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  1. Entered as well. Good luck all!
  2. I agree, I absolutely love watching the collegiate tourneys! I love the team aspect and feeling the misery/elation as a unit. I like the Ryder/Presidents cup for this reason as well, but the amateur angle really makes it so much more intriguing.
  3. Did you notice when the Northwestern coach came up to say a couple of consoling words to the OK State golfer? It almost looked like the golfer didn't realize what had just happened. She came up and seemed to have a genuine smile on her face when the coach spoke to her. The coach stepped back and the girl turned around and looked absolutely sick! I may be wrong about whether she realized the situation, but I felt absolutely horrible for her!
  4. Time to put Proactive in the spreader!
  5. 1. What is your handicap (17.9) 2. What is your anti-handicap (22.6) 3. How long have you been at your current handicap (or around that mark) Within 1 stroke (+/-) for a good while 4. Have you made any significant improvements in your handicap recently. Downward trend for the last few revisions
  6. Continuing the positive downward spiral of index, down to 17.9 from 18.3.
  7. http://shop.dv8sports.com/ Has anyone seen anything like this before? I'm not sure it would be for me. But I could see this being used by someone that travels a good bit, but might not want to lug around a full size bag. Would anyone here be interested in trying this?
  8. I'm not sure where the controversy and perceived angst towards seniors was noticed by the OP, but it seems like CR is trying to start it.
  9. It would depend on the product. If it is something I have used/would use, I would be more than happy to have my name attached to the product and cash those checks!
  10. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/djfajt71/round/851532
  11. I'll be there for Thursday's round. I've played the now closed Oakmont East several times, but have never been to the Country Club in any capacity.
  12. I'm still trending down, 18.3 from 18.8.
  13. Awesome, that sounds like a dream trip! Thanks for including us in the recap!
  14. I use the Truvis balls exclusively now. One of the things, that drew me to the ball, was the visual effects. I don't really use it as a putting aide. But, you can really see the spin on chips and short pitches; and I like the visual while it is rolling on the green.
  15. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/djfajt71/round/803241 http://www.gamegolf.com/player/djfajt71/round/804299 36 Holes with my brother this past Saturday. It rained all but the last hour of the day. That was a long and miserable day!
  16. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/djfajt71/round/806454 Sunday's round with my son and brother.
  17. Saturday's GCAM Tourney. I played pretty well, finishing 2nd in my flight and 24/64 overall. I had several putts lip out from 10-15 feet. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/djfajt71/round/791477
  18. Happy Birthday @iacas! Happy Belated @mvmac and @boogielicious!
  19. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/djfajt71/round/780422
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