. 3. Lose 30 Pounds 4. Practice/play at least 3 times a week These are all in my control. It's just a matter of making them a priority, and not taking the lazy route.
  22. I would have to go: 1. Wavy Lay's 2. Chili Cheese Fritos 3. Taco Doritos 4. Cheetos Puffs
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