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  1. This!! I absolutely cannot stand to see someone drop the flagstick on the green, let alone hearing the thud from over 100 yards away! Good lord people, either use the flag to help you lower it gently, or lay it in the crux of one of your clubs to lower it!
  2. That's a great round, congrats! Keep posting those scores and you'll be taking home all sorts of hardware!
  3. Another drop, from 17.0 to 16.1! I'm sure some correction will be following on 9/1!
  4. Thank you! Celebrating with a nice quiet dinner with fam!
  5. I was honestly shocked to hear of his passing, as I hadn't heard of him battling an illness. I enjoyed watching the Sports Reporters and always thought he did a great job of moderating everyone. Poor Hannah Storm, this is the 2nd passing of an ESPN colleague that she's had to announce on the air! She's becoming the official announcer of death and doom!
  6. I wear shorts and a collared shirt, no matter where I play. If I go to the public range, just a t-shirt and shorts. I usually don't go to the range at the club, unless I go right after work.
  7. Speaking outside of the current political climate, I would definitely play, if it falls into my price range. Of course, the chances of it falling into my range are very small! Now, if I were to tell my wife that I am playing his course, she would threaten to leave me before watching me give a penny to him. She has already threatened to move to Canada if he wins!
  8. Broke 90 today, and for the 1st time, decisively! I went out and shot a 41 (+5) on the front 9, and was feeling great! However, after going 5 over on the front, I proceeded to go 5 over on through the 1st 2 hole of the back 9. I figured the backward slide was about to begin. I was able to pull it together and finish the back with a bogey and a double mixed among 5 pars. My biggest improvement was hitting 11 GIRs. I had never had more than 2-3 in a full round. I hope to be able to carry this forward! I know there will be more rounds worse, but I hope to limit them.
  9. Any putt, ranging from 3'-8'. There's an 80% chance I will pull that sucker!
  10. Snyder's of Berlin Original BBQ chips. It's a Western Pa. thing. Every time I go home, I try to bring back a bag or 2! Until I can get to back to Pittsburgh, I prefer Wavy Lay's.
  11. I just picked up some Hanes moisture wicking boxer briefs. They were $20 for a pack of 2 and they seem to work pretty well. Oh, and as someone said prior, Gold Bond, generous amounts of Gold Bond!
  12. @Golfingdad and @David in FL - I've never played with the guy referenced for sandbagging, I can only go by what has been said by the folks in my group at GCAM and Tampa Bay AM Tour. I probably should have prefaced my comments by stating my knowledge was second hand, and not personally experienced.
  13. I play GCAM and it's ok, though I'm not sure I'm going to renew my membership. If there are no other tours that you can join, and want the competition, then definitely sign up. They offer a ton of tourneys, at least here in Florida, with our year round weather. However, if you can find other local tours, they may be more affordable and offer the same opportunities to play the same courses. Also, with some of the purses available, sandbagging is pretty prevalent. There's a guy in the lowest flight that has been kicked out of the local tours, due to pretty obvious sandbagging. But, he just
  14. For the most part, I play at my home club, Bayou Country Club in Seminole, Florida. I usually walk 9 on Monday and Tuesday after work. On Weds, I'm in a 9 hole league at the local muni near my house. I voted private since most of my time is spent there.
  15. I usually carry about a dozen of my main balls and another 1/2 dozen set aside for provisional.
  16. Front Right - Repair tool, ball marker, 2 tees (1 long and 1 short) Front Left - Money Back Right - Scorecard holder and pencil Back Left - Nothing, except for glove occasionally
  17. I voted C, C, D. I used the GG "Strokes Gained" to figure out what the grades should be. I used the 15 Handicap comparison. Although I'm firmly planted between 15 and 20, I figured the 15 would be a more accurate representation of my skills. It says I'm just about equal on Full swing, averaging .26 strokes gained. I'm slightly worse at short game with .58 SG. The leakage is my putting, I'm well over 2 strokes worse than a 15 Handicapper, at 2.21!
  18. Welcome to TST! You'll find a lot of great info and some interesting conversations going on almost 24/7. The members are an outstanding group of folks that love to talk golf! Well, mostly golf, there's some other stuff being thrown about as well!
  19. I voted for 65-70. My course isn't super long, about 7085 from the tips, but a lot of the holes are pretty narrow. The rough isn't overly high or thick but the greens are pretty quick and are a little smaller than average. It rates out at 74.6/144. I'm sure if it hosted a tour event, they could trick it out a little more to toughen it up.
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