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  1. I voted a little whiny, but I still like him, with the whiny moniker being the popular term. I prefer to say emotional, ultra-competitive, and very open. And as many have already said, he gets on himself, as many of us do.
  2. It is absolutely worth it! During that time of the year, the rounds at Copperhead tend to be near $100. That doesn't include the hotel.
  3. I liked Wentworth. It was the first time I had played it and didn't know what to expect. The front was much tougher for me as it seemed tighter than the back. I played the back much better. I live near East Bay, but I haven't played it in a while. When I first moved to the area, I played at East Bay or Tides pretty frequently. I've been trying to incorporate different courses, for variety.
  4. @Largobuc It looks like we live near each other! I live almost across the street from East Bay Country Club. My GG profile link should be in my profile. I'll give yours a follow!
  5. So you're saying I have a chance!
  6. I feel your pain! From December-April, unless it's my weekly league, the only time I golf is if the weather is crappy that day, or I play hooky from work and go early on a Tues or Weds morning. Even in the summer, so I can avoid the crowds, I prefer to golf at noon. To me, a little sweat is worth not having to wait forever.
  7. That's what I tell my wife all the time!! Oh sorry, off topic!!
  8. I forgot to pick my lineup for the week!!
  9. We exchanged cards on Valentine's Day, but her gift comes on Thursday when I take her to see Wicked.
  10. Definitely within our budgets, thank you!
  11. My buddy and I are heading out to Vegas from 4/19-4/23 and are looking for packages. I've gotten some quotes that seem pretty decent, but not sure. I've never put together a Vegas trip, so I'm not educated on the price range that I should look for. We got a quote of $1349/golfer. It's for Aria, check in 4/19 with check out on 4/23, single occupancy. It includes 3 rounds, resort fees, and all taxes. The rounds will be at Bear's Best, Reflection Bay, and Rio Secco. Is this a good deal? Thanks for the help!
  12. I just received my 2nd copy the other day, and am about to crack it open to brush up on the fundamentals. I "lent" my original to my brother. When I said lend, he took it as give!
  13. I came in around 29%, that was 7 years ago. I paid it off in 4 and am planning on keeping it another 5 years. I'm taking my "car payment" and setting it aside to purchase my next one.
  14. There is definitely a difference my scoring executive course vs regulation Par 3. At my local executive course, par 32, I average 2-4 over for 9 holes. However, according to GG, I'm +.84 on Par 3s at regulation courses.
  15. What!?!?! You mean to tell me that I'm not the golf store putting wizard that I thought I was???
  16. I'm of the exact same mind, in terms of rough vs. fairway. In fact, on many of the courses I play, the fairway can be a little bare and hard to play from, and I prefer a little softer lie from the rough.
  17. I was playing with a buddy of mine, about 25+ years ago. The course's driveway runs parallel to hole number from behind 200 yards behind the teebox and finally curves away from the hole about 175 yards down the fairway and everyone parks along curb b/c it's next to the clubhouse. I step up, and tee my ball up on the right side of the box. I proceed to hit the tee marker with my drive, it flies back about 50 yards and hits the windshield of my buddy's blazer! I couldn't stop laughing!
  18. Oh, no doubt! I was really just answering the convenience/cost aspect of the thread. I'm going to Vegas in April and travelling from Florida, I'm just assuming the difference in distances will be ~1 club less needed than normal. I will adjust from that amount when I start playing.
  19. I guess that would be the biggest thing for me, convenience. I usually travel Southwest, which doesn't charge for your first 2 bags, as long as both are under 50 pounds. I've been lucky enough to travel to places that Southwest goes, and I only go once or twice a year. If I were to travel more often, the convenience factor may weigh heavier.
  20. I voted for going with the 3W. I was watching it as it happened, and I thought to myself that he played it way too conservatively. He had a nice cushion from anyone behind him, and he was tied for 2nd and could get into the playoff. There was very little to lose, and way too much to win!
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