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  1. I voted for ball striking, but I am torn. I love the feeling of piecing things to scramble for a good score. But, seeing your shot in the air, just like you imagined it, is so exhilarating. If you strike it well, you will generally score well.
  2. It's caused us to speed up a bit in league play. We rarely take it out. Usually, it only comes out if the wind is strong and the flag leans in the direction the putt is coming from.
  3. My goals would have to be, in no certain order: 1. Get back into tournament play on a regular basis. 2. Get my HI down to 15. 3. Lose 30 Pounds 4. Practice/play at least 3 times a week These are all in my control. It's just a matter of making them a priority, and not taking the lazy route.
  4. I would have to go: 1. Wavy Lay's 2. Chili Cheese Fritos 3. Taco Doritos 4. Cheetos Puffs
  5. This 100%, at least for me. I joined a league about 5 years ago. I've made a good number of friends, 3 of which became my closest friends since moving to Florida 13 years ago.
  6. I would take the bet. I would like to think that I can luck 1 shot out of 7500 into the hole. If not, I think I can play the political game well enough to not get shanked or raped.
  7. I have a Frogger groove brush and alignment sticks.
  8. I probably have a couple of whiskeys a night, with a nice cigar. My girlfriend will have a couple of glasses of wine and we'll sit out on the patio and talk about our day.
  9. I went to put my picks in this morning, and as of 8:30 AM Eastern, it was locked. I got an email yesterday saying I had until 11 AM Eastern to make my picks. I guess I'm out for the week.
  10. In my younger days, I used to use the interlocking grip. As I've gotten older, I've switched to the baseball grip. I've found it's easier on my hands and fingers over the course of a round. Not to mention, it's easier with my "raccoon hands", as my girlfriend likes to call them.
  11. The last thing, my putting game needs, is for me to try to purposefully hit it off center.
  12. I chose hole in one, based on the fact that once your original is holed, the hole is considered completed.
  13. I keep it in my pocket, I use it for the GolfLogix app during rounds.
  14. I'm not much of a morning eater, as I tend to eat a couple of hours after I wake up. I usually try to find a McDonald's close to the course and get a couple of Egg McMuffins and a coffee. I'll eat the sandwich before I warm up and drink the coffee throughout the front 9. The night before, I'll stop and get a couple of protein bars and a Powerade for the back 9.
  15. I'm in for the last 3 segments.
  16. I voted DQ, based upon the rules, as stated. It does suck, as it is a fun event. And for those that are stating the total is the only thing that counts. In several of the tourneys I play, they use individual hole scores as a tiebreaker. Thus the hole scores matter greatly.
  17. McCord's ok, I'm pretty ambivalent about his commentary. I truly enjoy Feherty and Faldo. I enjoyed them when they would go back and forth on CBS. I was totally shocked at how likeable I find Faldo. During his playing days, I thought he was the biggest douche.
  18. My hole in one was very much a roller. I hit a worm burner that was ugly as anything, but basically rolled the last bit of fairway, onto the green, and in the hole.
  19. That's exactly what I tried to tell my girlfriend the other night!
  20. Actually, by not being DQ'ed or playing the hole as normal and letting the ball finish rolling out, he took money from the folks that finished in the same position as him.
  21. I use the Truvis balls as well. I like the way they look when rolling on the green and spinning on pitch shots. Additionally, since not many others play them, there isn't much confusion as to whose ball is whose.
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