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  1. I just noticed that the first 2 Web tourneys are Sun-Weds, and they go back to the traditional Thurs-Sun format. Does anyone know why they decided to go this route. Personally, I think it would be great if it was executed all season I like the idea of watching live tourneys every day. But I'm sure some of those guys would like to Monday qualify for a PGA stop if they could.
  2. Wish granted. Now you're being stalked by Gallagher, who insists on trying to smash your watermelon. I wish my wife would encourage me to play more golf, instead of less!
  3. I love this version. It's so haunting!
  4. Wish granted, but only while playing Golden Tee. I wish I played golf as well in real life, as I do on EA Sports Tiger Woods 2013!
  5. Just as an aside, I would buy a $500 piece of crap car and still chance it!
  6. I have 1. I thinned a 9 Iron from about 125 out. Luckily, it hit about 20 feet in front of the green, which slowed it down enough to go in. If it would have hit the green first, it would have gone over and into the tree line behind the green.
  7. Wish Granted! Though you can only play with uncooked spaghetti noodles, as they look at you in disgust. I wish Primanti Brothers would open up a restaurant in the Tampa Bay area! Why the hell does the East coast of Florida get 3 and I get none!!
  8. Wish granted, but Justin Bieber, Kanye west, and the Kardashians will now live forever. I wish Primanti Brothers would open up a restaurant in the Tampa Bay area! Why the hell does the East coast of Florida get 3 and I get none!! Dammit, @Vinny Cap beat me to it!
  9. Holy crap, no kidding! It seems like icons of my youth are dying on a daily basis.
  10. I'm in! Hopefully I'll remember to do my line-up, even with the reminders!
  11. I use a Bushnell rangefinder and the Golflogix app on my phone. I prefer the Golflogix app, for the mere fact, that I can get distances to hazards if there are no landmarks to ping with the range finder.
  12. I usually clean the club heads after every shot with a damp/dry towel treatment. About once a month, I'll clean the entire club with soap and water, as well as wash and inspect my balls. (Trying not to snicker as I type this, seeing as I'm at work!)
  13. I don't use a line. I tried for a few months and it was maddening trying to get that thing lined up just so!
  14. I did see this, I can't remember if it was Saturday or Sunday though, as I was only half paying attention. I didn't see the lie or any replays showing it. But, I did hear Stevie howling about it, which was picked up by the on-course microphones.
  15. I'd love to join you, but I'm the only one manning the office for the 2 weeks after Christmas. I would definitely be in for something in Tampa later in the year!
  16. A nice cold Michelob Ultra or Miller Lite draft, or a spicy Bloody Mary with extra olives.
  17. I voted for 10. When my ex and I split up, we agreed to get my son a phone so he could get in touch with us, when he was with the other parent.
  18. I voted yes, but it's usually when I'm alone walking a quick 9 after work. I'll have my phone playing, but I'll keep the volume low and keep it in my pocket.
  19. @JonMA1 I see you have a Bucs insignia as your avatar. Are you in the Tampa area? If so, I belong to a group called the Tampa Bay AM Tour. They have tourneys, year round, at different courses around the area, at least 1 a month. It's free to join and the cost to play each tourney is really affordable, compared to the Golf Channel Am Tour or the Golfweek Tour. Here is the link to check it out. www.tampabayamtour.com
  20. I did see about it fitting a growler, which wouldn't be too bad. After stepping away and rereading my post, I am really turning into a "Get off my lawn" curmudgeon!
  21. I love my Steelers, but I was/am not a big fan of Steely McBeam.
  22. What happened to just pouring a beer into a glass or mug? I was initially intrigued, until I checked the website and saw that it only works as a single serve capacity. I guess if you want to enhance the drinking experience by pouring your beer from a "tap", then it serves the purpose.
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