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  1. Mine is in my pocket, on vibrate. I use it for Golflogix and Golf Shot for distances and score.
  2. One of those may have been mine! I got an email on 4/15, from Ebay, saying my order had shipped. I'm looking forward to learning!
  3. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/djfajt71/round/266039 An executive course a couple miles from my house. Definitely a tale of 2 nines!
  4. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/djfajt71
  5. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/djfajt71/round/256889 And finally. I actually posted these a little out of order.
  6. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/djfajt71/round/261095 Another one from this past weekend.
  7. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/djfajt71/round/256891 Wasn't too bad of a round. The course was in bad shape after being trampled by tourists and snowbirds for the past 6 months. My brother came down from Pittsburgh and we got my son to join us, so it was very cool!
  8. Understood, and maybe I'm a little sensitive to it b/c I hear it so frequently. I always say thank you, but maybe it's the fact that the tone in his voice make sit sound very disingenuous, that grinds my gears.
  9. There's a guy in my Wednesday league that says, after every shot, "What a great shot!" Dude, the ball is going to end up in the bunker, it was not a great shot!
  10. Google. I was actually looking for some local (Tampa-St Pete area) golf forums and this was at the top of the list. I popped by to do some window shopping, and the different threads and discussions lured me in!
  11. I usually remove the headcovers from my driver and hybrids while replacing the putter's after each hole.
  12. Driving Distance - 220 Driving Accuracy - 40% Greens in Reg - 53.1% Putts per Round - 32.4 Putts per GIR - 1.8 Scrambling - 23% Sand Saves - 40% Handicap - 19
  13. I've never been hit, or hit anyone. But, my buddy and I were teeing off on the first hole at one of our local courses outside of Pittsburgh. This was about 25 years ago and I was a banana slicer at that time. I set up on the extreme right side of the teebox and aimed about 45 degrees left. Well the ball came off my club, hit the tee marker, flew backwards about 75 yards and hit my buddy's windshield. There was a nice crack in it! I won most of the skins that day, but I had to pay for the windshield!
  14. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I'm not sure where the 14 came from either. I didn't think I was too slouched but, he seemed to disagree. My images, in my initial post, are my before and current posture pics. I tried to incorporate the more upright posture and just couldn't do it comfortably! I will try to focus on being more on the balls of my feet than my heels. Again, thanks for help!
  15. We have FootGolf at my local executive course. I've played it with my family, and it is a lot of fun! However, Footgolfers tend to not follow basic golf etiquette. I blame this on ignorance rather than rudeness. It is going to be a huge learning curve for both sets of customers. Some of the problems can also fall on the Golf Course staff as well. I have been behind a 7-some of Footgolfers, that can take forever to get through a hole, especially when you throw in 2 coolers full of beer that they're also carting around. They should never allow a 7-some of Footgolfers as we'd be laughed ou
  16. Interesting thread! After playing golf for a long time, albeit never very successfully, I recently took my first lessons at a Golf Tec facility. After making some swings on video, the very 1st thing he did was to start changing my posture. He wants my posture to fit with the tour professionals postures. My posture was at about 45 degree (above) and he wanted me to work at getting it to a 14 degree. I could barely hold onto the end of the club to get it close to the ground! I feel like he's trying to get me to fit a mold. I have absolutely no aspiratoins of playing professionally, just l
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